Mm.. You Can Eat The Cake

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Mm.. You Can Eat The Cat

A quick tender kiss to your lips
Mmm you do know you taste like passion in pursuit
Smell like the epitome of desire while on top of me, deep inside me  
Hands above my head, tightening your palms in mine, plummet your girth deeper  
Hungrily taking from me, my pussy walls lubricating your erection  
I hear your heartbeats in union with mine  
I feel your nakedness dancing against mine in physical abandonment  
Some of your silken leakage pouring inside of me  
Mm…weakening me when you gyrate more, wanting, needing,
You sinking deeper inside me one last time  

My mouth sealing yours, stealing your breaths  
Relishing in this moment in time
Let me feel you release deep inside me, please
My legs wrapping around your ankles,
Biting your shoulder blade, addictive to your thrashing  
Moaning against the crook of your neck for you to cum
Palming your gluteus pulling you closer to my body
You cupping my buttocks  

I refuse to waste any drops of you  
You needing the fulfilment, to shoot your load inside me
The longing for you gets me wet, keeps me soft for you  
Knowing you mentally dominate me
I feel you, as if we are one in my bed  
Rushing to cum before this time locked like this gets swept away  
Your tongue dipping inside my ear,
Whispering, “you miss me” humping harder inside me  
Circling your arousal Inching it to the tip…leaning downward  
Your tongue licking around the contour of my lips  
Pounding your erection, leaving me breathless  
Needing more of you until you melt inside me  

Your swelling slicing within the walls of my tighten core  
Beady groin hairs mating against my partial Brazilian waxing
My arms linking around your neck  
Holding you tighter  
My climax pulsating, my pussy walls kissing the width of your girth  
Oh baby… your erection throbbing... mmm…go slow, looking down into my eyes  
Our sex smell permeated the air…you lean down, kissing my lips  
Teasing the tip of my tongue with yours  

Your sweat…pasting us… leaning upward, palming the mattress  
Holding your head back, with each uncoordinated thrust  
The top of my head, gracing the headboard,
The bed movement in pursuit  
Cradling the lust of our sheet dance  
Your dick sinking deeper… mmm, my nails indenting your skin  
Sweet mercy, it feels so good when you are deep inside me
Dominating my wet space  
Grunting… in my ear.. sending me

Oh yessssss….yes….  mmm… your nutt busting inside me  
My creamy climax mingling, you plummet the tip deeper inside me  
Oh baby… slo…slow down, please  
You know this pussy is yours…you got me, finding each other’s lips  
Mmm….. see what you do to me... you make me so horny, so wet for your touch
My nipples sensitive to the bathing of your mouth  
I am mentally craving you  
And your hard dick pressed up against my pelvis feels like the soft calling of reminisce  
You really are my greatest weakness  
Mm.. you can definitely have your cake and eat it too  
Licking all up and then delving inside that butter rum icing
Allowing the creamy center of sweetness to trickle on the lips  
Saturate your tongue, relishing in the wet bliss of your gift  


Submitted: October 21, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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This hot tale of copulation is written at a frantic pace.
No lazy summer romance here.
I loved it.

Fri, October 22nd, 2021 5:28am


Mm.. I am thrilled I can meet the poet's approval with my mental serenade.. In addition, thank you for reading. Enjoy your evening and have a fantastic weekend in the making

Brown Eyes

Fri, October 22nd, 2021 7:59pm

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