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Some days are just not worth getting up for.
Sorry it isn't my normal sex story, at all.
Thought I'd post it anyway.



Never before in my wildest imagining’s did I ever dream that one morning my entire life would change so suddenly.

Or that what had actually happened, could.

The unusual thing in this story wasn’t that I woke like most mornings, with a massive hangover or even an unknown person occupying the other half of the bed.

The desperate need for a piss roused me with the normal raging boner.

All men must despise the need for a leak and not being able to point Percy downwards.

I had this shocking taste in my mouth like I’d been kissing a circus freak as the combination of straw and manure, and the accompanying smell made me shake my head as if in a dream.

Not looking towards going to work was an understatement. I was in no state to go to work.

My eyes are blurry, to say the least and this particular day worse than ever, I must begetting old.

Flickering to a new reality, I focused more and more on the realization that somehow, I had been trapped in a cage, and the warmth of a body beside me WAS not what I was expecting.

A bed of straw, bad enough.

The accompanying stench, worse.

A wild animal snuggling up to me for breakfast, not on.

I jumped up screaming at the nightmare I had become encased in, my voice raw from a heavy session, even I didn’t sound like me.

My startled response roused the other inhabitants of the enclave, who to my surprise turned and went back to sleep, as if I had always been there.

The other occupants being chimpanzees, a whole family by the look.

Absolutely astounded by the current predicament, I took a while to understand the fact I was covered head to toe in fur.

Old American college movies had these. Bear fur coats, toppers and noise makers.

All resplendent memories of the 40’s, except it is the 21’st century and I’m a bank manager.

Or was.

Not known for a sense of humour, the straw and fur on concrete floors with faeces all over boded not well for future circumstances.

The matted hair covering my body was fur.

This had to be a nightmare.

No dream was this real.

‘Oh my god.’

As other images swirled in my aching head, I was nude. Not just nude, fully naked. And li’l Percy standing to attention.

Embarrassed beyond belief, while attempting to cover my genitalia, other lesser primates woke from their slumber, to feed or defecate, or whatever.

A large male chimp pushed past me as if I were nothing. I pushed back a little, at which point he turned, lashing out at me, bringing me down on my back with a thud. Unexpected as it was, I still felt the need to fully retaliate.

I grew up in some hard areas of Melbourne and knew what it‘s like to be an underdog.

I tasted blood in my mouth, wiping it away with a hairy back hand.

I stood, calling out in some ancient ‘ape’ speak, making the dominant male return, puzzled, by the apprehension in his stride, he’d never been challenged. Today would change that.

I am not going to sit here in my dream and be bullied, as in life, because I’m different, or disfigured. No way. This time I’ll make the rules.

I learnt to be very good at ducking big hits, and to take the lesser ones, so as to be left alone.

That certainly helped here. Another big back hand came at me really quick. I leant back before it got to me, and in his haste, the bigger chimp leaned further into the swipe, putting him off balance.

The glancing blow missed by a millimeter, but my forward lunge caught him off guard, holding his face as we tumbled back to the ground, and then thumping into the earth, I continued his head into the dirt, and with the momentum, knocked him out cold.

I rose and pawed away from the motionless figure much to the over excitement of the group.

Instantly I was popular but was it for the right reasons.

A couple of humans approached the fence to see the cafuffle, and their uniforms gave the credibility of keepers at this park, or zoo or whatever.

Funnily enough, I couldn’t tell the language. I knew English, and a few phrases of German and French. But I wasn’t able to even ascertain if it was human. My hearing had evidently changed as well. So too my speech or what was left of it.

After dodging some hastily thrown fruit, through the bars of my keep, I did one thing the mans, as I’d changed my ideology, weren’t prepared for.

Yep, the bird.

You should have seen their faces. I still had opposable thumbs, but unfortunately no camera.

Enough dreaming. Now to wake, feeling invigorated, better to face the world. What work’s.

Mmm.! I know. “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”. Click my furry ankles, open my eye’s and…… nothing, still here… Bugger.

Now, either I’m a man dreaming he is a monkey, or a monkey who dreamt he was a man. But how would I know what being a man was like if I’d never been one. Good argument. Who’s listening. No-one. Oh, the other chimp’s that are de-fleaing each other respect my opinion. Not.

After a good defleaing and banana mash, I considered that this situation may well be permanent.

For some inane reason or other, I didn’t choose this transformation by my self. If so, where’s the chimp’s mind? Is it still lingering beneath my soul? Was this a subconscious decision that I’ve brought about?

As it turns out, this particular primate was shy and retiring. Not a suitable replacement for an alpha male. He was the brother of a female, whose son became next in line to rule this tiny sanctuary, because of my predecessor’s introverted nature.

I literally have turned into the proverbial ‘monkeys uncle.’

Weeks have passed ‘til I was able to work out the previous pecking order. Changed forever due to me upsetting the rank and file, by beating down ‘Ol scrappy, in my first tiff.

I laughed so hard and so long at the realization, I crapped my self twice, and pissed my fur, until I hyperventilated. I didn’t care at the consequences. I felt happy. The alternate me barely survived daily drudgery.

In the beginning, my transmogrification changed aspects I couldn’t fathom ‘til much later.

For starters, balance had to be worked for. Walking around on four arms isn’t as easy as it looks. Swinging around the enclosure, although I retained the strength, still needed to be learned. Again.

But the freedom. Oh what joy. I found my Utopia.

Females that weren’t attracted to money or trivial belongings.

Equals that I never took for granted. They too treated each other with respect.

Fed all day. Nitpicked when it is quiet. Sex as I required.

That one thing has also eluded me, love, is given no questions asked here.

Home is where the heart is. I am home.

The nightmare and constant searching for acceptance, unnecessary.

Working to prove yourself in a disapproving world, gone.

Running and swinging, virtually playing to a captive audience, the other side of the divide.

The longer I co-habitat with our primal cousins, the more I mentally shift to a lesser active thought process.

Not stupid or dumber. Just less able to think as a man does.

I still flip the bird to some of the staff when they yell at me, sometimes I think they make me use it out of behavior learned from visitors.

They still get a laugh from it. I’ll never be able to tell them anyway.

Year’s pass, I rule this habitat. I have eight chimp babies. All perfect.

I’m the talk of the zoo. Best breeder in captivity. I wonder why?

I can’t gesture as men do, I can’t talk or hear like I used to.

The ability to think as a man doesn’t translate into the less evolved body I now occupy. Still, I get along fine.

One particular day, as I lazed atop a tree adorned with ropes and toy’s for the kids, a figure lingered at the fence.

A truly warm day made it impractical to wear more than one top. Although this one man stood, for ages, looking at me in a long coat and brimmed hat, like a disguise.

Curiosity getting the better of me, as I swung down, then climbed across our small bridge to nowhere, stopping at the enclosure’s glass wall.

Standing up to the glass, pressing my broad flat nostrils till they spread out, hands flat, chest against the solid invisible wall.

He too stepped closer, removed his hat, turned down the high coat collar, and removed the thick sunglasses concealing his eyes.

I knew before I got down from the tree who it was.

I’d seen that form thousands of times in mirrors, and reflections in water and windows.

It was who I used to be.

The sad desperation in the eyes, a testimony to what I had taken away.

The rounded shoulders from years of desk sitting had hunched and malformed the poor creature I now see before me.

A singular gesture of possible reconciliation, as his hands reached up to mirror my stance.

Both hands spread out to lean against the glass.

I suddenly understood his motivation. He wanted back. To what was.

I leapt away from the enclosure’s separation wall. He could be trying to change us as we stand here. There’ll be none of that mate.

Exhaling like he had an air plug removed, he stepped back.

His body almost cowering away, as he turned for one last look at what he had had.

I felt bad, but I liked what was now. I four hand walked back to the glass as a last gesture of personal countenance.

He too stood forward a step, then two, as he thought, for one second I could change my mind.

As a small smile crept across his trembling lips, I showed him the one thing I knew was constant in the universe.

I flipped him the bird. Then went back to living my life.


The End.

Submitted: October 06, 2021

© Copyright 2022 kalelthemith. All rights reserved.

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Intensely profound, “I like dreaming…”, just like the song says!

Sat, October 9th, 2021 6:41am


Thanks, I thought it may be too cerebral for some, and not enough of my 'Norm', but not bad for a thirty-five year old story.
Great to get your opinion and feedback any time spyguy.

Sat, October 9th, 2021 1:27am

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