Dear Diary : Richard’s Entry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Gay Erotica

This is Richard’s Diary entry and is in first person. This leads on from “How it all started” (part 1) (fictional story)

Dear Diary, 

It all started at 8pm on Friday, when Ryan knocked on the door. As soon as I saw his bulge I got excited. We have been friends for years and I still haven’t seen what he is packing, but whatever it is, I know it is massive. 


Things were all pretty normal on our night out, although I did catch Ryan checking my butt out a few times. I also caught a glimpse of his massive dick while we was going for a wee. It was massive, thick, veiny and meaty. I wish my man had a dick like that! 


It is when we got home things took a turn for the unexpected but was incredibly pleasant. I got into bed with Stuart, and I tried to get him to fuck me as seeing Ryan’s dick early that evening really turned me on. However, Stuart said he was too tired, then something come over me, I couldn’t get the imagine of Ryan’s dick out of my head, so I got out of bed and creeped into the bedroom where he was staying. 


As I walked into the room where Ryan was staying, I saw him, butt naked, with his massive 9inch dick swinging between his legs. His hand was wrapped around his dick. My heart was racing, I didn’t no if to turn around and walk out or submit to him. Before I could decide he answered for me, “in your room, I want your boyfriend to watch what I’m going to do to you” he commanded. 


He pushed me through the doorways into my bedroom where my boyfriend was in bed. He commanded Stuart to stay in bed and threw me up against the wall! As my back hit the wall I felt pre-cum start to build, my dick was throbbing. His massive arms pinning me to the wall, as he passionately kissed me in front of my boyfriend. Me and Stuart had completely submitted to Ryan in seconds and I loved it. I loved not knowing what was going to come next. 


He grabbed my hair and forced me to kiss his neck and then forced me down to his pecs. I loved feeling his pecs tense against my lips and tongue. His erect nipples in my mouth. His hand then forced me to go lower onto his abs. Before I knew it, I was on my knees staring at his massive 9 inch, veiny, meaty dick, I have never had so much pre-cum pouring from my dick. He then made me kiss and lick his shaft, I checked in on Stuart, but Ryan commanded me not too, I started rubbing my dick as he force his massive dick in my mouth, I couldn’t help but groan. 


Ryan’s dick tasted amazing, my mouth could barely fit around it but before long he was forcing it down the back of my throat. I couldn’t even gasp for air, I just had to kneel there and take it. My hand was covered in pre-cum and I was getting closer and closer with every thrust he made into my throat. I couldn’t get enough, I didn’t want this to end. But then, I shot my load, all over the floor. 


I thought he was going to stop once I shot my load but he didn’t, he commanded Stuart to clean it up and I saw him throw Stuart to the floor and put his foot on his head, my dick was already starting to grow again and I had only just shot a load. 


Ryan kept pounding my throat, harder and harder until I started to feel his dick pulse in my mouth. He was about to cum in my mouth, I never let people cum in my mouth, I hate cum. I tried to pull out but he shoved his dick deep down the back of my throat, shot his load, pulled out and then held my mouth shut so I had no option but to swallow. 


As I swallowed he just walked out of our bedroom, leaving me and my boyfriend with so many questions. 


Should I feel guilty about enjoying it, as much as I did, in front of my boyfriend? 

Should I have allowed it to happen in front of my boyfriend? 

Should I feel guilty I want Ryan’s dick again? 

Will it happen again? 

What does Stuart think of all this?

Submitted: October 02, 2021

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