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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Teddy is forced to attend a high school costume dance in a most humiliating costume. Ted's father becomes involved.


By dale10


(This is a fantasy, and the author does not condone any of the behavior in this story. )


My work with tiny dicked Teddy had expanded beyond anything even I could have imagined. I mean breaking a boy like Teddy, and turning him from a healthy, handsome high school jock into a pathetic, mentally and emotionally unstable wreck was something I often did for fun. It was my hobby, you might say. In the course of the game, I would also sexually molest, corrupt, and pervert the boy.

But my teddy project had reaped rewards even I had not expected. 


I was having a second meeting with Paul, Teddy’s masculine, conservative, religious, uptight dad. The poor man didn’t know what to do with his son. At one point, he swore that if his son turned out to be a “faggot” he would throw him out of the house and disown him. I considered that as a fun possibility. Imagine cute tiny dicked Teddy lost on the street, homeless, nowhere to go. Gee, he might a have to sell his young virgin ass to survive.


But then the next minute, Paul was sobbing over his son’s pain like the loving father he also was. As the “teen counselor” I was pretending to be, I took advantage of the moment and suggested a radical move.


“Paul, in working with Teddy, I have become convinced of several things. The first and most tragic problem for Ted is that he has a woefully undersized penis. It is quite pathetic actually, and no wonder he is the laughing stock of the boys at school. By eighteen and seniors in high school, the boys around him are all most certainly girl fuckers, and Teddy must feel terribly freakish. May I ask you, Sir, for the records, at what age did you begin to fuck girls?” 


Ted’s father who was a handsome man, hung his head. “Well, by eighteen, I was fucking pretty regularly. I had a steady girlfriend.” 


I loved the man’s discomfort.  “And how often did you fuck?” 


He blinked at looked at me. “Is this really necessary?” 

“I am just trying to help your son. The sex history of a family can be important.”


“Well, I was fucking about three or four times a week at eighteen.”


“Was this with Teddy’s Mom?” 


“Eh, no, I met her later, at college.”


“Well, it interests me Paul, that you have such a hug dick, which we established last time, and yet, your son is so pathetically hung. It is almost like he is not really your son.  Is there any chance, your wife fucked another man, and got pregnant from him?” 


“NO. NO Sir…absolutely not.”  I could see the doubt and turmoil in Paul’s face. There was a chance, a slight possibility, that I might be able to destroy this entire family.


Paul changed the subject at once. “Tell me, why does my son have a thing in his mouth that makes him lisp like a stupid faggot?” 


Well, the answer was because we made him, but that was not the answer I gave of course.  “Teddy, because his dick is more like a clit, may be trying to identify with the feminine side of his personality. He may wish to be a faggot now, because many faggots get fucked in the ass and don’t need big dicks. This also accounts, I believe with Teddy’s fascination with your huge dick, Sir.  The boy has transferred his inadequacy into homosexual adoration of his father’s big fucking prick.”


He shook his head, tears running down has handsome face. “This cannot be happening to us. We were such a perfect, normal family. How can my son be in love with my…  my… penis?  I had to keep pushing, to see how far I could take this man on the road to hell. 


“It is possible he wants to take your dick into his mouth and throat, and even, up his teenage ass.” 


He buried his face in his hands.  He sobbed not quietly for a bit, then raised his head. “What can we do to stop this?  Is there anything? “


I smiled and patted Paul on the thigh.  “Well, I think I can help.  There are several things that must be done, however, not all of them pleasant.”


“Anything. Anything! “ the conservative Christian man said. I HAD HIM.


Well, first, Teddy should come and stay at our institute until we get him straightened out. There, I can work with him day and night.” 


He raised his eyes.  “Can you do that?  Can you get him straight?” 


I help up my hands.  It is possible.  However, because of Teddy’s tiny dick, even straight, he will never be able to have a normal sex life. However other things in life can compensate. “ Paul nodded enthusiastically.  “But we must also work on the terrible things Ted has done to try to make up for his small dick. For example, he displays himself naked in front of the other boys in the locker room. It’s almost as if he wants them to think of him as a cunt.  I need to work on that. Certain hormone shots and treatments may help. And then, of course, there is the issue with you…or with your dick to be more specific. Right now, your son is in love with your dick! It is ruining his whole life.” 


“How…how can he be in love with my dick?  I just can’t believe it. We are a religious household.”


“you, Sir are well hung. You fuck. He cannot. You can masturbate in a normal way, he cannot. You can receive oral sex, have your cock sucked.  He cannot ever get a blow job in the normal sense. Some girl could feel sorry for him and slurp on his nub, but that’s it. “


Paul wrinkled up his face in disgust. “So what can we do?” 


“Teddy has to be taught to think of your dick as just another penis on just another man. He must be de-conditioned from his teen fantasies over it. So, although I know this will be difficult for you, I am going to ask you to come over to our institute and masturbate in front of Teddy, so he becomes de-sensitized to  your penis.”


Paul turned ashen. “You want me to masturbate in front of my son?” 


“You said you would do anything to help him!”


“Well, yes I would, but that is so sinful and dirty.” 


“Your son needs to stop fantasizing about your dick. He needs to ‘get over it.’

This is the only way I can think of to help him.  I would also like you to shower with him, and take naps naked with him. All of this will hopefully bring him back to reality. You will also have to confront him about his tiny dick and speak to him openly about it.  He must accept that he will never ever be able to fuck a girl. “


Technically of course, this was not true.  Many men with tiny, inadequate dicks have happy marriages. Their spouses learn how to please them, just as they learn how to please their mates, but Teddy must never know this.


And so. you see, my work with Teddy’s father, including putting into his head the idea that Teddy may not even be his son, was progressing.


But now, on to the big night. The costume ball at the high school.  Oh, how handsome young Teddy carried on. He begged us to not make him attend.  Most of the other boys, except for some twerpy freshmen geeks, brought dates. Ted as the best athlete in the school, and all state champion, would of course be expected to bring some beautiful girl to the dance. I insisted that Teddy attend alone. I wanted him to feel the total lonely outcast. In some way, he already was. All the kids in school already laughed at the way I forced him to dress. The jocks had already humiliated and degraded him in the locker room. He felt a totally fucked up freak, which is what he was becoming.  The tongue piercing of course had only increased the abuse and ridicule. And the tattoos I had planned would soon be the icing on the cake.


Remember, the other kids at the dance came dressed as Wonder Woman, Superman,  something from “Star Wars” or “Game of Thrones,” There were smart costumes celebrating diversity, and fun costumes endorsing foolishness, all quite creative. When Teddy entered the room, everything, even the band grew silent.  He was so humiliated, so degraded he could hardly walk. We watched from the sidelines with other proud parents and faculty and so on.


Teddy was dressed as a baby.  His big well formed, athletic feet were bare, as were his handsome, shaved, powerful jock legs.  On his head he wore a big pink baby bonnet, and in his mouth a large cock shaped pacifier. Tears ran down his face. He smelled of powder and baby lotion. His chest was naked, but on one wrist, he wore a pink plastic bracelet. Of course, the main attraction was the diaper around his loins.  Huge baby-safe safety pins held it in place.  Over the thick, white padded diaper, he wore a small pair of baby plastic pants.


He looked around the room in terror. I got a wild hardon watching him, as did my friends. The traveling follow spot in the gym swung over to rest on him. The student body erupted in hysterical laughter and applause. One could see Teddy’s legs and arms trembling. Oh God, it was sweet.  This bright, beautiful boy with a brilliant future ahead of him was totally destroyed.  He didn’t know which way to turn. Girls who had dated him in the past, left the gym in their own shame to even have associated with him.  Jocks yelled out that he was disgusting.


Several teachers crossed the gym floor to expel Teddy, and that was when I moved in. I told them in no uncertain terms that I was his therapist, and that they  had better not interfere with his rights!  The costume was anything but provocative in any sense, and he was entitled to wear it.


A sobbing Teddy begged to be allowed to go home. Sweat rand down from his armpits and across his muscular pecs. I threatened the faculty, and Teddy was allowed to stay. I told him he had to invite at least fifteen girls to dance.


He became the center of attention. Every girl turned him down, of course. He had become so submissive, he no longer even knew why he did the things I ordered him to. He had no resistance left. Each time a girl rejected his offer to dance, he walked away with more of a defeated shuffle and his shoulders slumping. I almost shot a load right in my pants watching him.


Teddy, the tiny dicked loser! And then… the Exlax and prunes we had fed him kicked in!  With tiny, shuffling steps, clenching his ass cheeks together.  he made his way toward the exit to the hallway were the toilets were located.  We stopped him at the door.


“Please, sir, I… I have to go to the toilet. I can’t hold it.”  He pressed his knees together and held his tummy.


“Well, where are you going then?” I asked him.


“To the… to the bathroom. PLEASE SIR, I FEEL LIKE IT’S COMING OUT.”


What a sight. His eyes were red with tears, and snot ran from his nose. He was in miserable shape.


“Now, Teddy, you know that babies can’t use the big toilet. Babies have to poop in their diapers!” 


“OH, GOD, NO, PLEASE. OH, GOD, NO, PLEASE! “ He almost screamed, and once again all the kids in the gym turned to stare at him. One of my buddies had bribed the spotlight kid to train it on our boy.


We heard the fart across the whole gym. We heard the fart before we smelled the smell. Before we say the poor teenage athlete turn deathly pale and then red in the face. He shit his diaper and the room filled with the boos and catcalls of  the other students.  He sank to his knees, still shitting in his diaper.


The following day, Teddy was temporarily suspended from school, and I knew that he was now totally mine.  In fact, his dad signed papers that Teddy would be committed to my institute.


Now the fun, including the sexual fun, could really begin.

Submitted: October 02, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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