The shadow man

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Gay Erotica

mr. green tells his story after spending a night at london’s most famous haunted hotel. he travels to london from florida for business, but ends up having a night of pleasure with the shadow man.

Sitting in a taxi on my way to the hotel after a long flight from Florida to London. My eyes were heavy and I just wanted to check in and have a nap. “Are you here for business or pleasure?” The taxi driver asked.

“Business” I replied, trying to keep my responses short and sweet. I really couldn’t be bothered to have a conversation. 

“Your staying in The Langham?”. 


“Have you heard the stories?” He asked. I really couldn’t bare to hear any stories, I thought, but best not be rude. 

“No, what stories?” I tried to sound interested. 

“The Langham is the most famous haunted hotel in London, room 333, It’s here that many have reported seeing the ghost of a Victorian doctor, who murdered his wife and then took his own life while the pair were honeymooning at the hotel. If you don’t see the doctor then you may see the German prince, who threw himself off a balcony here” he reported. I laughed, “I don’t believe in ghost stories” I chuckled. 

“Well, here we are sir, hope you have a pleasant stay” he said with a wink. I got out the taxi, the hotel was so grand. I got my luggage and walked to the reception desk. 


“Hello, I have a room booked under Mr.Green” I said eagerly, just wanting to get to my room. A young boy, must have just been 18, sounded polish or Eastern European, very slim and petit, cute smile with dimples and electric blue eyes. 

“Mr. Green welcome to the Langham. You will be staying in room 154, breakfast will be served between 7am until 10am in our dining room. Do you need help with your luggage?” He politely asked, very softly spoken. 

“No, thank you, I can manage” I took my keys, smiled and headed to my room. 


My room was beautiful, a luxurious double bed with thick pillows and cover, which called to me. A massive bathroom, with a deep bath and shower, very clean and shiny. I made myself a cup of tea and then threw myself back on my bed. It felt amazing to be finally here. 


BANG! I shot up from the bed, what on earth was that, I thought. I must have drifted off to sleep. My cup of tea was stone cold and untouched, I checked my phone it was 30 minutes past midnight. I looked around my room and then checked the bathroom. Whatever that noise was, it wasn’t from my room. I looked through the peephole in the door, I couldn’t see anything. I opened my door and peaked my head out, it was silent, did no one else hear it? I looked up and down the corridor. Standing at one end of the corridor was a man, at least I think it was a man, it was so dark I could only see it as a shadow. He was about 6foot, looked well built, a rugby player build. I couldn’t see any features as it was so dark. It was nothing I thought and went back into my room. I got underdressed, leaving my boxers on and jumped into bed. Set an alarm for 8am and started to drift off. 


I opened my eyes, but couldn’t do much else. I tried to get up but it feels as if my arms and legs have been strapped to the bed, even though there are no visible restraints. I go to call out for help, but my voice has gone, like I have been gagged. 


I feel a sensation on the inside of my leg, like someone’s fingers running up my leg. The sensations gets higher, working up my calf, to my knee, up my thigh, until eventually it reaches my boxers. Then with one swipe my boxers and bed covers come off, leaving me naked and exposed. However there is no one else in my room, and I still can’t move, is this some kind of dream? 


I was laying there for about 5 minutes, trying to reach for my phone to call for help. Then I saw a dark shadow hovering over me, it was the man I saw in the corridor, but this was no man. It was just a pitch, black shadow, no features. Unable to move, unable to talk, I just laid there and watched him or whatever it is. 


After a couple of minutes the dark shadow moved, I then felt a sensation on my balls, it was a pleasurable sensation like some was sucking and playing with my balls. Then I felt a grip around my dick, it caused my dick to start growing. Then I felt a feeling on my dick like some was sucking it, just the head at first but then the sensation started to get lower and lower down my shaft until it was balls deep. It felt like the best blowjob I have ever received, yet i still couldn’t get my head around what was happening. Still unable to move or talk I just laid there and accepted it.


This sensation lasted about 30 minutes, pre-cum was flooding down my dick. Every time I got close to shooting my load it was like the shadow knew and the sensation stopped for a few minutes. After a while I felt a force and it forced me to roll over. It pulled me into a dog position with my arse in the air. It started to rim me or that’s what it felt like. I actually started to enjoy it, the shadow was amazing and was giving me feelings a person has never given me. My dick was solid and so wet, I just wanted to play with myself but my hands and feet were still restrained. 


After a while I felt something enter my arse, it felt the perfect fit, it was like it was moulded to fit into me perfectly. The feeling and sensation was amazing. I kept getting so close to shooting my load, hands-free, but again every time I was close, it stopped. The frustration was extreme and I just wanted to scream, but still unable to talk, I just hoped the shadow would eventually let me explode. The shadow continued to fuck and tease me until sun rise. 


Just before the sun rose fully, I finally was allowed to shoot my load, it was a massive load. After a night of been teased and edged I wasn’t surprised. Once I shot my load, the shadow just vanished, dissolved into the air. I laid in my bed to gather my thoughts, then my alarm went off. 


I got showered and dressed and left my room, as I shut my door the young boy from reception was walking past. “You’ve been touched by The Shadow Man” he winked and carried on walking. I’ll never forget that night, and have never experienced sex like it since. I don’t know if it was the doctor or the German prince or another spirit, but whatever it was I wanted to experience them again.

Submitted: October 05, 2021

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