Cabin Sex

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Jennifer and Johnny were walking on the mountain and got lost.
Just in time they came across a rather large cabin.
The sign on the door "etched" into the wooden frame said
If it's just the two of you then HE can become a real "MOUNTIN' MAN".

I got the idea for this story from a comment Megan made in a critique of another writer's work.
She said words to the affect of....." The raw sex a couple may have in a mountain cabin".
I have decided to expand on her thought and write the story...I don't think she will!

Johnny just smiled and put one hand on Jennifer's head.Jenny knew the drill by now and sunk to her knees.

She giggled as she unzipped Johnny's "fly".His cock was already hard and dribbly.

Jenny quickly "lipped up" with her thick baby pink lipstick.

Jenny's sweet thick lips slid easily up and down the seven inch shaft of Johnny's cock meat.She swallowed all of Johnny's precum and gave his wrinkly well hung ballsack a giant lick.

Johnny was a mountin' man from well before his days at university.He met Jenny at University on a "fuck or suck" night organised secretly by the uni "in crowd".

Meanwhile back at the Cabin.....

Jenny was well rehearsed now.She slipped her blue jeans and red panties down.Jenny then spread her wet with "girlie cum" hole for Johnny to drill hard. This was to be for as long as it took for them both to orgasm together.

When Johnny started to stroke Jenny deep and hard she started "the talk"..."Johnny I fuckin'love a mountin' man and your fat slippery cock is up near my belly button STUD!".....

Johnny by this time was red in the face and willing his orgasm to get near it's peak."Jenny I'm gunna flood your long wet tunnel of love with my sweet man juice as soon as your ready BABE!"


After a hot and sweaty 20 minutes of sex Johnny and Jenny headed for the shower.......

OH FUCK!USER PAYS. the extra large sign on the shower door almost screamed."Who is the comedian" jenny sighed.

Neither of them had any coins.Phew!!

Johnny and Jenny could only stare in awe at the video camera attached to the coin in the slot mechanism.

Jenny just laughed and said to a stern looking Johnny."Do you think that this set up is internet friendly.".

Johnny thought back to the sign on the thick freshly varnished wooden cabin door.

"This is a fuckin' love shack sweet fuckable Jennifer" he quipped before almost peeing himself laughing."I thought that these places were just a rumor.I guess seeing is believing."


Jennifer just laughed and surprised even Johnny by saying."Johnny let's retaliate by talking dirty and loud.I think that this sugar shack is wired for sound.Let's give em' some steam they will not like.Audio only has a far stricter code of ethics than video."

Johnny smiled broadly and said in his best sleazy loud voice."Jenny will you let me fuck your mother.I have had the hots for her fuckable big breasts and Mother I'd Like To Fuck booty forever."

Jenny broke into her best hysterical loud voice."Johnny my mother has told me a few times, that if I get tired of you then she wants your fat greasy cock slipped into her asshole.She insists that you use plenty of lube on your seven inch fuckstick"

Johhny and Jenny were winking at each other and could barely  stop themselves from laughing.

The booming voice on a loudspeaker near the top of the cabin took them by surprise."OK you win.We have activated the shower remotely.Please shower and get dressed and go first light tomorrow.There will not be a video."

Jenny and Johnny hugged with delight.

Submitted: September 30, 2021

© Copyright 2023 VanillaEssence. All rights reserved.

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It's obvious that Cabin Sex is just too claustrophobic for most folks to digest on a diet of other great stories everywhere.sob!sob! lol!

Tue, October 12th, 2021 2:56am


WOW. This is so fucking hot my fuckstick got about half an inch longer than his did.
If you send me the directions I'll meet you there with a pocket full of coins so we can do it in the shower too.
XoxoX Ron/Swx

Wed, October 20th, 2021 5:13pm


You are an honest man with a great sense of humor Ron.
Thanks for replying.

Wed, October 20th, 2021 6:26pm

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