Comfortable Shoes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Diedria expects to start a new job as a masseuse, but misses the clues and gets caught up in something she did not expect.

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

This story is graphic details and sexual situations and actions. Including both paid and non paid situational consensual sexual acts. If such things bother you, please don't read it. The author does not condone pay for sexual favors in real life.

Comfortable Shoes


“Bills bills bills bills.”  Diedria Boone Exclaimed that she flipped through the mail.


How can we pay these. “ Said her husband Bill.  “It’s hard to pay for your Physical therapy school, and me just starting my medical residency.“


They had looked for odd jobs in the past, never actually acting on it though.  It was quickly becoming a reality.  She mentioned “We can continue to look for jobs online”.  Deidria was the one that really needed good money, something quick easy with convenient hours.


The computer blinked to life.  “Lotta warehouse work” Bill said, “ Restaurant work”.  “It’s hard find a convenient job.”


“I think I would like a late afternoon or early evening job”. Diedria said with a sigh.  She saw long days ahead.


After some more looking they both giggled at “Online chat receptionist”.  


Suddenly one popped out.  Diedria read out loud “Be a masseuse - no experience necessary day, evening, or night hours.  Massage Therapist make good money, we will train you on the job. Make your own flexible hours.”


Bill claimed “You do give good back rubs.  Can you actually do a job where you touch strangers?”She countered “As a physical therapist I am touching strange people all the time.  It says it’s a therapy job with flexible hours.  They will train me”


They both agree that she should apply online.  So she clicked the tab to forward her résumé.


That night Bill fell right to sleep.  Laying on his stomach kind of sprawled over the bed with only a pair of boxers on.  The bedroom was hot humid and uncomfortable.  Crawling over her husband the loving wife began a slow sensuous back rub.  She ran her tongue down the center of his back tasting his sweaty salty skin.  She rubbed his shoulders he moaned kind of a purring sound.  She sat motionless rested her hands on his ass dropped her head and slumped her shoulders all quiet there in the darkness alone but not alone.  Questioning herself; Could she actually give massages for a job, yes only in a therapeutic type of setting.  


Diedria’s  mind raced, sometimes she gets a disconnect.  It’s hard to even recognize herself.  Many thoughts random, organized, in order, out of order, all at the same time.  Unstuck in time and space until she resets back to reality.  An empathy gap between choices and reality of the moment.  Just keep her head and eyes open, she would be fine reassuring herself. 


Two days passed no reply.  Then Bill came home late gave his wife a kiss and went right off the bed.  Just about to give up Diedria checked messages.  A reply was e-mailed to her.  Reading everything, as she always did.  Flexible hours, training on site, no experience necessary.  New details included  girls only and an age range from 18-32.  She was told to show up the next day.  In turn Diedria confirmed a time.


After a day in therapy school Deirdre drove to the place which was located in a strip mall.  Her hair was up in a scrunchy.  Some makeup: A little bit of eyeliner, light crimson lipstick, some blush, and light base.  A button up faded pink top, flower pattern on her grey and black leggings. Black flat shoes with no socks.  The entire parking lot and store front somehow seemed stark and colorless and sunburnt all at the same time.  A quick text to bill ”Hey I’m gonna check it out.  TTYL”.


She walked up hit the doorbell A raspy voice replied from the speaker “May I help you?”


“My name is Deirdre Boone I responded to the online job for a Massage Therapist.”  Was her reply.


“Oh yes the girl with the résumé.  Diedria could not see her yet, however she still up the hands to make air quotes at the word résumé.  Then a cough to clear her throat.  I’m Maggs come in.”  Maggie buzzed the door lock.


Diedra walked into a florescent lit waiting room, with a sliding glass partition.  It reminded her of a dentist’s office.  The carpet was bland and dingy, massage posters pointing out trigger points adorned the walls.  It smelled of old incense that had been burnt-out some time ago.  A muzak version of the Door’s “Light my fire” was faintly audible.


Maggie look like a Cliché, old beyond her years and haggard.  Behind the glass and on her phone, she held up an arthritic bent finger directing Deirdre to wait.


Diedria spoke first “I applied online for the Massage Therapist position.  I’m Diedria Boone.”


Maggie replied without even looking up. “Fill this out.”  She slipped out a stack of papers on a clipboard and a pen. “You can start today I have a room for a new girl, do you have a change of clothes with you?”


Diedria stated “I usually work as a Physical Therapist dressed like this, I didn’t bring anything else.”


Maggie returned with “OK at least take down your hair.”


Diedria inquired “Why would I do that.” 


Maggs countered “You know, these guys that come here, after work they're going home to their wives.  They have tough, stressful jobs, and they want to relax.  Like unwind before they go home.” 


All Diedria said back was “Alright.” and she released her hair and shook it out.  She was getting a little nervous about specific questions regarding her hair and wardrobe.  She rolled her eyes.


Maggie coughed and cleared her throat again.  “Here’s the deal half hour for 55 or an hour for 90 I collect that money at the door. You get the first 25 for each session.  Tip jar in the room.  Before you begin, bring out the jar to me upfront.  We get the first 25 from tips, and you get the rest.”  Maggie‘s mood changed from serous to not caring all in an instant.


Diedria went into the last room, turned around quickly, but Maggie was gone.  So much for questions Mrs. Boone thought.  The dimly lit room had a massage table in the center.  There was a plug in aroma therapy with a lavender smell.  Diedria found the tip jar on a small table in the corner.  Next to the jar were bottles of oils and lotions.  An accordion divider split the space, behind the partition was a bench, table, and a mirror.  There were towels stacked everywhere, on the massage table, by the tip jar, and on the bench.


There were other women standing in the hall.  They looked about the same age as her, they were wearing shorts, T-shirts and mostly high heals, one girl had stripper shoes on.  She overheard a whisper “Thats the new girl with the comfortable shoes.”


The girls stood in the hall.  Behind them, there were massage rooms.  DiedrieI figured, OK, the guys come in, they choose the women and get a massage.  A man wearing a suit chose Diedria she could feel her stomach do a flip.  She walked into the room with him.


He began to undress, and quickly Diedria went behind the partition.  She turned on the aroma therapy thing waited 30 seconds before emerging again.  He was sitting on the massage table with a towel around his waist.  “I’m Mac.” he said as he reached to shake her hand.


She noticed a Ben Franklin in the tip jar already.  She smiled a quick smile “I’m D”.  Shook his hand with a limp grip and continued. “I’ll be right back.”  She grabbed the tip jar brought it upfront to Maggie.  Maggie took the money, wrote down something in a notebook, and handed the empty jar back.  There was no explanation.  Diedria was just about to walk back instead she turned and said “Will there be any on the job training?”


 Maggie coughed to clear her throat a hollow reply “Oh yeah we can do that later right now we’re pretty busy do the best you can.”  This didn’t make Deirdre any more relaxed about the situation. If anything it made it worse. 


Diedria took a deep cleansing breath and went back in the room.  The lavender air scent thing had made the room smell.  Mac was sitting on the table in a towel texting on his phone.  She didn’t really know what to say.  She stammered out some words.  “Hi, you comfortable?”  She was going to tell him this was her first massage but she decided against it.


He said putting down his phone “Should I lie on my stomach or my back first?”   Without an answer Mac he played down on his stomach, adjusting the towel so it was no longer wrapped around his waist, but  draped over his ass.


Diedria after watching the entire scenario unfold, finally broke her silence with “Would you like lotion or oil?”


Mac replied “Oil sounds like a good idea.”


While opening the oil most spilled on Mac’s back and legs.  Then our heroine gave him a massage.  She was not sure what to do, simply making it up.  “You come here a lot?”  Diedria was trying to make small talk.  “How does that feel?”  Wanting that comment back, she just went with the flow.  “Nice weather we are having.”


Mac interrupted her random conversation by flipping over.  Keeping himself covered with the towel, but showing just enough so it was very obvious that he was nude.


Her stomach did another flip.  She placed more oil on his stomach, chest and arms and legs.  She gave him a foot rub and massaged his legs stomach and chest, doing what she could to avoid under the towel.


Mac broke the silence “I like the way the lotion smells and feels in your hands.  Um you’re doing fine it feels great sweetie.”


She wondered if he knew how much she was really just faking it.  She was starting to relax and get the hang of it.  Then the towel dropped.  Mac was on the massage table totally nude,  Diedria looked down and he had a huge erection.  Mrs. Boone was alone in this room with this guy.  She thought, oh, what have I gotten myself into, you know? Like, what the hell?


Mac could sense his masseuse’s hesitation so he interjected “I expect more than a massage, you know from the $100 tip?”  He was trying to make his point and be vague at the same time.  “This is why I'm here. This is what you do.”


Diedria lost herself she could not speak, her mind raced how could she not have known that? How - what? You know, what - oh.  Dierdria’s rational self would have thought I'm not doing that. What are you nuts? You leave, you walk out, get in your car and drive home.  But that's not what she did.  Leaving was the same as admitting to everyone including herself she missed obvious clues.  Had she been this naive, or did she go along for the money thinking it would never come to this


Diedria wasn’t used to seeing a male penis so exposed.  She was married but she almost always had been in the dark with her lovers.  Now Mac was right in front of her, nude spread and totally hard.  It appeared that his balls were somehow pushing his phallus to the ceiling.  She took a step back.  “Oh my.”  She said.  “Almost done.”  making no sense stumbling for words.  She could not look away from his manhood, it appeared to be starring right back at her.


Reaching for the oil bottle with her slippery fingers it dropped.  While bending down to retrieve the bottle down her face was inches away from his erection.  She saw every detail of his shaft from the blue and red veins to a tiny drop of pre cum sitting on the top of the head of his cock.  At that moment Diedria grabbed the member right mid shaft and stood up.  Mac’s toes curled and he spread his legs a little bit more.


She started to move up and down slow steady all the way up to the head twisting her hand.  Lubrication became a combination of oil, sweat, and pre cum.  Stopping once or twice to play with his balls, or run her nails along the inside of his thighs and along his attentive member.  Looking down she saw his expression of relaxation and ecstasy at the same time.  She played with the pre cum as it oozed out making a mucus bridge between her pointer finger and her thumb.


She stood on her tip-toes as she proceeded with a rhythmic up down motion rubbing stopping to play and tease.  Squeezing the soft throbbing head every few strokes.  Mac exploded, ejaculating straight up in the air.  “Oh my, oh my.”  was all he could say as he came.


Diedria was mesmerized as she observed the sexual fountain of cum.  She aimed him so the first few shots would land on his chest.  With each pump he let out a noise that was a cross between a pout and a groan.  He shot his stomach, chest, and even the base of his neck.  Playing with his shaft  and running her fingers, which were now completely covered with his cum, up and down.  With a light grip she could feel each pulsation as it ran up the shaft and out of Mac cute penis head.  She squeezed many times watching as she milked cum out of his cock.


Moving her hand in the wet sticky mixture like she was finger painting a master-piece utilizing his stomach and chest as the canvas.  He wriggled laughed and giggled as she tickled him.  As her motion stopped her finger tips held their position on his flat harry chest for quite some time.  As she stared down at his nude body covers in fluid, she slowly got off of her own tip-toes.  All quiet, neither spoke.


Mac let out a satisfied sigh, and simply muttered “That felt great thanks.”


Diedria gave him back a smirk, and proceeded to clean his ejaculate off of her hands.  She looked up and gave him a fake smile, handing him a towel to clean up.  Diedria watched as he stood up and toweled off his naked body and got dressed.  Finally finding something to say “Thanks for the tip.”


Mrs. Boone sat in the room alone for what seemed an eternity.  Finally she stood up, cleaned the massage table, straightened the stacks of towels.  She flipped off her black comfortable shoes and removed her faded pink top, and wriggled out of her flower pattern grey and black leggings. She was now wearing just a frilly blue push up bra and a matching thong. Diedria fixed her hair and make up in the mirror, opened the door and let the next client into the room.

Submitted: September 28, 2021

© Copyright 2023 ESLB. All rights reserved.

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I didn't bother to read past your initial "blurb".
Talk about "first impressions" being a "turnoff".

Thu, September 30th, 2021 1:51am


I wanted to be the second client of the day! Hope she got the balance of the tip, she sure figured out how to work the tip!!!

Thu, September 30th, 2021 7:37am

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