Wifey Sex

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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This is an almost true story.

Abdul had made sure that he outbid the opposition to put his money "upfront" and buy this luxury two bedtoom unit for his beloved devoted wife.

It was just across the driveway from my place.

Alas!!! his beloved came down only once and asked a few of us what the area was like to live in.We gave it the "thumbs up".

Fast forward about five years or so.

Abdul always cut a forlorn figure sitting in his empty unit for about thirty minutes every fortnight or so.

Just to keep up appearances.


It was by sheer chance one sunny day that I was headed up to our mailbox at the front of the set of strata title owner occupied units.I do not know Abdul's wife by name,but there she was.

I had come around the corner from my unit in the back corner of the block.His "hot to trot" honey had just left Abdul to lock up.

I was every bit of ten feet or so behind her.I can still almost sniff the overpowering scent on her body.

His lady had left her car in the street at the front of the units.I could not help but notice that Abdul's car had been in his parking bay spot for a lot longer than usual this day.


Probable sex scene.

Abdul was lightly sleeping in the only piece of furniture there.A chair that he had put there some years beforehand.

His lovely lady had quietly surprised him.She had walked down the driveway and "tip toed" in the open security door that he left open for his short stays there.

I had seen and talked to her once before.I saw her but she did not see me the second time.

His lady had the nicely developed breasts of a mature woman of solid build.This day her cotton dress hugged her sexy hips.It was about knee length.


Her overpowering scent would have caught Abdul by surprise.She of course knew him well and gently groped his cock as she unzipped his pants.

Her left hand gently masturbated his hardening cock as she slipped her wet tongue into his mouth.Abdul's woman's thick lipstick was a taste treat, as he gently unbuttoned the top of her dress."Fucking suck my hot red cherries my lovely man" she softly cooed.

Abdul was wide awake now and seductively stripped his woman's sexy clothes almost off her.

His big hands lightly pinched and caressed her now deep red nipples.They were now "standing to attention".They were demanding that he lick and suck them until they hurt.

Abdul sat his hot sighing woman on his "boner".The chair was just right for fucking his woman.It was a sturdy wooden variety,with a soft cushion.


For her part his wifey was teasing his hairy nicely hung ballsack firstly,with her right open hand.Wifey was also softly squeezing abdul's big balls that were full of cum.Her stiff index finger found Abdul's little brown bum hole.

Abdul whispered to her "please slip it up inside and digitally fuck my "master hole".Before I knew you hot lovely woman,myself and my young mates took turns reaming each others anal holes.I hope that you do not mind me telling you this hot lady."

Wifey just giggled and said teasingly."My sexy stud man,if only you had been a fly on the wall at our girls' nights at Elenora's house on friday nights.We all drew straws to pair up and eat each others' wet pussies and brownies as well.Now we are even my lovely best friend and husband."


It wasn't long before Abdul's seven inch cock was thrusting deep inside his lovely woman's wet and nicely manicured vagina.He slipped one long boney stiff finger into his beloved's anal hole to return the favor.

By this time wifey's pink cotton panties were hanging just above her right ankle."I am glad that you came today my sexy fuckable wife" panted Abdul.

They both climaxed together as luck would have it.Abdul emptied his load into his lovely wifey's now dripping wet hairy cunt.Her dark brown bushy hairs became "matted" with Abdul's cum oozing back out of her "ripe" hole.


Wifey laughingly said "thanks stud! now I must go for a pee".

Abdul grinned and said "I will have to shower with you honey to get all the cum off my cock."..."same here" teased wifey.


The rest of my walk to my letterbox this day made me realise that "makeup" sex MUST be the best sex.

We hardly see Abdul anymore..I have no doubt that the ghosts of unit 3 would not have been disappointed with the "gossip".

Being a business man I think that Abdul is now somehow using the place as a deduction on his tax.



Submitted: September 28, 2021

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Hey, these super long titles have to go. We're going to limit characters but until we do can you cut this down? We'll be telling others also. Thanks for understanding.

Tue, September 28th, 2021 3:47pm


Oke!!! Sorry about this.
While I have your attention there is one writer who has a lurid pic of his genitals.
I hope that you can tell him to "cut it out".


Tue, September 28th, 2021 4:25pm

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