A Faggot's Humiliation Part Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Poor 18 yr old Michael's torment increases as he is branded a faggot and used by the boys at his school under the direction of a sadistic doctor.






With trembling hand, the totally humiliated Michael brought the large plastic beer cup full of piss up to his pre-cum coated lips. The smell of the urine was strong.  The poor boy didn’t know what to do. He was so confused. Was he all the things the doctor said he was? Was he really a dirty filthy faggot? Dr. Bras explained that being gay and being a faggot were two different things. A gay person was attracted to their own sex, while a faggot was a cock hungry animal who wallowed in degrading, disgusting, forms of perversion and was a danger to normal healthy males. Faggots had to be kept in their place for everyone’s health. Faggots only existed to help Alpha males unload their cum laden testicles and to serve their bodies and bodily needs.

Faggots were barely human. And Dr. Brass had just lectured all the dudes in the high school senior class about what a total faggot Michael was. Now they all looked at him like he was

Nothing but a piece of filth.  He certainly could not go on this way at this school. And here he was new to the place and thought he would have a wonderful senior year.


“Drink your piss,” Dr. Brass said in a quiet voice, almost a whisper


And Michael, who must certainly be submissive and just didn’t know it, put the cup to his lips and began to slurp down the strong yellow piss.  He gagged and choked, and Dr. Brass put one strong hand on Michael’s naked stomach and rubbed it. “Nice and easy, don’t rush it.  that’s a good faggot.” 


Maybe there had been something in the pills Dr. Brass had given him, but he seemed unable to resist orders.  He felt humiliated, degraded, lost, but unable to refuse. The boys in the room rubbed their jock strap enclosed dicks and called Michael disgusting names. Some of the boys now had their huge cocks out in the open and were masturbating them. The room stank of macho male testosterone.  Michael made a sick face as he swallowed the piss, and that only pleased the boys more. The piss washed the pre-cum that had coated the inside of his mouth, down into his tummy. He suddenly wanted his mother…he wanted his mommy. Like a little boy, he wanted the security of his mom.


Dr. Brass loved few things more than to see a well-built teenage kid reduced to a crying little boy. The unmanning of a boy on the cusp of full adult maleness totally turned him on.  In fact, the last boy he had worked with in this way had had a total nervous breakdown, and was now housed in a special private clinic, where they kept him in diapers and a baby bonnet. That kid’s name was Teddy, and he had been destroyed by tormenting him about his tiny dick.  Michael’s cock was too big to totally wreck him that way, but still, it was not match for the cocks of the star athletes of the high school, so they could have fun with him that way.


“Just relax, Faggot and keep drinking. Drain the cup of the piss. Just relax.” Dr. Brass lowered one hand and encircled Michaels flaccid teenage dick. He began to gently frig the cock, his hand sliding gently back and forth from the dickhead to the root. The boy’s nice big balls rose and fell with the pumping. There must have been something in the pills they had given him, because his cock became hard almost at once, in spite of the shame he felt. The teenage pecker stood out, the head full and pink and swollen, as young cock so often is. Young cock often looks so aroused that you think it might explode. Michael grunted as he drained the cup of piss.  The feeling in his groin was amazing. But not here. Not in front of all the guys in his class.


He stood there like a grotesque Greek statue, naked with a hard on, arm extended, holding out the empty plastic cup. The look on his cute young face said, “I did what you asked, now please, please let me go!” 


“Now notice several things, boys,” Dr. Brass lectured. “When the faggot drank his own piss, his faggot dick became hard.” Michael wanted to protest that it had been because the Dr. had frigged it, but he couldn’t say anything. “Also notice that his girl nipples hardened up and the nipple tips are standing out. Some faggots when aroused produce nipples that stand out one or two inches. They are good as handles to hold on to when fucking faggot pussy.” 


The guys laughed, but one boy raised his hand.  “Dr. Isn’t it gay to fuck another dude?” 


The good doctor acknowledged the question.  “Well asked, Winslow, but you have to remember that a faggot is not really another dude. Yes, It might be considered gay if you were to fuck, say, Collins here, although it might also just be two healthy straight boys horsing around, but still, it is not at all gay to fuck a faggot. It is not gay to use a faggot in any way you want to. Faggots exist to serve Alpha males. If you like, you make take out your frustration with daily life on them. You may beat the shit out of them. You may even torture them if it turns you on. You must never feel guilty using a faggot in any way that please you. Another high school in this very area has several faggots who serve the varsity sports teams. The boys there have not used the urinals to piss in months. They use the faggots’ mouths. Fucking a faggot ass is simply finding a new and fun way to dump your load, of relieving your tensions. How great to get a good cocksucking from a faggot between classes.”


“And we can use Michael that way?”  the same boy asked.


“That’s why I am presenting him to you. When I discovered he was a faggot, I thought, how great for the senior boys at his school. Only, you should not call him Michael anymore, except perhaps in class. Other times, even in front of the girls in the school, just call him Faggot.”


Michael shook his head, piss dripping from his lips. “No! No, you can’t do this to me.  It’s not fair!  You can’t…”  Dr. Brass slapped the boy hard, leaving a hand print on the soft cheek. The boys in the room cheered.  Michael began to cry harder, tears dripping from his handsome jaw.


“YOU SHUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH, YOU DIRTY USELESS FAGGOT!”  Dr. Brass knew how to handle boys. He knew how to control and demean them.


“Hey, Doc, I gotta’ take a wicked leak myself,” Collins said, displaying his huge dick to the whole room. “Do you suppose the faggot would drink my piss?”


“There is no suppose about it, Collins. You don’t ask a faggot, you simply order a faggot.  Here’s the cup.” 


Collins held up his large jock hand. “Doc, maybe I don’t need the cup. Maybe I can just piss right in the urinal!” He pointed at Michael.


“Excellent idea. Now you boys are getting the hang of it.”


“NO!  NOOOOOOOO! “ Michael sobbed and fell to his knees, his legs giving out.  He buried his young face In his hands.


Collins walked to the front of the room, next to the doctor and Michael. His huge dick hung heavy and half hard with the need to piss. “Open up, Piss Trough!” he said, grinning, trying to show off in front of the other boys. Throughout the room, teen dicks oozed pre-cum.


Dr. Brass slapped Michael on the back of the head. “You heard the man, open your fucking faggot mouth!”


Standing over him with his fat dick hanging over the boy’s face, Collins barked, “Lift your head a little, and stick out your tongue.”The horny boys in the room moved in to get a better look at the action.


The doctor reached down and grabbed one of Michael’s already painfully sore nipples and twisted it. “You heard the man, stick out your ball licker!”Michael helpless to fight back, obeyed. Collins, high school sports hero, actually rested his huge dickhead right on the submissive boy’s tongue. Michael felt the weight of the prick head on his tongue.  He stared into the jock’s hairy crotch and loins.


The boys standing behind Collins saw his muscular meaty ass globes clench, and then the first dribbles of piss came out of his large pisshole.  He looked down to watch them course their way down the submissive faggot’s tongue into his mouth.  “Holy fuck, this is cool!” he said to the other boys in the room.  The river of piss going into Michael’s gullet grew stronger.

Collins eased more dick onto the boy’s tongue, entering the kid’s mouth now. It was the first time poor young Michael ever had a dick in his mouth. Oh, God!  He didn’t want a cock in his mouth. He didn’t want to be a faggot!  They were making him be a faggot.  He brought up his hands to protest.


“Keep your fucking filthy faggot hands down, you piss drinking cumhole!” the Doctor shouted knowing he was gaining huge points with the boys.  


Michael drew his tongue back into his mouth, and with it the fat cock. He tried not to, but he couldn’t help it. Now he felt the girth of the pecker, how meaty and thick Collin’s dick actually was.  He smelled cock and ball sweat as well as piss.  The piss stream grew so great that Michael began to gag. Collins grabbed the kid’s head and fed him more and more dick. He pushed Michael’s face into his hairy grown, the boy’s chin mashed into the large loose ball sack.

The half-hard pissing dick was now half way down the boy’s throat. Michael choked, as the piss splashed directly down into him. And the fucking dick was growing while the jock pissed. He was getting erect from the amazing feeling of a mouth on his fuckmeat.  The doctor moved around behind Michael and pinned the boy’s arms back so he could not fight off the cock onslaught. The force of the piss stream kept growing stronger and stronger. The force of it actually hurt Michael.Then suddenly, Collins stepped back, withdrew his now still growing over eight-inch dick from the faggot’s mouth and continued to piss, but right in the boy’s face.

The doctor jumped back to get out of the way of the torrent.


Michael was a fucking mess.  Snot and piss ran from his nose. Piss bubbled up and out of his mouth, running in a stream off his chin and down his chest. Collins fingered his fucker and pissed directly into the crying boy’s eyes. The piss stung Michael and he fell back onto the floor, knocking over the chair on which he had earlier been standing.  The muscular masculine form of Collins straddled him, as the jock pissed down onto Michaels face and chest.


“If you are going to be the school piss drinker and full time urinal, Michael, you’re going to have to learn not to make such a mess,” the laughing doctor observed. Many of the boys in the room were masturbating now with full force. You could hear the hands pumping the swollen dicks, and the squishing of dick skin moving back and forth.


The doctor suddenly looked up in alarm. “Oh, please don’t cum yet, boys, we’ve still got a long way to go with the faggot! Try to hold off for a bit!”


The jocks let go of their pulsing throbbing pricks, some of them rising up to slap bellies, some handing heavy and other standing straight out, leaking strings of pre-fuck. There were groans of sexual frustration throughout the locker room. A few of the boys actually rose up on their strong young toes to try to quell the need to blast a load of fuck.  There is nothing quite so erotic in the world as the sight of a boy in fuck need. The doctor has kept some of the boys with whom he has worked on edge for two, three, or even four months without release. And when I say on edge, I mean he has the boys masturbated forty-five minutes out of each hour, all day long, every day, without letting them cum. The boys are driven to become blithering idiots, some of them having such severe nervous breakdowns, they never recover.  Who knows, this might be Michael’s future.


At long last, Collins finished pissing and stepped back, shaking the last few drops of urine from his huge dickhead. His cock was not almost totally erect, standing at a proud ten inches.

Michael lay on the floor, his arms and legs akimbo, like a broken puppet.  He coughed and piss bubbled from his mouth. His eyes stung terribly from the ordeal. Burning piss in the eyes can be terrible. Even his hearing was distorted from getting jock piss in his ears. He was a fucking eighteen-year old waste of a kid. But little did he know that his ordeal had barely begun.


The Doctor picked up the turned over chair and placed a second about three feet away from it.  “All right, Faggot, get up and pull yourself together and get up on these chairs, one food on each chair, back to your audience.”He grabbed Michael under one sweaty and piss soaked armpit and dragged the kid to his feet.  Collins assisted.  They shoved a disoriented Michael  over to the chairs and ordered him to climb up onto them.  He stood there back to the boys in the room, his legs spread over three feet apart, trying to retain his balance. Some of the boys laughed and pointed out that it was funny how piss dripped from his loose hanging teenage ball sack. Michael tried to spit the taste of piss out of his mouth, but it was impossible. For his efforts, the doctor slapped him hard on his right asscheek.


“Careful, Faggot, bad boys get spanked on their smooth teenage boy asses.”


“I’d like to take my belt to that ass!” Ortega yelled, pumping his thick foreskined Latino dick.


The doctor smiled. “All in good time, my boy, all in good time. But now it is time for us to explore the hidden wonders of the faggot pussy!Please reach back with your hands, Michael and spread your ass cheeks for us, would you?”  

Submitted: October 13, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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