Her Thongs

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Wearing her thongs

He worked a continental shift and his wife worked a Monday to Friday day shift job. That meant that their days off work weren't always the same. When they got married and started living together they decided to share the household chores so they could do them when they were home alone.  

 She hated doing the laundry so he had offered to be the one to do it on the days he was there alone without her. Having lived on his own before they got married it was something he had got used to doing and didn't mind doing. For him he found out it was an opportunity to indulge in one of his secret sexual fantasies when he did it. He didn't tell her about it because he thought that it would probably ruin their marriage if she ever found out about it.

 On the days he did the laundry when she was at work he would take one of her soiled thongs and wear nothing but it for a while sorting the dirty clothes. He always did the sheets and towels first so that gave him time to sort the clothes before he had to wash them.

 He loved how the thin back part of it felt pulled up tightly against his asshole between the cheeks of his ass. Watching her getting undressed at bedtime seeing her bare ass cheeks with her wearing one of her thongs never failed to arouse him every time she wore one.  He would wonder if it ever turned her on while she wore one walking around or sitting at her desk at work feeling it pulled up on her cunt lips and between her ass cheeks.

 His cock was too big to be contained by the small triangle of silky soft fabric in the front when while wearing it he would get turned on and get an erection. Its head and part of its shaft would end up pointing up above the top of it. When his cock wasn't erect his balls would hang out under the sides of its leg holes where it tapered down and led to the narrow back part that went up between his cheeks in the back.

 One day while he was doing the laundry his wife got off early and he didn't hear her when she came into the house because of the sound of the washing machine doing a load of towels that was running. He was in their bed wearing his favourite thong of hers jerking off with his cock and balls pulled out of one side of it. Looking down at his cock as he stroked it he was close to cumming and didn't hear her as she came into their bedroom.

 When she came in the room and caught him she screamed, "You fucking pervert! What the fuck are you doing jerking off wearing my thong?"

 He spent the next few minutes nervously trying to explain what she had caught him doing. "I don't know how to explain this to you except by telling you the truth. One day when I picked up one of your thongs while sorting the laundry I felt an uncontrollable urge to try putting it on to see how it would feel wearing it."

 "When I put it on and felt the back part pulled up between my ass cheeks touching me on my asshole my cock got so fucking hard I had to jerk off to get it to go down. I've been doing that for the last year now. I wanted to tell you about it but didn't know how to go about telling you. I was afraid you would leave me if I did."

 He was surprised at her reaction and what she said and did when he finished confessing what he had been doing. Sitting down on the bed beside him she placed her hand on his thigh between his legs near the top of it. She started running her fingers up and down slowly between it and the other one. "I'm not mad dear, just a little surprised. In my Cosmo magazine last month there was an article about men who like to wear womens underwear, especially their thongs. You would have been shocked to find out how many men like to do that if you had read it. It said that a lot of women liked to see their men wearing their panties or thongs and got tuned on seeing them wearing them."

 "I hope it doesn't shock you too much but seeing you holding your hardon wearing that thong is really turning me on right now. Get out of bed and turn around. I want to see what your ass looks like with it pulled up between its cheeks."

 Getting out of bed George moved in front of where she was sitting and turned away from her so she could see what his ass looked like with it pulled up into his ass crack. What she said when she saw his ass shocked him. "Babe, your ass looks so fucking hot right now it's making me horny. I can feel myself getting wet between my cunt's lips. Step away from the bed a little but don't turn around. I want to try doing something."

 Wondering what she wanted to do he got confused standing there holding his cock that had gone down as they talked when he turned away from her and waited. Behind him where he couldn't see her she stood up and unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Reaching around behind her back she undid the clasps on her bra and took it off too.

 His cock's shaft was still swollen but his erection but had started to leave him after she had caught him. It wasn't as big as she knew it could be when he had got out of bed when she saw it She was taking off her slacks when she said, "Start stroking your cock again for me. I want you to get it as big and hard as it was when I came into our room. It's not good for much except for being easier to hold when you are pissing when it's like that."

 Sitting back down watching his arm move as he stroked his cock it didn't take him very long to get it hard again when she started running the pointed nails on the ends of her fingrs up and down on the cheeks of his bare ass. To him his cock felt bigger and harder than it had ever been knowing that she was looking a the back of her thong pulled up between his bare ass cheeks and was likeing what she was seeing. This was turning him on so much that looking down he could see his preum had started oozing out of the little piss slit on the end of his cock'swollen head more than it ever had once it got hard again.

 He was still stroking it when she told him to turn around and face her. Standing in front of her still slowly stroking his hardon he heard her say, "Seeing you doing that wearing my thong looks even hotter than seeing your ass in it."

 Reaching up she moved her hands up onto his ass cheeks and dug her pointed nails into them. Pulling him closer she said, "Lets get your ass and that thing you are holding over here."

 He loved how her tits looked with her sitting on the edge of the bed with only her thong on. The feeling of her nails pressing into his ass was turning him on in a way he had never felt before. When her knees hit his leg she let go of his ass and moved his hand off of his cock. Replacing it with her own she resumed the stroking of it only slower than he had been doing it.

 Spreading her legs apart she pulled his cock closer to her chest and started rubbing his precum all over her hardened nipples feeling it wetting them. Putting her hands on his hips she pushed him back enough so that she could reach the head of his cock with her mouth.

 She always loved to taste the clear slippery fluid with the tip of her tongue before she sucked his cock. She moved her lips onto the end of his cock and kissed it. Then her tongue came out and started licking it off of its piss slit on the end of its head. Once she finished cleaning it all off she pulled her head back and looked up at him with a big smile on her face and said, "Ok sweetheart , you know what I want you to do now don't you.

 Without hesitating he took a step back and got down on his knees between her legs. He knew exactly what she wanted him to do next. Seeing the wetness coating her nipples he moved his head close enough to her tits that he could reach her nipples with his tongue. Running it all over them he licked both of them until he had all of his precum licked off of them.

 The only thing wetting them was the wetness from his tongue when he covered them with his lips and started sucking and nibbling on them. It was something she loved having him do every time he jerked off and came on her tits. Only this time it was his precum not his cum. She had other plans for it.

 Getting him to stand up she placed her hands on his ass cheeks and pulled the head of his cock against her lips. She loved how it felt sucking his cock almost as much having it filling her vagina when he fucked her. She slowly slid her lips down over the head of his cock, stoping for a moment and then all of the way down to the bottom of it. He was so worked up when she got all of his cock into her mouth it took every bit of his willpower not to cum. He knew what she would do when she was ready to have him filling her mouth with his cum.

 Reaching between her legs she started pushing her finger in and out of her vagina. Every time it went into her she felt the bottom of of it running over her clit she moved her finger in and out of her vagina at the same time as her lips moved up and down the shaft of his cock

 When she felt her orgasm about to start she switched hands on her pussy and started rubbng her clit with her fingertip on it.  She knew exactly what she could do to make him cum at the same moment as she did. She moved the tip of the wet finger that was in her vagina up onto his asshole.

 Feeling her vaginal walls contracting her vagina felt like it was on fire when she started to cum. Pushing her finger up all of the way into his ass triggered his orgasm and she felt blast after blast of his cum shooting into her mouth as they came together.

 His orgasm was so powerfull his legs couldn't support him any longer after they finished cumming. Falling to his knees between her legs she fell back onto their bed.

 Once their breathing returned to normal she sat back up when he stood up. When he started to take her thong off she stopped his from pulling it down.

 "Since you like wearing my thongs so much while I am at work you are going to wear one all day until I get home."

"Tomorrow morning I am going to call in sick. We need to take you shopping and get something you are going to need."

 Looking at her with a questioning look on his face he asked her, "What are we going shopping for and why does it need to be tomorrow morning? What do I need so badly that it can't wait for the weekend so you don't have to take the day off work?"

 "WE don't need anything that badly. It's you that does if you want us to stay living together. Starting tomorrow the only thing that you are going to be wearing under your pants, even when you go to work, is a  thong. I don't want you wearing mine all the time so we have to get you some of your own. I want to be the one to pick out the ones I think will look the best on you."

 "On the weekends when you don't have to work all we will be wearing all day is one of our thongs. I might wear a bra sometimes but not very often, I hate wearing those things. I want you to be able to see all of my tits without anything covering them. Maybe I might make you wear one too on the days I feel like having you look a little sexier."

 The next day they went shopping for him and picked out ones that she liked that would fit him a little better than hers did. While they were paying for them the sales lady said to her "Wow! Some of these look really sexy. He's sure going to like seeing them on you."

 The sales lady looked shocked and his face turned red when as they started walking away from the cash register his wife turned towards her and said, "These thongs aren't for me. They're for him and I know I am going to like seeing him wearing them."


Submitted: October 17, 2021

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Honesty is the best policy.
He fessed up when she caught him.
He reaped the rewards of her hot sexiness.

Mon, October 18th, 2021 3:01am


He sure did.
In a big way.
What would you have done if it was you that had caught him?

Mon, October 18th, 2021 9:25am

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