Dear Hubby

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Yummy had been Phil's unfaithful wife now for just over ten years.
But not for much longer.
Yummy had decided to "pen" Phil a "dear phil" letter.

Dear Phil,


Please read this "blog". Later on today I will be gone

Basically "dickless" Phil I am pulling the plug on US.

Your mate Jimmy has been "filling" my lonely nights.

Literally dicking me off all night long.

It is not all your fault that I am sad and lonely.

Jimmy cums deep inside of me each night.

What a well hung and horny friend he has been.


A fat stiff cock inside of me from bedtime to breakfast.

Jimmy has pride in his eight inch "classic" as he calls it.

Jimmy gets my wet tongue around his large red knob.

I drink Jimbo's cum out of his sweaty,salty cumstick.

Jimmy eats my wet love hole for breakfast.


 Jimbo and I slip a hard finger up each others' asshole.

 He rims my asshole with his thumb.

I ream his asshole till he sais "WOW".

Myself and Jimmy then fuck each others brains out.

I squirt all over his fat cockmeat.Jimmy floods my cave

I yell out "EUREKA" when we both cum

Jimmy whispers " I just love fucking my mates hot wife!".


Anyway filthy Phil, I have been sent intimate mobile phone pics, of yourself and THAT whore waitress at the Coffee Club.SO! Fuck you too!.Philandering Phil."


Ex Wifey!



Submitted: October 23, 2021

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He doesn't know what he is losing.
My ass and cock is waiting for your fingers and tongue if you ever get tired of your new lover

Thu, October 28th, 2021 5:43pm


Ron can you imagine just what these authorities who "phone tap" would hear.
All in the line of duty of course.
Here in Australia recently they phone tapped the top woman in her "neck of the woods" so to speak for possible money "rorts"
She had been giving "truck loads of money" to her politician boyfriends favorite sporting clubs

They have released some of the taped calls to the media.
Poor Gladys. She must have been having a great time taking his cock between her legs.
He was "calling the shots".Gladys was a "lamb to the slaughter".

Thu, October 28th, 2021 5:57pm

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