How it all started (Part 3): My First Night with Ryan!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Gay Erotica

Part three of How it all started. Follow Richard’s first night with Ryan while Stuart, Richard’s Boyfriend is left home alone.

We was about half way to the bar and was about to walk past an alleyway, Ryan pushed me down it. Threw me up against the wall and slipped his hands down the back of my jeans. “I’m going to destroy your arse tonight”. I couldn’t even reply I could just feel his fingers working their way towards my hole. “Would you like that?” He asked, although I think there was only one answer. 

“Yes” I said, short of breath. 

“Good, let’s go” he commanded. 

We continued to the bar, but all that was going through my mind was, what was going to happen after the bar. 


When we got to the bar, I opened my wallet to buy some drinks. I completely forgot I had Stuart’s bank card in my wallet from early that day. Ryan saw it and took it out my wallet. “He can buy the drinks tonight”. Then i realised Ryan didn’t want to just fuck and dominate me he also wanted to dominate, control and humiliate my boyfriend, Stuart. I felt like I should have messaged Stuart but something stopped me. 


A little while later, I needed to go a toilet so took myself off. As I come out the cubical Ryan was standing there, blocking my way out, his belt and flys already undone. He shoved me back into the cubical, the force of the shove forced me to land on the toilet. He pulled down his trousers and boxers and whipped out his massive dick. I’m sure it was bigger than last time but just as meaty and veiny as I remember. He grabbed the back of my head, and force his massive 9inch dick, straight to the back of my throat. He didn’t even allow my throat time to adjust to the size of his monster dick, which caused me to gag and gasp for air. Like before, he didn’t care and just pounded my throat, my dick was growing rapidly in my boxers and I could feel the pre-cum building. I went to undo my jeans, when he picked me up by the throat, pushed me against the wall and whispered in my ear, “your not getting it just yet”. With that he unlocked the door and walked out, leaving me frustrated and begging for more. 


I was at the bar getting another round of drinks in, when I felt someone press against me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Ryan. I felt his bulge pressing against my arse, my dick started to grow again. My arse even began to start begging for his dick. He was teasing me like I have never been teased before. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer into him. I stuck my arse out and bent over the bar, trying not to make it too noticeable. Although I was beyond the point of caring, I wanted him, wanted his dick and wanted to submit to him. I got one more round of drinks in before the call for last orders. My wait was almost over, at least I hoped. 


We finished our drinks and started to leave the bar. Before I knew it we was outside the hotel, Ryan didn’t even invite me back with him, it was just like this was his expectation. We walked into the hotel and into the lift, neither of us spoke, it was like we both knew what was coming. 


We got to his room, before the door had even shut he was taking his belt and clothes off. His massive muscles exposed, his perfect tan on show, his massive dick hanging between his legs. “Are you going to stand there all night?” He asked. Before I even could answer he grabbed my shirt and ripped it open, buttons went flying. He then undone my jeans, pushed me on the bed, ripped my jeans and boxers off in one clean pull. I was laying on the bed, naked and exposed, I have never felt so vulnerable. 


He went into his sports bag and pulled out some cable ties, he cable tied my hands and feet to the bed frame in a starfish position. He shoved one of his socks in my mouth and using duck tape, taped my mouth up. He got his phone out and snapped a picture, “Let’s inform your boyfriend of your current whereabouts, I wouldn’t want him to worry” he smirked. He threw his phone down, and pulled a whip out of his bag. 


He ran the whip lightly over my body starting from my shoulders, then down my chest, down to my belly button, then brushed the tip of my hard dick with it, ran it down my shaft to my balls. Shivers ran all over my body. Then unexpectedly, he lashed my chest with the whip, my body arched upwards, wrists and ankles pulled on the cable ties. I tried to groan but the sock taped in my mouth silenced me. I fell back down to the bed. “This is what you and your boyfriend want isn’t it” he said with another lash of the whip. My dick solid and pre-cum was building. He carried on whipping me for about 20 minutes, before he ripped the tape of my mouth with such force it stung. 


With the tape off my mouth, he brought his big massive 9inch dick to my face, my hands and feet still cable tied to the bed. He stuck the head of his dick in my mouth, his dick was so thick, that just the head of his dick filled my mouth. “Your going to swallow every inch tonight, do you understand!” He asked, knowing full well I could not answer. He slowly started to thrust his dick in my mouth, I could feel every vain on my lips as he thrusted his hard, thick, dick in my mouth. 


I got about 3/4 of his dick in my mouth and I started to choke and gag, his hand reached down to my balls, he tried to force more of his dick in my mouth, I gagged, as I gagged I felt him squeeze my balls, I moaned. “The more you gag, the harder I squeeze” he explained. He knew full well that would motivate me to take every inch down my throat. He tried again, I tried so hard not to gag but just couldn’t help it, he squeezed my balls harder, I groaned. “You knew full well what you was signing up for” he confirmed, knowing I couldn’t disagree. He was living up to his reputation, in every way. I finally managed to fit his whole dick in my mouth, that’s when he started pounding my mouth. My eyes was full of water, my mouth full of his pre-cum while my dick had my pre-cum flowing down it. 


He eventually pulled his dick out of my mouth, he got his phone and took a snap. “Let’s show your boyfriend the state your already in shall we?” He asked, although my throat was too sore to even reply. He got a pen knife and cut the cable ties from my ankles, however leaving my wrists still strapped to the bed. 


Once he sent the snap to Stuart, and my legs were free, he then lifted my legs and place them on his shoulders. He spat on my hole, and I knew what was coming. I didn’t know if I would even be able to take his dick, but didn’t have much time to consider it. He pushed his thick, meaty, veiny dick in my tight hole. My boyfriend was only 6inches compare to Ryan’s 9inches. I let out a moan and tried to pull his dick out a little, by wiggling around, but his hands went on my hips and he pulled me further onto it. 


Once his dick was fully in and he was in a comfortable position he started to pound my hole, faster, deeper and harder with every thrust. We was only at it for about 5 minutes until I started getting close to shooting my load, hands-free! He put his hands on my throat, that did it, I shot my load all over my chest, with a screaming orgasm. Then I heard his breathing get deeper, his thrusting getting harder and his dick pulsing in my arse. He let out a loud moan, I felt his cum shoot inside me and he fell down next to me with a grin on his face. 


After about 5 minutes he cut my arms free. “Get dressed!” He commanded. I stood up to get my clothes back on, my legs were still like jelly and shaking from the pounding I had just received. “Go home, get into bed, let your boyfriend know you have my load up your arse!” He insisted. “Tell him I’ll be your bull but he will regret being a cuck, this is just the beginning”. 


I got dressed and left the hotel room to go back home to my boyfriend, feeling like a dirty “cock-hungry-whore”. Even though I had just received Ryan’s dick, I couldn’t get it out of my head, I was already gagging for more! 

Submitted: October 04, 2021

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