How it all started (Part 1)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Gay Erotica

Stuart and Richard had been dating for 4 years, they met on a popular dating website. Follow Stuart and Richard as they explore the world of cuckolding and bringing a third person into their relationship.

Stuart and Richard had been dating for 4 years, they met on a popular dating website. They have been living together for a year and things were going really well. 


Richard was a party animal and massive on the gay scene, he knew everyone and was very sexually active. Some people would even go as far as calling Richard a “cock-hungry-slut”. Stuart was the complete opposite was quiet and reserved, his only sexual partners was those who he had been in a relationship with. 


Richard worked in the city, in a 9-5 job. It was a Friday night and Richard had just finished his shift and headed home. On his way home he message Stuart and told him he would be home around 6pm. 


Stuart worked for a popular retail chain and his hours were unpredictable. Stuart had a nightmare at work and wasn’t going to be home til late. Stuart messaged Richard explaining he wasn’t going to be home until late. 


Richard got home and stripped down to his boxers. Richard was 26, and took incredible care in his appearance. His body was smooth and slim, while slightly toned. He was 5”11 and always took time to style his hair. He had a number of piercings, a few in each ear and belly button. He had the perfect bubble butt which was completely smooth and a perfect package, which must have been an easy 7inches. His dick perfectly straight and uncut.


Richard received a message from Ryan, one of his friends. Richard and Ryan had been friends years before Richard had met Stuart. Ryan was known on the gay scene as being a dominate verbal top, with a huge dick. He was straight acting and all the bottoms craved to spend the night with him, however he was very fussy. 


Ryan messaged Richard to see if he fancied going out for a few drinks. Richard message Stuart to check, Stuart said he would be at work for a while and to go and he would see him when he gets home. 


Richard messaged Ryan back and told him to meet him at 8pm. Richard got in the shower and started to pick out his outfit for the evening. Richard decided to wear a silk patterned shirt, he only did the shirt half way up, so his smooth, slim, slightly toned body was visible. He put on a pair of black jeans which he rolled up just above his ankle, and a pair of white trainers. 


It was 8pm when the doorbell went, Richard went and opened the door, it was Ryan. Ryan was 6”1 and 26 as well, he towered over Richard, he was ripped with big arms. Ryan was also wearing a shirt which was half open so his six pack was on show. He was fair haired so didn’t have much body hair, and always had a tan. You couldn’t help but notice his bulge as it was always bulging and making his jeans extremely tight. 


“Shall we head straight out?” Ryan asked Richard, his voice incredibly deep and sexy. “Yeah sure, let me just grab my keys” Richard replied as he turned to grab his keys off the table, Ryan had a glance at Richard’s bubble butt.


It was 10pm when Stuart finally got home, he messaged Richard to see how he was getting on. Then decided to jump in the shower. Stuart was 5”11, had dark hair nicely styled with a designer stubble on his face. He was average build, had body hair, although he shaved and kept it short. Stuart had a few tattoos on his back and arms. Stuart had a hairy perky bum and was packing about 6inches. 


Stuart got out the shower and straight into bed, he checked his phone and had a message from Richard saying that Ryan was going to stay over the night and they would be home between 2am and 3am. Stuart drifted off to sleep. 


Stuart heard a noise and checked his phone it was 3.30am, he heard the door open, it was Richard and Ryan. He heard them get some water then head up the stairs. Richard entered the bedroom. 


“Did you have a good night?” Stuart asked sleepily. 

“Yeah, it was great thanks.” Replied Richard. Richard got naked and climbed into bed. 


Richard grabbed Stuart’s package, this was a sign that Richard wanted to get pounded. “Not tonight, I’m shattered and it is really late” Stuart replied to his advances.


About 10 minutes later Stuart felt Richard get out of bed. Stuart heard Richard go into the spare room where Ryan was staying. 


This is where things got interesting and unexpectedly enjoyable, Richard returned into the bedroom but he was not alone. Standing in the doorway was Ryan, Stuart opened his eyes and saw Ryan standing there, naked. He was massive an easy 9inches and standing their with huge muscles on his arms and legs, a defined six pack and a tan which complimented his fair hair perfectly. 


“Stay in bed” Ryan commanded, in his deep voice. Confused and half asleep Stuart followed his command. He grabbed Richard, threw him against the wall and started making out with him. Stuart could feel his dick getting hard, but why? Why was he enjoying seeing this? 


Ryan grabbed Richard’s head by his hair and slowly forced his head down, making Richard slowly lick every part of his neck, chest, nipples, worshipping every muscle. Richard was getting lower and lower until eventually he was on his knees, facing a monster of a dick. 


Stuart wanted to stop watching, he wanted to stop it but his dick wouldn’t let him, he was solid and couldn’t help but enjoy it. Thankfully the covers were over him so no one knew how much enjoyment he was getting from it. 


Ryan made Richard, lick and kiss his hard dick. Richard glanced over at Stuart, Ryan caught him. “Don’t worry about him, he can’t satisfy you like I can! Worship my dick” Ryan commanded. Richard and Stuart didn’t object and just followed his commands. 


Ryan forced his massive dick in Richard’s mouth. Richard let out a groan at the same time Ryan did. Richard’s dick was hard and he started stroking it while sucking on Ryan’s. 


Ryan grabbed the covers and ripped them off Stuart, exposing Stuart’s hard dick. “You enjoy this! You enjoying watching your boyfriend gag on another man’s dick?” Ryan asked. Before Stuart even had the chance to reply, “stroke it!” Ryan commended. “Stroke it, while you watch me destroy your boyfriend’s throat!”. 


“Suck it!” Ryan commended Richard. At this point he grabbed Richard’s head and started face fucking him. Richard was gagging and gasping for air but Ryan was not holding back. Ryan’s groaning and moaning was overpowering Richard’s gagging and gasping. 


Richard shoot his load all over the floor while he was gagging on Ryan’s dick. “Get down here and clean it up” Ryan commanded Stuart. 

“What?” Replied Stuart. 

“You fucking heard me, get down here and clean it up!” Shouted Ryan, while giving Richards throat a little break, to grab Stuart and throw him to floor. 

Ryan got back to Richard’s throat, while he had a foot on the back of Stuart’s head forcing him to lick Richard’s cum off the floor. 


Ryan started groaning and pounded Richard’s throat so hard he didn’t even have chance to gag, his eyes where in the back of his head and he was loving it. 


Ryan eventually shot his load deep down Richard’s throat. Then he held Richards’s mouth closed so he had to swallow. Richard hated swallowing. 


Once he swallowed, Ryan just walked out! Leaving Richard and Stuart with so many questions… 

Was this a one off? 

Is Stuart going to be a cuck? 

Is Ryan going to be a bull? 

Is two going to become three?

Submitted: October 01, 2021

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