Chapter 2: 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Leah’s eyes slowly opened; she blinked several times to focus on her surroundings but couldn’t see a thing. The room she was in was pitch black. Feeling confused about where she was, she slowly sat up feeling the coolness of a silky sheet sliding down her naked body. “Shit,” she hissed wondering why she was naked. Quickly grabbing the sheet and pulling it over her breast. “Is anyone here!” She called holding her breath so she could focus on any sound around her. Leah’s heart thudded in her chest when she heard someone breathing.

The Devil smiled as he watched Leah’s beautiful glassy blue eyes darting from side to side trying to see who was in the room with her. Her long brown hair fell messily over her shoulders.

“I can hear you breathing!” Leah cried shuffling herself back across the silky sheets till she reached the headboard feeling like she’d been in the same situation before. “Oh my god!” She cried suddenly realizing where she was. Slumping against the headboard holding her hands over her face, she knew now why she couldn’t see anything; she was blind. “No!” she screamed as her body was dragged down the bed at speed, her arms flung above her head. Leah sobbed struggling to move her arms, but they were being held down by a strong force. Feeling the bed dip as the devil climbed on it, Leah panicked and kicked her legs in fear. “No!” She cried as her legs were thrown open and held down by the same strong force that was holding her arms.

The Devil kneeled between her legs and gazed down at the virgin beauty in front of him. “You haven’t changed your mind, have you?” His deep rumbling laughter vibrated through the bed.

“No,” Leah sniffled. “But please give me my sight back.”

“What! So, you can see me in my true form and die of fright before I get my chance to fuck you,” He laughed stroking his hands around her tiny waist. “I’ve waited five years for you and I’m not going to ruin it now.” He kneeled nuzzling his face into her freshly shaved pussy, breathed in her aroma, and roared with pleasure.

Leah rolled her head back letting out a gentle moan as his roar vibrated through her body. “But I already know what you look like,” She weakly said gasping for breath.

“Oh no you don’t,” He laughed stroking his thick finger along her labia and opened her lips. His balls tightened at the sight of her virgin hole. “And you never will.” He laughed nuzzling his face between her legs.

Leah whimpered at the heat of his large hot thick tongue forcing its way into her. Moaning loud with pleasure, the fire in her core burned like an inferno as his tongue reached her hymen. The devil growled in pleasure as he swirled his tongue along her barrier. Leah’s body jerked as the vibrations shot through her core, she squealed in pleasure grinding her pussy against his face. The devil painfully gripped her hips, pulled his tongue out then plunged it into her again. Leah screamed with ecstasy shaking her head from side to side as he fucked her with his huge tongue.

Keeping a grip on her, he rolled onto his back pulling her on his face. The force kept her hands above her head. Leah’s body shone with sweat as she rolled her head back howling in pleasure as she rode his tongue like a pro. Her sweat-soaked hair stuck to her face. She ground her body harder against him as her never-ending orgasm constantly shuddered through her body flooding her juice over him. The Devil growled and gargled, drinking her virgin nectar. Leah was the sweetest girl he had ever tasted.

When the Devil had his fill, he pushed her off him. Leah lay on the bed a quivering mess. Giving her no time to recover, the devil opened her legs and kneeled between them stroking his thick rock-hard shaft.

Leah’s heart began to pound in her chest, she still had no vision but she could feel the size of the thick head of his cock rubbing up and down her slit searching for her entrance.

“Please don’t hurt me,” She whimpered.

“It’s too late for that now,” The devil grinned at the sight of her face creasing in pain as he eased the tip into her. “Unless you want to go back on our deal?” He said pulling the tip out then pushed it in again a little further.

“I don’t want to go back on the deal,” Leah panted, her body tensed with the pressure of her virgin hole stretching.

“Then this is going to fucking hurt,” The Devil gripped her hips grunting with aggression as he watched his steel-hard cock thrust into her virgin hole. The devil rolled his head back and roared as he held himself in her savoring the tight walls of her broken vagina. Leah screamed in pain, wanting to push him off but she couldn’t with her arms still above her head. The devil laughed as he gripped her hips tighter, he pulled out then thrust full force into her again.

Leah was in pain, she sobbed and howled as her body violently shook with the power of his shaft pumping into her like a finely oiled piston.

The Devil had no mercy for her, she had made a deal with him and there was no going back now. If she survived him fucking her and she gave him what he wanted, then he would keep his part of the deal. His huge muscly body dwarfed hers as he leaned over her, slipped his arms underneath her, and gripped her shoulders for more power. Leah's tears flooded down the sides of her face as the devil pounded deeper into her; he didn’t think her petite body was going to survive.

Suddenly Leah’s arms broke free from the force that was holding them above her head. She gripped onto his enormous shoulders digging her nails into his skin. Pain slowly turned to pleasure, the heat from her core spread through her body like wildfire. Leah screamed with pleasure bucking her hips against him.

The Devil roared with delight as he raised his body resting his hands each side of her locking his arms straight. Leah ripped her nails through his skin on his chest as he pounded deeper into her watching the amazing sight of her pussy taking all his thick 12-inch cock. A deep growl rumbled through the devil’s chest as he lost control slamming himself into her hitting her g-spot with force. “Oh yes, yes, yes,” Leah cried bucking her hips against him rolling her head from side to side.

The devil couldn’t take anymore, he let out an almighty roar as he took one last thrust and held himself deep inside her. Leah screamed in ecstasy at the feel of his pulsating cock pumping his evil seed inside her. The devil collapsed on her, crushing her against the bed, jerking inside her until every drop had been spent. Leah’s moans and little gasps of pleasure lessened, the grip of her nails digging deep into his skin loosened. Her head rolled to one side as her arms dropped from his body.


The Devil pulled out and kneeled over the unconscious Leah. He reached over to check her pulse in her neck and smiled when he felt one. He stood up and gazed at the beauty with her sweat-soaked hair, flushed cheeks and ran his large hands over the bruises on her shoulders and hips where he’d gripped her. The devil made his way to the door, turned around to take one last look at her as the doors opened. He knew she was going to be ok. “I’ll see you soon.” He said as he left his chambers.




Submitted: October 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Kitty Hall. All rights reserved.


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This is absolutely HOT as HELL. I totally concur with just keeping this a pure sex scene with little to no explanation as to where Leah is or how she got there. Likewise, the mention of this mysterious agreement (this contract) between Leah and the devil is intriguing. It adds to the erotic hysteria.

Certainly, the devil doesn't require Leah to be blind in order to cloak his identity. It's a ridiculous excuse, but he's a well known liar. Twelve inches is a lot for a virgin. I didn't hear blood mentioned, but you'd certainly expect it. His tongue sounds pretty amazing, and you might consider adding a climax to the oral scene simply because it's crazy how deep he's getting with that thing. You'd expect a bloody mess by the end of this, so it might be worth mentioning.

I love the detail and description. As a reader, I'm curious to learn the details of the deal. What could be worth all this to a mortal? Even the devil wondered if she'd survive.

Fri, October 15th, 2021 9:44pm


Thank you, as the story goes on, there will be a chapter with what happened when the devil first took Leah and made the deal. He certainly is a liar too, which Leah will eventually realize. :)

Sat, October 16th, 2021 6:40am


She's in way over her head. Very interested to find out what the "deal" was.

Mon, October 18th, 2021 4:19pm


She's definitely way over her head. There will be a chapter coming soon with what happened and was said between them when she was first taken :)

Mon, October 18th, 2021 10:25am

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