Mmm... Sweet Mercy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Mmm.. Sweet Mercy

I need the coveting of his passion before he cums deep inside me  
The feel of his palm making love to my curves, the slope of my breasts, my body under his to appease
Blowing his hot breath over a breast
Then wetting his finger, darting it inside my pussy to see If I’m wet
Looking in my eyes, eyes fluttering close, my cunt moving to the wiggling wherever his finger goes
Kissing my lips
Smearing my clear juices to a tit
Mm… it feels so darn good when his tongue circles then outline my peaks... it feels like pure bliss
Bending me over, parting my buttocks
His nostrils engulfing my scent, a quick suckle to my soft folds
He does have this pussy on lock
The tip of his tongue touring my fountain of lust..  
Licking upon the path of my wet essence… that always is a must  
Reaching backwards, holding the back of his neck
My ass gyrating on his face, giving him all my juicy wet

His nails engraving my delicate  
A spit to my clit then his tongue delving back in
Oh, sweet mercy... he’s got my butt cheeks spread so wide
Fumbling to dig into a glass, lifting a melting ice cube, centering it between his teeth sliding it inside
His mouth coveting my pussy hole… I’m along for the pleasurable ride
Back arched for the back-and-forth glide
Fingering my slurping sensations, sinking it deeper and deeper  
My pussy dancing to the tune as rapture grip me, his tongue dance and finger scaler steeper  
Weakening my kness  
Teasing me pleasing my needs  
My breaths coming in short waves  
Moving my hips against his face, his mouth plucking, Oh God…finger fucking  
Bathing my sunken treasure, pampering my butter rum with addicted licks
Smacking a cheek then a soft jiggle to my clit  
Pushing me gentry on the bed  
Hips up in the air...oh baby no words need to be said  
Oh, sweet mercy his tongue traveling inside me at the spend of light  
Satin cover clenched, eyes closed, soaring my mind on a carnal flight
Hand reaching backwards, palming his chest  
Mm.. tell me we are not done yet  
Dipping his tongue farther inside  
Licking where my g-spot need to be free to sigh  
Oh God… what an erotic, seductive feeling  
His tongue and finger now double dealing  
Words failing my speech, his tongue whipping the cream of my juicy peach  
Holding his head to my buttocks his tongue winds as it reaches  
Head thrown back, in the throne of physical joviality  
Oh…fuck…I’m cumming baby from the desire duality  
Mmm… let my butter rum run, blending, mingling  
Staining his tongue with my favor the feeling tinkling  
Spiting on his palm massaging his dick for the slip and slide  
Pushing my spine down, my cunt and his girth colliding
Backwards and forward into my ass, bumping and grinding
“Come on girl move that ass.”
Reaching under sqeezing his balls with each penetrating thrash
Hips gripped, his hard erection slipping  
My sugar walls gripping  
Locked inside my tightness, pussy gloving, his head thrown back  
Delight felt once roaming deep in this honeyed snack
His dick jerking, pearly streams flowing from his girth  
Oh baby… yes.. yes.. my climax caving into his release for the trembling sensation for all its worth
Mm…I know baby...licking my lips in such sweetest aftermath  
Sqeezing my pussy on his dick drowning the width, length in the abyss of my glorious butter rum bath  
Withdrawing, turning me over, toes pointed to the sky
Craving the bulk of his manly weight, the thrusting of his anticipates
Knowing once he crawls between my thighs  
The loving to my body become the pleasure within for his nightly surprise  
His loving weakening me inch by inch at best  
Cupping his girth, seesawing it againt my pinkish ingress  
Plaming his gluteus pressing it down deeper into my slicken wet
Wrapping my legs around his back, finding each other’s lips
Mm... his width parting my tight slit
That creamy pasting feeling of desire the suctioning sounds coating his dick  
Moving a tad, linking our fingers, oh good God he’s long stroking all up in this
Retreating his throbbing erection to the tip, looking downward, our bodies locking
Hammering his groin into my pelvic, this is the real definition of cock blocking  
Dick plummeting inside, passion, lust, without a doubt  
Exploding inside my wet south  
His body blanketing mine, moving, his arousal, soaking in that pussy dew  
Lifting, palming the mattress, anchoring inside, circling inside, keeping up with his sinking moves


Submitted: October 06, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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You make us want to dance the primal dance with the chance to move & prance!!!

Sat, October 9th, 2021 6:48am


Mm.... oh sweet mercy, yes
Take of my clothes, my panties next
And allow the pleasures of your mouth to do the rest
Scaling your tongue all up in my creamy wet
Placing a cherry flavored ice cube in my pinkish cove and tasting me to your lips it melts

Thank you for reading my love and have a great Thursday

Brown Eyes...

Thu, October 21st, 2021 10:11am

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