Chapter 5: How could I

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter five 

  How could I ... Part One

 After they got home. They found Rosania laying in her own bed. They tried to come in. Rosania snapped her fingers. Her door slammed shut in their faces. Rosania laid on top of her covers. She curled into a ball. She buried her face into her arms. She was so confused. She was married. Yet she let thier little sister molest and rape her in the garden.  She had betrayed her. Black tears formed in her eyes. They streamed down her cheeks. She slipped into a fretful sleep.

In the library......

Trace threw a glass of sherry into the roaring fireplace.

" I can smell Alice on her !!!!! Why would she do this ??" He yelled. Damon glared at him. 

" Shut up!!  Rosania is thinking its her fault. You know our father controls Alice. Rosania feels guilty as it is!!!!! " Damon hissed at him. He had him by his throat.Trace growled at him.  Grant stood from the couch. He stretched his arms above his head. 

"  Bo, try to calm them down. I'll see to our wife.  It's been been four hours. " He said softly. He quickly left the room. Just as a chair smashed into the door. It broke into peices. He shook his head. He made his way upstairs. He didnt bother to knock. He broke the lock. He forced open the door. He stepped in and closed the door.  He heard soft whimpering. Her pain pulled at his heart. He slowly made his way to her. She laid on her stomach. She had her face buried in the pillows. Bo sat down on her left. He leaned over her. She lifted her head and stared him. Her hair stuck to her face. He gently pushed strands out of her face. He slowly turned her on to her back. She tried to pull away. He held her gently in place. He never let go of her gaze. She couldn't look away.

"  Its not your fault." He whispered horsely. He kissed her hard on the mouth. She whimpered and moaned. Bo reached under the covers. He began to finger fuck her.

" Nia, we can't always help what or how we feel. Alice used her powers. You were not in control, she was. You ask me to stop. I'll stop. I would never hurt you. Here you have control. I love you." Bo whispered into her ear. He stopped his fingers. She gripped the back of his head. She pulled him closer to her. She kissed him in heated passion. 

 " I didn't say stop." She hissed in his ear. She bit hard into his neck. She purred and turned him over. She now straddled him. His cock was deep in her. She moaned.

 " I'm in control !" She yelled. She closed her hands tight around his throat. Bo let her choke her. She had anger to let out. He moaned. She moaned and yelled. She grabbed handfuls of his hair. She sat back. She pulled him up with her. She rode him harder. She kissed him hard. Her hair curtained them. He cupped both of her breasts. He pinched the nipples hard.  She bit hard into his upper lip. He hissed. He opened his mouth. She began sucking out his essence. It swirled into her mouth. 

 " I love how you taste. All sweet ." She moaned. She threw her head back. Her wings came out. Then they disappeared.  She was in such great pleasure. Her eyes glowed red. She felt a hunger so deep.She rode harder. She took him even deeper into her. He growled. She grabbed the back of his head. With out warniing she stabbed her fangs into his neck. She moaned at the taste if his blood. It was so bitter sweet. The door swung open. Her other husbands stood gawking.

" Vampire is her last  demon." Grant laughed.

" Oh yes!!!" Rosania moaned. She threw her head back again. Her eyes were a brighter red. She was about to drink more. Bo's blood dripped down her chin. Damon had her off of bo in mere seconds. Rosania pulled at his hold.

" I want more!!!" Rosania yelled. Damon slammed her into the wall. He held her with his body. He stared back at his brother. Bo laid on the bed. He stared blankly at the ceiliing. He had a big grin on his face. He just smiled. He kept staring. His neck still bled. It slowly stopped bleeding.  It began to heal. 

" Grant, take Bo to ......" Rosania kicked him in the groin.  She ducked. She tried to jump on Bo. Damon grabbed hold of her again. He held her hands above her head. He pressed her against the wall once more. She pushed back. Damon looked into her eyes. He saw deep hunger there. This wasn't thier wife.

" You can't have any more blood." He held her tighter against the wall. He ignored his hard on. He placed his other hand on the nape of her neck. Small blue shocks went through her. She shook and went limp. Her eyes closed. Damon gently lifted her up. 

" She will sleep in my bed.  Please clean up Bo.Put him to bed. " Damon said. He went to lay Rosania down. His brothers moved  Bo and went to do as told. Damon laid Rosania on his bed. He covered her with his blankets.  He kissed her on the forehead. Hopefully he was wrong of what was to come. He didn"t  want to leave her. But he had to make sure Bo was alright. He'd check on her again after. Alice sat by the bed. She was in her cat form. She and her father saw the whole thing.

"  Alice wait a bit . Then do what i say.Wait five minutes." Geoff whispered into her ear. Alice nodded and waited like he said. 

Part three  five minutes.......

" Alice , now." Her father's voice whsipered into her head. Alice smiled . Let the fun begin. She thought.  She turned into her human form. She sat naked on the right side of Rosania. She leaned over her. Rosania turned on to her back. Her eyes snapped opened. They glowed a bright red. She stared blankly at Alice. Her mouth opened. Alice held her left wrist over it. She cut it with her finger nail. Alice's blood went into Rosania . She locked on to it. She drank from Alice. She moaned at her sweet light taste. Alice moaned. She loved this so much. Rosania pushed Alice off of the bed. They both sat facing eachother. They embraced. Rosania kissed her hard on the mouth.  Alice reached into Rosania's dress. She cupped both of her breasts. Rosania groaned. She laughed. She stabbed her fangs into Alice's neck.  Alice winced but moaned in hot pleasure. Rosania didn't know what was happening. But she tasted so good. Alice reached between them. She reached under her dress. She stuck two fingers into Rosania's cunt. Rosania moaned. She drank more of Alice's blood. Alice moaned. She threw her head back. She finger fucked her harder. 

" Oh god yes!!!!!" Rosania moaned. Alice cradled her head to her. The door burst open. Three of Rosania'  s husband rushed in. 

" What the fuck!! Rosania get away from her!!"  Grant yelled. He made his way over to them. Alice stood. Rosania stood in front of her. Alice's blood dripped from the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were red violet for second. They were glowing again. 

" No , you stay back!!!!" She glared at them all. Alice laughed. She grabbed Rosania. She turned her to face her. She kissed Rosania hard on the mouth. Rosania kissed her back.  Alice turned. She smirked at her brothers. 

" Brothers she had made her choice. Bye bye." She laughed. She kissed Rosania again. Red fog surrounded them.. They ran but was too late. They were gone. 

" Shit!! Thats not Nia. Thats our..... damn it to hell!!"  Trace yelled. They all swore under their breaths.  They changed into thier animals and raced into the night. Who or what was coming was worse then thier father.


Submitted: December 31, 2021

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And more!

Sun, January 2nd, 2022 3:39am


Yes there will be more I got sick so it might take longer but two chapters or one are left of the story almost done with it .

Sun, January 2nd, 2022 5:35pm

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