Hot Kitty In The City

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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A young Woman has to earn her stripes.So To Speak.

Suzy Q hinted at it in her rock'n'roll rendition.A young Norwegian chick on a four week stint in New Orleans had heard the song and just took it to heart.

There are two million stories in this city and this is just one of them.Get the picture hot readers!

I will head on back to the year 1989 for this fictional story of lust and persuit of sexual prowess.

Now I don't know any Norwegian names so just for the exercise I will call "hot Kitty"......Megan,Just for the heck of it.Oke!


Young hot salacious Megan had split from her church group due to obtuse boredom and "stepped out" in her thick wooden high heeled pink shoes.Megan also wore a loose fitting red blouse with a dud zipper that came only half way up.Megan was a young gal who always wanted to "do a job well or not at all".Our hot kitty had quickly purchased yellow cameltoe tights as the rest of the group enjoyed a rest period.

Lets cut to the action.This is just a very short story and my tour guide has wondered where on earth I have got to.I am quickly writing this at an internet cafe' in a side street somewhere.


It is 6pm and hot kitty is walking provacatively down the middle of a street bursting with buskers.

"hey babe,want to come over and tease me face to face" came one of the many hot audacious remarks.This from the now sexed up small groups of mainly men.Hot Kitty just smiled as she watched many heads turn to follow her every move.

News spreads fast by mouth to mouth, in a close knit community.Hot Kitty had got about 100 yards and it was music to her ears what she was now witnessing.

There on the bandstand on the corner of a street, a leather clad girlie singer, started to belt out Megan's favorite song.But wait there's more.............

The lead singer beckoned to hot kitty to come up and join her.As Megan got to the action the band went for it.

"Hi,my name is Wanda hot kitty and I want you to sing this song with me.Please say yes!"

Megan was just flooding with adrenalin.She gasped "Sure Wanda I'm your hot kitty in this city right here and now.Let's rock sweet rock'n'roll lady".......

A crowd of about 100 folks quickly gathered around.

Move over suzie Q you are being immortalised by a "pop up" rendition of nearly everyone's favorite song.This is with not one but two lead singers.


Megan woke up on an untidy mattress the next morning with a headache.This was from the previous nights drinking binge with the band and friends.This included the bandwagon "mob".

A short note was left on the slept on pillow next to her.It read."Thanks for being my first girlie fuck for nearly two years hot kitty in the city.Myself and the band had to leave early this morning.Many hot kisses.Wanda".


The moral of this fictitious little story folks is that,"Fortune favours the brave"



Submitted: October 11, 2021

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