Teddy's Humiliation Part Seven

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Teddy is now in control of the man who is determined top ruin him mentally, emotionally and sexually. He begins his reign of terror by forcing the boy to encounter his own father sexually.



(The author does not condone any of the action in this story, and it is for fantasy purposes only.)



Ha!  Not only was Teddy suspended from school, he was expelled. Well, he had come to a school costume dance dressed at a baby in a diaper and bonnet and sucking on a pacifier that looked like a small dick. And because of the laxative we had fed him, he did take a shit in front of the entire school, student body and faculty and all. What would you expect?  That would mean of course no college sports scholarships for the handsome young athlete. No graduation. No wonder he had a nervous breakdown. But this was just the beginning of the fun I had planned for him.


His poor mom didn’t even want to see him. She couldn’t handle it. None of her friends at church would look at her, and most of her social engagements had been cancelled. Ted’s father, Paul, who was working with me as Teddy’s therapist, a position I had finagled, was going through a personal hell. He was an upright, uptight right –wing Christian, and I had convinced him that at least some of Teddy’s problems came from penis envy of his father, and a sub-conscious sexual lust for the man.


Teddy’s torment had started when I discovered he had a tiny dick, and shamed him into performing humiliating tasks for me and my friends, a club that enjoyed shaming and ruining cute young dudes. Now at my “institute” which was really my mansion outside of the city, Teddy, who was emotionally and mentally a wreck was “resting.”  He lay naked on his back on a plain white bed. He had nothing with which to cover himself. The room was moderately dark, but a bright white spotlight shone from the ceiling onto his tiny dick, balls and groin. If he tried to turn over or move out of the light an alarm went off.  Cameras trained on his dick and face projected the image of the teen’s small genitals and his shame onto the internet. We had not only put pictures and info on Teddy on over fifty sites, but we had started his own “Small Dick” website.  Fans of Teddy could write and send comments about him and his small dick. We deleted any positive comments such as, “Don’t feel bad, you can find someone to love you,” and we kept up only the sadistic and cruel comments like, “Wow, Man, what a fucking freak you are,”  and “My nine year old brother has a bigger dick than you.”  These were projected onto a large screen in Teddy’s room, so he was constantly barraged with abuse.


You might think an eighteen-year old boy would eventually get hardened to such abuse and it would no longer affect him. But not if it is handled correctly, and if he is made to feel increasingly less and less of a person. I wanted his self-esteem totally destroyed.


One of his “therapy” sessions involved him forced to stand naked in front of a camera, face-timing with a dozen teenage girls, who all commented on his small cock. We had encouraged the girls to say the most disgusting and destructive things possible. They loved watching the tears run down the teenage boy’s face. My friends and I loved it too. 


I began Teddy’s sessions with his father. Teddy was strapped in a chair, naked, His head was fixed so he could not turn away. I warned him that if he closed his eyes, we would install instruments to forcefully keep them open.  I told Paul that what he was doing was helping Teddy overcome his homosexual lust for his own father’s penis. I told him the therapy was extreme, but it was the only chance to  “heal” his son through sexual conversion.


So, a very nervous Paul stood totally naked, with his big dick dangling over a huge set of testicles, so unlike his son, that I had begun to sow the seeds of doubt in Paul’s mind that Teddy was even his child. Had his wife fucked other men to get pregnant?


On my cue, Paul walked into the room in which Teddy sat and confronted his son. At the sight of his father’s cock and balls, Teddy blanched. The color drained out of his face. “Dad, what are you doing? For God’s sake, stop this!” His son yelled, as I instructed father to stand in front of his son, no more than two feet away, and masturbate his big limp dick in front of the boy.


I anticipated uptight, conservative Paul might have trouble throwing a hardon in front of his son, so I had photos projected on the wall behind Teddy of naked girls with their legs spread, showing their cunts and tits.  Before long, Paul’s massive fucker was fully erect. “Remember,” I had instructed Paul, “What you are doing may be humiliating for you, but you are doing this to try to cure your son!” 

Teddy sat helpless as his own father masturbated in front of him. The dick grew thicker and thicker. Ted’s mom must have a hard time taking that hunk of meat, especially if she had to take it up the ass sometimes, but I doubted straight-laced Paul ass fucked. Although, you never know, some conservative religious men are the most kinky of all. 


“Now when you cum, Paul, I want you to shoot your load into this cup. We need your son to see the amount of sperm you produce. It will allow us to determine how much deep-seated subconscious lust he has for you.”


Paul, pumping his big dick harder and harder shook his head. ‘I am so confused. I don’t understand how this can help the boy…” 


“Please don’t do this, Dad. Please!”  a distraught Teddy yelled, tears streaking his face. He cried, it seemed, all the time lately. Teddy’s tiny dick remained nothing but a limp nub.


“Notice Paul, how your son’s dick looks more like a young girl’s clit? It is nothing but a useless nub of flesh, although it does retain the sensitivity of a clit. Look at your son’s clit, Paul as you pump your big fat manly pecker. Look at the clits on the girls projected on the wall behind Teddy, and compare them to your son’s girly-boy clit.”  Teddy began to sob, feeling more useless sand freakish than ever, and now right in front of his own father.


“The only kind or sexual pleasure Teddy will ever feel would be if he sucked a cunt or dick, or if he took a cock or dildo up his teenage ass.  I don’t know, Paul if you looked closely at your son today, but we have been giving him hormone shots to try to cure him, but they have thus far puffed up his nipples and made them more sensitive and made his pectoral muscles soften some. This may be an unfortunate side effect of our cure. His tits might grow a bit, and his already pathetic nub of a dick may get even smaller, but it may help him mentally and emotionally. Our extreme methods may return your son to you!” 


On hearing that Paul, who as I said was quite a hunk himself, pumped his big, no leaking dick even harder. His big balls danced and swung and banged into each other. He sucked his strong hairy tummy in and began to grunt. I put my hand on his back and gently pushed him closer to his son.  When the wet cockhead was only inches from Teddy’s face, and the boy could smell his father’s sex, I pulled Teddy’s head back by the hair and shoved the plastic cup into the boy’s mouth.


“Shoot right into the cup, Paul. This simulated sex act will help your son.”  Paul gave a squeeze and a hard tug to his veiny fuckmeat, and a long, thick spurt of sperm shot from the pisshole into the plastic cup. Jesus, the man had enough cum to populate a small village. So unlike his son. The thick fuck paste shot into the cum, two, three, four, five spurts. But then, as the sprays of cum lessened and the  man squeezed and pumped his penis harder, trying to get every bit of orgasm out of the experience, the fuck sauce missed the cup and hit Teddy on the chin, nose, cheeks and chest. Teddy screamed and tried to pull away, but he was tightly bound in the chair.


“Oh, God, Teddy, I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry…” Paul cried as his dick continued to drool fuck onto his son. At last the penis hung limp, a long string of cum hanging from the pee hole.  The man squeezed his eyes shut, and stood like a defeated boxer.  I put my hands on his shoulders and steered him out of the room and away from his sobbing son, after carefully removing the cup of cum from the boy’s mouth.


“You did well, Paul. Very well. Look I know how hard that was for you. I know how it was only your love for your son that allowed you to commit such an obscene act. But remember, it is for the sake of the boy’s mind. We have to try to straighten out his head.  By seeing how a real man, his own father cums, and seeing the size of a real man’s dick, Teddy is coming to grips with his own shortcomings. I suspect that for months, years most likely, he would secretly watch you fuck your wife. There would be a transference. He would think of himself as his mother, because he could not compete with his dad, and he would fantasize that you were fucking him. He probably felt as if his own small dick were his mom’s clit. We have to try to reverse all of those sick, twisted, misconceptions. Today was a great start. “


Paul blinked. “Start?” he asked in a quietly defeated voice.


“Yes, Sir. You are a smart man. You know such conditions can’t be cured over night. We have a long arduous journey ahead of us. But with your help, I think we can save your son, and if not bring him back to normal, because of his pathetic dick, we can at least make him a productive member of society. We might even be able to get some of those scholarships back. I am in touch with the coaches of several universities who are aware of your son’s athletic prowess.”


“Really, there is hope for that?”  The man brightened visibly.  I couldn’t help but the admire the limp but still thick full dick, as he tucked it into his underpants.


“Yes, now on Thursday, I’d like to conduct another masturbation session. It would be best if you did not have sex with your wife between now and then.”


The poor man frowned and my own hardon bumped against my trousers. “I have to do this again?”


“Not exactly. For the next step in the therapy, I would like to have Teddy masturbate you.”


“You want my son to jerk me off?” 


“Yes, to lessen the myth of your dick and show him that it is just another penis, although a very attractive one. His pumping of your penis will reduce the two of you to two males, simply helping each other get off.” 


Would, would I have to masturbate him too?”  He looked disgusted and frightened.


I smiled. “Have you got a tweezers?  Sorry, just a little humor to diffuse the situation. Yes, it would be optimal if you were to masturbate your son as well.

Remember, he is your boy, and you are trying to save him.”


I sent a shaken Paul home and then returned to Teddy, whom one of my friends acting as an attendant had released from his bonds.  The kid still sat in the chair, looking terribly forlorn.


“Hey, Peanut Prick, how you doing?”  He looked up at me dully, his eyes red from crying. I picked up the cum of his father’s cum.  “Here, have a nice big drink of Daddy’s dick sauce.”


The teenager slowly shook his head back and forth. “I…I can’t. I won’t,” he muttered, his voice thick.


I grabbed him by one ear and twisted. I knew the kid was already submissive by nature, and we had been feeding him drugs to make him more docile and obedient, but not to dull his shame.  “Look, Fuckface, I am your only hope. I can get you to graduate and into college. I can get your life back on track, but only if you cooperate. Only if you do every fucking thing I say, without question. Do you fucking understand me?” 


He sniffed back some tears and snot and slowly nodded his cute young head.

“You do what I say, and after we are through with you, we will restore you to where we were. But if you fuck up. If you resist, you will be so far in a hole, you will never be able to crawl out.


“But…my dad. How could you, how could you do that? And why would he do such a thing?”  The kid’s voice sounded like a hurt child’s.


“You don’t worry about that. You just do as I say! Now drink up Daddy’s cum.” 


I shrugged. “If you puke, you’ll lick that up too. I held the cup up to the cameras. “As you saw, the boy’s own father just ejaculated into this cup, and now our tiny dicked faggot is going to drink it down!”  Holy Jeez, you should have seen the “likes” pour in.


With trembling hand, the teenage boy brought the plastic cup up to his face. He looked down at the lake of slime, made a priceless face and wrinkled his nose.

“That could be your little brother or sister you are drinking, Teddy,” I quipped.  


He tilted the cup, and the slop worked its way between his lips, over his tongue and down his throat. He gagged and choked some, but he got it all down. The sour face he made after, with his lips coated with cum, was precious, and we caught plenty of close-ups on camera.


“All right, Teddy, take two fingers and play with your tiny dick, while I tell you what’s next. We are providing you with bead and board. Your parents don’t have the money to deal with your therapy, so, since you are no longer in school, you are going to have to get a job. Because of your fucked-up mental and emotional condition, most places wouldn’t hire you right now.  However never fear, dear boy, I have found work for you.  You start tonight.  I got you a job as a go-go boy and male stripper in a gay bar. Well, not a male stripper, exactly. You see You will be dancing totally naked. I sold the owner of the bar on the idea of the novelty of a teenage jock with a grotesquely small dick.  Imagine hundreds and hundreds of  hot young gay dudes roaring with laughter at the sight of your cock!”


I had thought that Teddy couldn’t possibly shed more tears on this day…


Submitted: October 26, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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