Some affair

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The eternal silence of seconds,
the endless hours before dawn,
stealthy steps receding 
in the veiled corners of memory,
words ignored,questions unanswered,
messages seen and callously discarded,
the piercing longing of desire,
clashing with the despair of boredom,
shattered against the stolid wall
built by other arms and other beds.
Just another dance in the darkness
provided by cool indifference,
while a heart cracks and breaks slowly,
while searching hands touch hopelessly
a faded framed picture on the nighttable,
and a fresh,unused,lavender-scented pillow,
in the secret, well guarded gilded chamber,
the one filled with memories of lost loves,
impossibly lonely dawns and thwarted affairs.
21 st October, 2021.

Submitted: October 21, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Lizziewolf. All rights reserved.

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Beautifully descriptive. I love the imagery.
"The piercing longing of desire"
"veiled corners of memory"
"despair of boredom"

Fabulous word flow and wonderfully imaginative
Still, very poignant.

Fri, October 22nd, 2021 3:44am


Thank you for your words, Damp Kitten. Love,Lizzie.

Fri, October 22nd, 2021 6:38am

Amy F. Turner

Your expressions are tightly packed with meaning, sending us to the point of extremes of nonchalance and longing, a titter-totter of inequity that is dizzying and so very true in life when the couple does not experience the same level of engagement emotionally. Beautifully relayed, as always.

Sat, October 23rd, 2021 12:50pm


Thank you so much. Amy! Love, Lizzie.

Sat, October 23rd, 2021 2:12pm


Very sad, but finely crafted! I see the pain!

Sat, October 30th, 2021 5:45am


Thank you. Sometimes pain is all we are left with. Love, Lizzie.

Sun, October 31st, 2021 2:26pm

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