Marij-uana Max At The Merrymart

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by DampKitten

What price FUN.!!

Max was a grown man but most folks who knew him were not quite sure.

You see Max just loved the odd session smoking his Marij-uana weed.

Max also loved theme parks or as he called them merrymarts.


It was about 9.03 pm on a Friday night and Max did something he had never dared to do before.He smoked more than a few joints.For some reason he couldn't explain, he wandered down to the theme park.

Now Max was no longer married due to his drug habit. He quite frankly had watched  a seedy porn movie on his trusty computer.He felt all horny.

Max walked into the merrymart.Free entrance.Pay for rides.

As he had seen before at other times there was a simulator ride for adults.

Max chose the sex simulator ride and paid his money upfront.

Max was not paying attention and did not read the sign.

Ride for patrons with a coherent mindset only.


Kinkiness ran in the family with Max.

His mum had worked as a Pro. to help pay off the mortgage.

His dad was an interstate truck driver.He gave female hitchhikers a ride.This only happened if they agreed to suck his cock first.


The simulator was quite large for a theme park.

It even had a toilet and a shower recess.


Max was "high" and began fumbling the buttons to start the action a patron wanted.

"Fuck this" he muttered to himself.He clumsily pressed a button with "golden" written on it and took his chances.

Poor Max. In his stupor he didn't see the next word.It said shower.

A soft girlie pre recorded voice said."sit down.head back.Enjoy."


Max sat down in the thick cardboard disposable chair.He did as requested.


Right in his face about two inches away appeared a lifelike vagina.

It wee wee'd all over Max's face.

When the peeing stopped the sexy girl's now laughing voice came on again.

"What a pisser!..Please come back again"


Max had a sense of humor and had a bit of a chuckle about it all.

"I suppose I can masturbate in the shower now" he laughed out loud.



Submitted: October 20, 2021

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I wonder if the shower turned out to be A golden Shower? :-))

Wed, October 20th, 2021 5:26pm


No it didn't.Ron.
One Golden Shower was an unintended consequence for poor drugged up Max.

Thanks for replying.

Wed, October 20th, 2021 6:34pm


I never get on a ride for coherent mind sets. I get on the rides where it says, “Remove your clothes and sit on the designated stick shift”

Thu, October 21st, 2021 7:46pm


Megan some of those more mature aged father christmas types at large retail outlets just might let hot kitty sit on his lap and feel the love.You know Megan.the false fly zipper that opens as soon as his cock starts to get stiff.If both of you have NO underware on then "who dares wins".

Anyway my hot soulmate what have you got against my silly little story about .You guessed it Megan......"Hot Kitty In The City"....haha!!.. i wrote it for yourself "hot lady"..I hope that you have not become "shy kitty in the city"....Wink!

Thu, October 21st, 2021 5:40pm

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