Brynn's Dentist Visit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: FANTASY EROTICA

Brynn learns about protein at the dentist office.

“Alright Mrs. Albright. I’m going to put this in your mouth so I can take pictures of your teeth, okay?” Dental assistant Evan leaned the giggling blonde back so that he could place the device in her mouth while he sat in the rolling barstool next to her.
“Hehehehe!” She giggled again.
“Now, now Mrs. Albright, I haven’t given you any laughing gas so what’s with all the laughter?” Evan asked as he ran his fingers through his short but well coiffed red hair.
“I’m sorry.” Apologized the busty brunette. “It’s just so funny that you’re putting things in my mouth but my stomach is still growling.”
“Ah! A little hungry are you?”
“Yeah, even a milkshake will do. I love strawberry milkshakes the best!”
Evan couldn’t help but chuckle. He saw Mrs. Albright twice a year. She was a young and beautiful 27 year old curvy housewife of a man who was in his 60s. Women like her didn’t need to work. She was all beauty but no brain unlike his wife who was a school teacher.
“Milkshakes are fun and all but make sure you’re getting your protein.”
“Why protein?”
Evan smirked at the clueless housewife. “With a body like yours, I bet you work out a lot.”
She nodded. “Yep. Four times a week.” She said proudly.
“Well, protein is good at helping you burn fat. It can even help keep your skin and hair beautiful.”
“But I’m a vegetarian.” She bit her bottom lip. How can I get more protein if not in my shakes?”
Evan was now painfully aware of how tight his pants were due to the increasing bulge in his pants. He had a decent sex life with his wife and the blonde who lived down the hall. He never fucked a bimbo before and Mrs. Albright seemed as if she would be an easy lay. He looked over at the door. It was locked. This was an upscale dentist after all. Dr. Wells DDS, wouldn’t see her until the x-rays were done. There were many other patients being handled by the other dental assistants so he would have some time to have a little fun with this housewife.
“Mrs. Albright? How familiar are you with the human body?”
“I’ve been to nude beaches.”
Evan chuckled again. This would be too easy. “Ok. Did you know that men can produce protein?”
She sat up rather quickly upon hearing this information and looked at him with curiousity. “That’s so cool! How?”
“Let me show you.” Evan stood up and unzipped his pants, releasing his hard 8 inch cock. He wrapped his hand around it and began stroking it in front of her face.
“Why are you rubbing your dick?” She tilted her head to the side like a puppy.
“This is where the protein comes from.” Evan panted.
“Wait a second! You mean that when I suck cock, I’m swallowing protein?”
Evan nodded in response.
“I love sucking cock!” She clapped her hands together in excitement. “Can I lick yours?”
Evan couldn’t help but grin wickedly as he watched her take his cock into her soft hands. Her grasp on his was firm. She pumped his cock for a moment before taking it into her mouth.  He gasped. Her mouth was so wet. So warm. She did things with her tongue he never felt before. It was as if is her tongue was dancing up and down his shaft. 
Evan placed his hands on the back of her head as she hummed and moaned with his cock in her mouth. The vibrations brought Evan close to cumming. She then took the entire length of his cock down her throat and tickled his balls with her tongue while digging her nails into his ass cheeks.
He took advantage of his position and began moving his hips frantically as he filled her mouth full of cum. His knees weakened as he pulled out of her mouth and plopped down back on the stool.
“I’m going to do this before and after my workout too!” She said as she ran her tongue across her full lips while Evan fixed his pants.
“You’re husband can come that much?” He asked.
“Not sure but I think my trainer can.” She said with a big smile.
Author's Note: Working on learning how to write short stories or "quickies" like this one. Never wrote one about an airhead so this was kinda fun!

Submitted: September 26, 2021

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Very professional dentist here, huh?

Sun, September 26th, 2021 11:21pm


Yep...don't all dental assistants do this? hahahaha

Sun, September 26th, 2021 4:39pm


I guess since I’ve never been a woman I’d never know… But maybe I chose the wrong profession?! I’d love to provide protein for a needy Princess to gain all of those benefits from!

Sun, September 26th, 2021 11:47pm


Perhaps this is the reason why dentists chairs are so adjustable.
I enjoyed this short sexy spoof.

Mon, September 27th, 2021 12:30am



Tue, September 28th, 2021 6:22pm


If he had pulled his cock out would you have been tempted.

Thu, September 30th, 2021 2:01am


Hey hey hey....

I'm a good girl!

Maybe... if he was a redhead. I have a weakness for redheaded guys and girls with freckles.

Wed, September 29th, 2021 7:07pm


This was just delicious in every way. How fun it would be for a dentist to have this kind of opportunity. I loved her light and positive attitude, even though he took advantage of her. What if the dentist was a woman and the patient a guy? How would that work I wonder? Is that idea something that would entice you to write about it? I'd love to read how you would work it out..... (I'm new here, Grogu)

Sun, April 23rd, 2023 3:24pm

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