Halloween Revenge

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Halloween night five years ago, thirteen-year-old Leah’s siblings and their friends cruelly made her run the devil's ditch to see if the myth was true; that you could summons the devil from there.
Later that night, everyone was found scattered around the forest unconscious, and one was dead.
No one has any memory of what happened that night except Leah who has never told anyone.
Five years later and with four weeks left to go for Halloween Leah returns to the devil’s ditch on her own.
Why hasn’t Leah told anyone she remembers what happened on Halloween night five years ago?
Why has she returned to the devil’s ditch and what has she planned for this coming Halloween?

Table of Contents


Grey clouds drifted across the dark sky; the waning crescent moon gave little light for anyone to see where they were walking. Marcus g... Read Chapter


Leah’s eyes slowly opened; she blinked several times to focus on her surroundings but couldn’t see a thing. The room she was in was... Read Chapter


SIX WEEKS LATER Leah sat on the edge of the bath staring at the white stick in her hand and smiled when two blue lines ap... Read Chapter


Leah gazed around the hallway with huge gold-framed paintings of naked women proudly hanging on the walls. “Are these paintings by an... Read Chapter


Leah relaxed in the limo and blissfully sighed as she sipped on her wine, she’d had an amazing time with the devil and didn... Read Chapter


Leah and the devil made their way downstairs. Anna was still upstairs wailing and banging around her bedroom when their dad entered the... Read Chapter


Leah’s heavy eyes opened as she slowly sat up yawning feeling Deja vu, but this time she could see. She choked a little laugh when sh... Read Chapter


FLASHBACK “No dad no!” Eight-year-old Leah kicked and screamed as her dad dragged her up the stairs by her hair. Marcus, Kimber... Read Chapter


FIVE YEARS EARLIER The devil paced around his chambers waiting for the girl he’d just taken to wake. He crawled over the bed towa... Read Chapter


Leah woke early in the morning with no memory of her visit to the past with the devil. Stroking her hand over his chest as she watched ... Read Chapter


Leah and the devil snuggled on her bed passionately kissing while they were waiting for her mother to arrive. Rolling on top of him, Le... Read Chapter


100 YEARS LATER Karis Watkins sat at the dining table with her closest friends Emma and Ray. “What’s so urgent?” Ray asked ... Read Chapter


Karis shuffled backward on her seat trying to get comfortable. Sitting on a small wooden box in the back of a cold van for the past two... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


So, I've read this before - and this is a fantastic time to bring this story back. I'd say you've been tweaking it a bit because the delivery is very smooth and well presented. There's a lot going on here for a first chapter. The final two paragraphs "five years later" are super sexy. I love good horror, and this is a great story. Your first chapter catches the reader's attention perfectly and really drags them into this. This is a great delivery!

Wed, October 13th, 2021 4:32am


Thank you, I've been editing this for a while now. I started this 2 years ago and never had an ending. Now I've finally come up with the ending I'm happy with lol. :)

Wed, October 13th, 2021 4:35am


Uh oh! Nice start.

Sat, October 16th, 2021 4:20pm


Thank you :)

Sun, October 17th, 2021 12:54pm

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