Moonlit Beach

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A romantic scene that's unashamedly plagarized from Moonlight. Writing experiment.

This is unashamedly plagarized from the Moonlight script (p. 52-53).

Slowly, nearly unconsciously, with Gio going weak, he leans upon Katya, their weight supporting one another on the sandy beach. The night envelops those two, as close as they've ever been.

They are facing each other, with their noses nearly touching -- eyes locked in an eternal gaze.

While they hear the waves lapping near their feet, they are on the verge of crossing over into uncharted waters; the culmination of invitations they've sent to each other since the day they've met.

Katya's open lips brushes Gio's. It startles him.

He leans in..

Their kissing grows heavy, much deeper than just the mere meeting of lips. Time seems to melt away out of existence in their longing embrace -- as the hunger surges, like waves of electric anticipation through Katya's nervous system, she feels herself growing wet, and her hands guide his over, beneath her skirt.

A gasp from Katya. Gio's hand disappears beneath, and there is sensation. Pressure. Rhythm. From his fingers, he has Katya's breath catching in her chest, while her head is fully leaned into his neck; while her hand is atop his, showing him how she wants to be touched, her other hand trembles for a grip upon the sand.

There's more caressing, and pulling that goes deeper, and deeper. And deeper.

Then finally, an eruption.


With hearts trembling erratically, Katya seems to be holding onto Gio for dear life, while she feels her breath almost choking on the salty breeze. Gio removes his hand, looking upon the residual wetness that gleams under the moonlight, before he wipes it upon the sand.

"Oh, I'm.." Katya goes. As sudden as it's happened, it's over, with tears welling in her eyes. "I'm sorry.."

"What you gotta be sorry for?" Gio looks upon her with the kindest, most open face.

Katya considers that. Deeply so.

The ocean waves still lap in the night.

Submitted: September 25, 2021

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