Chapter 1: Opening Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Gay Erotica

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June 10th 1865, it was opening day at The Longhem Hotel in London. Everyone who was everyone wanted a room on the first night, the list of guests even included the prince of wales. It was the grandest of buildings and the grandest of hotels.


The guests started to arrive, the doormen stood proudly on the door and welcomed guests with the friendliest of smiles, “Welcome to The Longhem hotel” they said to each and every guest. The doormen were dressed in perfectly tailored top hat and tails. 


One of the guests that was attending this high profile event and grand opening was, Dr. Webster Mudgett. 


Dr. Webster Mudgett, was a high profile medical doctor, and everyone knew his name, his work had changed the medical world and he had made advances which no one could have ever predicted. However, some accused his methods of being witchcraft, and others accused his methods of being cruel and inappropriate. Never the less, he was one of the richest and well known doctors in London. 


Dr. Webster approached the lobby of the hotel, he was a tall man, he stood about 6”2 and was very slim and lanky. He was a good looking man, with strong facial features, his eyes were dark and mysterious, some even said hypnotising. He was very popular with the ladies, however there were rumours that he enjoyed the company of men more. Dr Webster walked up the marble staircase into the reception of the hotel, there was marble everywhere along with gold details and massive chandeliers. 


“Dr. Webster, I’m so glad you could make it” John Giles, excitedly said. 

“John, my good man, this building is outstanding! A job well done” Dr. Webster praised John at the same time as shaking his hand. 


John Giles was the architect and founder of The Longhem Hotel. John was a lot shorter than Dr. Webster, standing just 5”4. His build was bigger and more robust than Dr. Webster’s. His face was round and he wore glasses, however he was just as handsome and just as popular with the ladies as Dr. Webster. Even though he wasn’t officially recognised with a title, he was still a well respected and high profile person in the community. The Longhem Hotel helped with rising his profile in the community. 


“This is going to be a palace for Kings, Queens, Princes and Princess. We will be calling you Lord John Giles” complemented Dr. Webster. 

“My good friend, thank you so much, your words honour me and I couldn’t have done it without your generous donation” replied John. 

“You have done well John, I couldn’t have trusted my money with anyone else, I will leave you to welcome your other guests, we shall catch up later” replied Dr. Webster, with that they both bowed their heads and parted.


 Dr. Webster went to investigate the rest of the hotel while John went off to greet some more guests. 


A few hours past, and opening night was a success, some of the guests that was staying in the hotel on its first night had started retiring to their rooms, while the guest that wasn’t fortunate enough to have a room started saying their fair wells and headed home. 


John saw Dr. Webster sitting at the bar, and went over to join him. Dr. Webster looked up from his drink and smiled at John as he sat down next to him. “Congratulations on a successful opening night, John” Dr. Webster said, raising his glass. 

“Thank you, doctor. This may not be the time or place but we never spoke about repayment of your donation” John reminded Dr.Webster. 

“I do not need repayment John. However I have got a interesting new project and may need something in return. I am going to retire to my room now, once all your guests have gone come and join me for a nightcap and I’ll tell you more” insisted Dr. Webster. 

“Of course, doctor. I shall be looking forward to hearing more” replied John. With that, Dr. Webster finished his drink then headed to his room. 


He went into his room, is was as grand as the rest of the hotel. Extremely clean and shiny. Lots of marble decorated the room with a massive chandelier hanging over a massive bed. The bed was covered in a thick duvet and plenty of pillows. There was a bottle of whiskey on the table with a note from John, ‘Just a little thank you, John’ read the note. Dr. Webster opened the bottle and poured some into a crystal whiskey glass which was sat next to the bottle.


About an hour passed when Dr. Webster heard a tapping on his door. Dr. Webster opened the door and saw John standing there. 

“Come in my good friend” Dr. Webster smiled. John stepped into the room and sat in a armchair which was placed in the corner of the room. 

“How are you finding your room?” John asked. 

“Grand, just the like the rest of the hotel. It is late and I do have a repayment idea to put to you, John” replied Dr. Webster, just wanting to get to the point so he could head to bed after a long night. 

“Of course, doctor. Your donation was generous and I couldn’t not have done it without your help. Please tell me of your idea?” John asked curiously. 

“I believe it is possible for men to sell their masculinity to other men, I believe I have worked out how to make this possible” whispered Dr. Webster.

“Tell me more, doctor” asked John, confused but interested. 

“I believe, if I can get men to submit their soul to me, once they have fully submitted their soul to me and begged me to make them  ejaculate, their masculinity will be in their semen. The buyer then buys it and drinks it and will gain more masculinity” Dr. Webster explained in more detail.

“What do you need from me?” Asked John. 

“A permanent room, with full discretion and no questions asked. This must stay between us John, this could be ground breaking once I have proved it works” explained Dr. Webster. 

“After your donation, I can’t really object doctor. I will get this organised. Come and see me at lunchtime tomorrow and I’ll shall have organised this for you” answered John. 

“Thank you my good friend, I shall now bid you good night, I think we both have had a busy day and tomorrow shall be just as busy” smile Dr. Webster. John took his leave and left Dr. Webster’s room. Dr. Webster got himself in bed thinking of all the things he had to do, in order to begin his next venture tomorrow. 


It was the next day and Dr.Webster started packing his things into his suitcase. He heard a knock on the door. 

“Good morning Doctor, I hope you had a nice sleep?” asked John, who was standing outside his door, dressed in a suit and wearing a badge which read, ‘Hotel Manager: John”. 

“It was very peaceful, please come inside” replied Dr. Webster. 

“I can’t stay long doctor, please forgive me. All the arrangements have been made following our conversation last night. Here is the key to room 333, I have ensured that this key has not been given to room-keeping. Your the only person with the key, it is a suite and has three separate rooms, bedroom, reception room and study. I trust this room will be adequate for your project?” Informed John. 

“That sounds perfect, thank you John” Dr.Webster replied. 

“Anyway, I must get back to business and I hope to see you around soon” with that both gentlemen nodded to each other and John saw himself out. 


“Perfect, time to get to started” Dr.Webster said to himself with a smile. With that he picked up his suitcase and exited the room. Leaving the hotel, however he knew he would be returning very soon. 

Submitted: October 11, 2021

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