A Faggot's Humiliation

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

18 year old high school senior Michael has been tagged as a faggot. Dr. Brass makes an example of him in fron tof the entire senior varsity team.


A Faggot's Humiliationby dale10


(The author does not condone any of the perverted behavior in the following

story. it is for fantasy purposes only.  All characters are 18 years of age.)






Dr. Milton Brass was in his element. He was in front of

a room filled with horny hunky straight jock teenage

boys, and he was having some fun degrading and

humiliating a faggot. Nothing could be hotter as far as

the medical man was concerned.


Poor young Michael, on the other hand was feeling

awful. Worse than he ever felt in his whole life.

 He felt like he might faint any moment. Here he

was, standing on a chair in front of a room filled with

guys from his new school. He was dressed in only a jock

strap. His smooth young well toned boy body naked except for

the little elastic pouch over his teenage dick and balls and

ass straps that accented the smooth roundness of his globes.

All kinds of terrible accusations were being

leveled at him. He cursed himself for ever trusting the

doctor enough to talk to him about his sexual

insecurities. How could they treat another human being

with such scorn and contempt? Michael kept hoping this

was only a terrible dream from which he would

momentarily awaken. He had been told he could always trust

doctors to keep personal secrets safe. He would never be able

to trust anyone in the whole world again, at least that is

how he felt. His self confidence and trust had been broken.

He shifted his large well arched feet on the chair, and his

fat teen fucker in its pouch jiggled just a bit.


"Now boys, to continue my lecture on how to be safe and know

when you are in the presence of a dirty, perverted faggot,

let's take a look at the faggot's tits. One

sure way to spot a faggot is by the tits. Many, but

again, I stress, not all, faggots have tits that

resemble the udders of a budding teenage girl. Some faggots

who work out may fool you, so be careful boys with whom you

hang out. Some faggot’s have small tight nipples for example, just

like good healthy hetero boys. But in general, the

stereotypical faggot chest is not tight and hard with

well-formed pec slabs and nipples of a nickel size or smaller,

 like all of you boys have.  The typical faggot chest sags a bit,

 is somewhat soft, and often sports large nipples that look

 like they should be giving milk to a baby's mouth."


The guys in the room laughed again, and some were

openly rubbing their jock strap covered crotches. Some of

these high school seniors were really packing huge dicks. He

could imagine the girls of the school walking around with pussy

pain most of the time. Some of the pouches had formed wet spots from dick

leak.  The doctor saw this and smiled. These horny boys needed

 some sexual release. They probably needed to blow a load of

fuck scum three or four times a day. He knew they thought of little

except for sex. Sex and sports, that was their lives.


 He reached up and grabbed some of Michael's tit. He

squeezed the tit flesh. It was true that Michael, while

having a nice body, was in no way muscular. His chest

was soft and smooth. He was a beautiful boy, and the doctor

was going to have a wonderful time destroying him. If the doc had

his way, when he was finished with the teenager, the boy would not

only drop out of school, but most likely have a complete nervous breakdown.

That made the doctors dick gorge with blood and push out against the

Material of his suit trousers. The doctor wore no underwear beneath his

Suit pants. It was so much easier to play with his thick dick that way.


 Next, the doctor grabbed one of Michael's large, pouty pink nipples

 and squeezed and twisted it. Michael winced, bit his lower lip and almost lost his balance on the chair. When would this nightmare end? How could he

ever face these boys around school or sports again? He was being labelled a

faggot, just because he had questions about his sexuality. He had thought

that in this day and age, it was now safe to question one’s sexual interests

 and feelings.


"See boys? Doesn't this faggot udder look just bursting with

titty milk? You can almost see it squirting out. I've

seen some jock boys I know have lots a fun working over

a faggots titties for hours on end, trying to get them

to squirt milk. You can have fun with a faggot’s titties by

putting clips or clamps on them, like those really strong

clips that they sell in office supply stores. Or for a special treat,

try the clamps from the wires on your car battery charger kits.They

can really carry a bite."


The jock boys nodded to each other and laughed. They couldn’t wait

to get their hands on a faggot for fun and games. Their thick jock dicks

were now fully hard and pushing out against their mesh jockstrap pouches.

the pre-fuck stains had grown larger and long strings of goo hung from the

front of the pouches. The smell of boy fuck filled the air. The sick,

perverted doctor loved it. Michael was actually trembling, as the doctor

twisted and rolled the boy’s nipples with his fingers. He put one hand up

because of the pain, but the doctor harshly slapped it away.

“Stop it, you dumb Cunt!”  he snapped at Michael. Tears formed in the boy’s eyes. Oh God, how his tits hurt. The nipples were now red and distended.


“They look better than my girlfriend’s tits…” one of the boys shouted.


“Yeah, Jason, that’s cause your girlfriend is your flat-chested momma!” 


All the boys busted a gut laughing and their hard prick danced in the constraining jock pouches. Some of those jock straps had not been washed in

Weeks and had been worn in game after game. They were soaked with sweat and piss and dick leak, and some of the boys had even shot their loads in them.

So horny were the boys that dick leak actually ran down the inner thighs of

Some of the boys. Their fat testicles swam in a lake of pre-fuck. Once these boys were turned on, they became animals.


Doctor Brass set his pointer aside for a moment, and

then reached up and again grabbed a faggot tit in each hand

and began to tug. Michael was almost pulled down off

the chair, as the doctor yanked on the boy’s now swollen and

sore nipples. The doc tugged first one then the other

tit like he was milking a cow. The guys in the room

clapped their hands in rhythm and roared with laughter.


God Damn, but Doc Brass was a great guy!


"Ugh...you're hurting me. Stop Please!" Michael

grunted, but Doc Brass was putting on a good show for

his students. “Shut up, Cunt!”  he snapped.

"No milk?" he frowned, twisting the raw nipples. "She must

have given all her tit juice to some stray puppies she

found on the street." Then he stepped back and took a

little bow to more applause from the boys. Poor Michael was

 with both pain and humiliation.


"Okay Faggot, off with the jock strap. And from now on

remember, no jock strap or underpants for you, Twat,  

only pink panties! The boys here will check you during the

school day. And boys, when this faggot

swims in gym class, I want you to make damn sure that

he's not wearing a swim suit, only a nice pink thong!

and make sure he swims sometimes with the underclassmen,

so, the younger kids get to know what a faggot looks like

too.We want everybody in the school to know he's a cock

hungry faggot at all times!" The doctor whacked poor

Michael right on his dick pouch with his pointer.

 "You hear me, Cuntface, get that jock strap off!"


Michael started to peel down his jock strap, the

muscular boys in the class watching him. They leaned forward,

anticipating the kid's complete humiliation. The jock pouch

came down and Michael stepped out of it. The guys roared with

laughter, as the Faggot's rather small but chunky penis was revealed.

Michael had never been so embarrassed in his young life.

To have to stand there totally bare assed naked in front of those



Doctor Brass laughed too. "Oh, you boys are way ahead

of me. You can see already what a pathetic little worm

this Faggot has between his legs. When I gave him his

athletic physical, I had to do everything I could to

keep from laughing out loud. Michael was crying now,

and he brought his hands together in front of his

teenage genitals. The Doctor thwacked him with the

stick. "Hands at your side, Faggot!" Michael complied, his

young hands trembling. His legs felt as if they might collapse.  


"Look at this, boys! It looks more like a clit than a

dick!”  It wasn’t true of course. Michael had an average dick, but

his shyness and fear had made the cock shrivel up into a little

button. “Stand up straight boy!" The doctor took the boy's

small shriveled dick in one hand. "It really is more

like a large clitty than a. I’ll bet you healthy jock boys have

 seen plenty of clitty’s, eh?”  The jocks chuckled and nudged each other.

“Treat them right, boys. Treat a girl’s clit right and she will do anything for you. But be rough and demanding too. Cunts go for that. Remember, boys, sex is for your pleasure not the cunt’s. But if you give her a little

enjoyment, she will come back hungry for more.”


The horny high school teens all agreed. They knew how much high school

Girls craved senior jock dick. That was practically all the stupid twats talked about, which boy had the biggest dick or the fattest balls or tasted the best or fucked the best.


The good doctor continued. “I mean, anyone

can see even in its flaccid state that it's way too

small to ever fuck a girl." The Doctor fingered

Michael's tiny prick. The boy wanted to die of shame. Tears rolled

down his cheeks, which made all the dicks in the room squirt pre-fuck.

Most of these athletes loved nothing more than to see another boy cry.

That’s why they were so fucking rough when they played sports.  


"Collins, how big does your prick hang flaccid?"


A really cute 18-year old jock standing in the circle of boys

blushed a bit, as the guys turned toward him. "Six and a

half inches soft, Sir." The guys cheered and several slapped

Collins on the back.




A sultry looking Latino hunk smiled. "Mine hangs five

inches with another inch of foreskin."


The doctor nodded and smiled. "You see. And the faggot

here hangs...let me see," he grabbed a tape measure and

put it to the boy's tiny dick. "About two inches soft!"


“Probably two inches hard too, “Ortega yelled, his pink dick

head pushing out beyond his thick foreskin.  




"So you see, gentlemen," the Doc raised a hand to calm

the uproar, "the faggot really has more of a clit than

a cock! That's true of many faggots. That's why they so

worship the fuckmeat of real men. That and the fact the

Faggot's favorite food is dick sauce!" Some of the boys

were laughing so hard that tears were streaking their

faces. Others couldn't wait to get the faggot alone

outside of the locker room.  to have a little fun with the



The creative doctor stretched his pointer out toward the

Jocks and scooped a bit of drooling pr-fuck from Collins’ soaked

Jock strap pouch. The thick slime coated the tip of the pointer.

The doctor smiled. He then raised the pointer and carefully wiped

The scum from the stick onto Michael’s full lower lip. The boy’s lip trembled and glistened with the pre-fuck of another boy.


“We know, Faggot that you love nothing so much as the fuck sauce from a healthy dick. Go on, lick your lower lip!” 


Michael, shaking so hard he could hardly stand up on the chair, extended his tongue and lapped at the dick sauce on his lower lip. He squeezed his eyes shut at the taste of the fuck slime. Some of the boys applauded.


“MORE, MORE, MORE…” they chanted, and an obliging doctor scooped up more

pre-fuck sauce from the soaking wet jock pouched, rubbing his pointer against the now straining dicks. Pulsing prick meat pushed out against the wooden pointer. Some of the boys actually started to buck their hips as if they were fucking cunt. About eight inches of the pointer was soon coated with male pre-fuck slime. It hung in strings like snot off the pointer.


The doctor carefully raised the pointer. “Open your mouth, Micheal.” He said quietly. Michael’s eyes grew wide with terror. He couldn’t do this. He just couldn’t. “Open your mouth, PUSSYBOY!”  The jocks started to chant “PUSSYBOY, PUSSYBOY,” Michael opened his mouth just enough for the doctor to slid he tip of the pointer into it.  The poor tortured kid’s mouth filled with pre-fuck. It coated his tongue and got into his teeth. This was sex slop

From the other boys in his school, AND HE WAS EATING IT. HE WANTED TO DIE.

The smiling doctor pushed the pointer carefully down eight inches into Michael’s throat, getting some fuck slop down there too.


“If you ever kiss a girl, Michael, ever, she will taste that. Girls can taste fuck on a boy’s breath, and no matter how much you gargle and brush, you can never get rid of it.”  This nonsense talk freaked the boy out.


Once again, the doctor collected pre-cum from the dripping wet, stretched pouches of the boys’ jock straps. The pointer had a thick coating on it that looked like cum that had just shot from a dick. It had that milky, slimy thickness to it. Maybe some of the jocks had cum in their excitement.

The doctor then once more raised the pointer, and this time, he wiped the filthy pre-fuck all over Michael’s handsome face. He gave the boy a facial with teenage jock pre-cum. The poor kid’s cheeks and nose and lips were coated with it. He had it in his eyes and up his nostrils. When he breathed in, he sucked boy fuck scum up into his nasal passages. The room spun around him.



"Please, Sir. I don't feel good. I need to go to the

bathroom...!" the Faggot whispered, tears on his face mixing with the

dick slime. His lower lip trembled so, he could hardly get the words out.  



  "You need to take a piss?,”the doctor shouted gleefully. “Perfect!” He held up a large plastic cup, the kind you drink beer from. “Piss for us, right here in this cup!”


Michael’s shoulders shook terribly. “I can’t, Sir. Please. Not here in front of everyone! I’m begging you!”  There is nothing so sexy as a cute boy begging.


“I have not finished my lecture. If you need to piss, you will piss here and now!” the doctor hissed at the frightened kid. With unsteady hand, poor young Michael took the plastic cup and held it beneath his dick, next to his full round smooth teenage nuts.  He closed his eyes and squeezed. It took some time. He had to pretend he was alone and not in front of a room filled with watching high school boys. At last he felt a tingle and heard his piss hit the inside of the plastic cup. He hadn’t realized how badly he had had to piss. It splashed and foamed in the cup. The smell of urine rose up. He pissed and pissed. The cup became half and then two thirds full. The piss rose almost to the very lip of the cup before the teen dick stopped pissing.


Michael was crying pretty hard as he squeezed off the last droplets of pee.

He looked around, not knowing where to set the cup. His face was a mask of fear and submissiveness.


“He’s a fucking faggot, make him drink it!” Ortega yelled, openly jerking on his big Latino prick, which actually stuck out from his jock now, totally uncovered, meaty foreskin pulled back. One big black-haired ball hung out too. He loved to make his girlfriend suck the sweat from each and every ball hair after a big game. She would spend hours down there licking and smelling his huge balls, but he had never had a faggot worship his nutsack, and he longed to try it. He could picture Michael’s pretty teen boy lips wrapped around one nut and then the other, slurping up testicle sweat. Shit, that is what faggots were put on this earth for!


“MAKE HIM DRINK IT! MAKE HIM DRINK IT!”  The boys yelled in unison.


“Well, Michael, you heard your teammates.  Don’t you think you should try to make them happy?” 


“I can’t drink piss, Sir. I just can’t!” Michael wailed, almost hysterical. He held the cup away from himself and shifted from naked foot to naked foot, his shrunken dick and bloated balls dancing. He clenched his asshole in fear, and his cheeks tightened, dimples forming in the ass globes.


“Sure you can, Michael. It’s not so bad. And you want to be a good little faggot, don’t you?”


“Please, Sir…” Michael moaned, his mouth coated with pre-fuck, “I DON’T WANT TO BE A FAGGOT!”




Submitted: October 12, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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