Wedding Rape

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Kevin is a young baseball star, but his wedding night turns out to be a sexual nightmare with him being used as badly as the bride.









Kevin was a very popular young professional baseball

player. He had been recruited right out of high school, and was

everyone’s darling. Kevin was in Las Vegas for his marriage to his

lovely eighteen-year old bride Amy. However, Kevin had a very bad gambling

problem. Even though he had a multi-million dollar

baseball contract, Kevin was technically broke. He had

wasted away most of his fortune before he even met Amy,

the girl of his dreams, by playing cards and dice and betting on

horses and so on. But once he fell in love, he

swore that he would mend his evil ways. He stopped

fucking young, horny, nubile teenage baseball groupies. He stopped drinking

heavily, and for a while, he even stopped gambling.


Amy was a virgin. She insisted on waiting until their

wedding night to consummate the sexual union with her

handsome stud of a husband Oh they had done some heavy

petting, and she had even jerked him off, marveling at

the long, thick, juicy piece of fuckmeat her popular fiance

had. He begged her to kiss it and lick it, he was used

to getting that from girls, even on the first date. But

Amy held off, promising him she would do everything he

wanted on their wedding night. She did kiss the huge pink

helmet of his dick head now and then, driving him nuts. He

wanted his balls licked so badly, saying that it wasn’t breaking

any marriage rules, if she just licked his big nuts now and then,

but she was stern. She rolled his fat nuts in her hand while she jerked

him to climax and wiped up the sperm with a tissue. He couldn’t wait to

have her taste it and swallow it. 


And then they were there, in their beautiful Las Vegas

Casino suite, staring shyly at each other. Kevin kissed

his new bride. She opened her mouth to him and he

cupped her breast, feeling the nipple harden beneath

his hand. The fat udder tip pulsed between his fingers. His

dick was never harder. It was leaking pre-fuck.


"My God, I have waited so long for this..." he



Kevin's prick was rock hard, pushing at his expensive

Trousers and wetting them.  Amy could feel his massive dick throbbing against her body. She knew it would hurt the first few times. He was so damned thick.


"I've waited too. I saved myself all through high

school... knowing that some day the right man would be

able to take my virginity. My husband!" Kevin slid the

straps of her dress down and began to kiss her breasts, Which were hanging

out over the top, when there was a knock at the door.


"Oh God, not now..." Kevin moaned, his dick leaking even more in

his pants. Thick fuck syrup ran down his thigh.


"Better get it could be important." Amy

smiled and turned away from him, covering her tits.


Kevin went to the door and with an irritated attitude,

swung it open. "yeah?"


There was a well-built muscle boy of about Kevin's own

age standing there. "Mr. Latessa would like to see you

in the Penthouse. It shouldn't take long."


"Look, can't this wait until tomorrow. This is my

wedding night." Kevin nodded toward his beautiful wife

who sat shyly on the bed.


"'Fraid not. It shouldn't take long. Its business."


Kevin turned to Amy. "Honey, I'll be right back. It's

Probably because I'm a celebrity. They probably want to give us

some free gifts or something. Sorry." Kevin had

applied for an unlimited line of credit, and although

he didn't want to tell Amy about his gambling, he hoped

Mr. Latessa was going to grant it to him.


"It's okay darling. I'll shower and be waiting for

you." Amy’s smile was so seductive, Kevin's dick almost

spit in his pants. Kevin had a beautiful, smooth,

muscular body... even the guys in the locker room stared

at it, some of them angry cause it made them feel

queer. Amy couldn't wait to sample that body and to

feel his big fat dick claim what was his by right of

marriage. She knew it would hurt until her pussy stretched to accommodate his

thick slab of fuckmeat, but she promised to give her

husband anything he wanted whenever he wanted it. She

loved him so much.


Kevin faced Mr. Latessa, who sat relaxed in his leather

chair, his jacket off, an automatic in the shoulder

holster slung under one arm. The gangster was young as

were all his bodyguards, lounging around the room, most of them in

their early to middle thirties. It was a new generation in Vegas.


Kevin smiled. "Is this about my line of credit? You

picked the wrong time to wanna see me, I gotta say. I

was just about to fuck my new bride for the first



Mr. Latessa smiled. "We know..." He hit a button on his

hand held remote control and a large television screen lit up

to show the inside of Kevin's room. Suddenly the

bathroom door opened and Amy entered the bedroom stark

naked. Kevin stared at her full tits, her flat stomach,

and her shaved pubic mound. He pussy slit was like that of a young

girl, so tight and puffy.


"My God, you can't do that. That's illegal. Turn it off

now!" He reached for the remote control, but one of the

studly bodyguards pulled him away.


"We've got a problem Kevin. The problem is you. Now

just stand still and listen. You don't want your

precious throwing arm broken in three places now do



"What's going on here. What's this about?" Kevin

watched the screen, as Amy sat on the bed and rubbed her

nipples and slid one hand down to her pussy. The

bodyguards watching the TV started to rub the lumps in

their pants. Kevin wanted to puke. This was his bride

they were watching.


"What this is about is almost $900,000.00 in gambling

debts. We have repeatedly tried to collect, and you

have been a very bad boy."


"Look, I just need some time and a lucky streak or two.

I know I can take care of this." Kevin's sandy colored

hair fell over his forehead, making him look boyish and



"Unfortunately we are going to have to take care of

this tonight." Mr. Latessa gestured toward the TV

screen. Kevin gasped in horror, as the door behind Amy

opened and five huge muscular men stormed into

the room. Two looked Arab, one Latino and one black.

 Amy grew wide-eyed with terror, and her hands

went first to her face, and then tried to cover her

ample tits and pussy mound.


"Oh my God..." Kevin raced for the door, but two Nordic

looking blond bodyguards blocked his way.


"What the Fuck are you doing?"


"We are teaching you a lesson, Kevin. A lesson you will

never forget."


Mr. Latessa rubbed the growing lump in his expensive

suit trousers. Kevin turned back to the screen. Four of

the muscular thugs held the naked virginal bride spread eagled

on the bed, while another one of the dark skinned brute tugged at

her rubbery nipples, pulling them out and letting them

snap back. She threw her head from side to side in

agony. The big tits wobbled and the nipples were stretched horribly.

Kevin couldn’t believe nipples could be stretched like that. 


"You can save your wife, Kevin, if you co-operate with

us. We want to leave an impression with you, so you

are motivated to pay your gambling debts and never fall

into disgrace again. The brown skinned man on you bride is

Amed. Amed is very large and muscular as you can see.

He has very  long, large thick fingers. He is about to insert

one of his fingers into your wife's virginal pussy, perhaps bursting

her cherry. His finger will prod and painfully poke at her hymen before

actually breaking it.


"Oh God...please leave her alone. The debt is mine.

Take it out on me, not her. For the love of God!"


"Yes Kevin, famous young baseball star. We intend to.

The attention being paid to your cunt of a wife is just to

make sure you do co-operate with us. Now while Amed

rubs your bride's cuntal mound, plays with her cunt lips, and

begins to explore her inner pussy,  suppose you be a good

jockboy and take off all your clothes for us."


"You want me to strip?"


"Exactly. We want to see a bare assed young baseball



"You fucking sick perverts...."


Mr. Latessa spoke into a small phone. "Amed, have your

Associates chew a bit on the bitch's nipples while you slide a

finger or two into her dick ditch." Amy twisted on the

bed, her face a mask of horror, while Amed forced one

thick finger between her pussylips.



Kevin began to pull off his clothes. More and more of

His smooth, muscular young body came into view. The bodyguards

were obviously queer, for they began to play openly

with the fuck lumps in their pants. Kevin didn’t even have time

to be embarrassed or feel ashamed, he was so concerned for his new bride.


"I understand Kevin, that People Magazine named you one

of America's most sexy men. I can understand why. Take

everything off. Socks and underpants too!"


The air con in the room made the large nipples on his well formed pecs

tingle and grow hard. His dick and balls tightened and shrank from fear,but were still a huge, handsome package. The muscles in his ass globes rippled.

He had a deep ass crack and dimples in his ass cheeks.  He glanced at the TV

screen and winced as he saw the brown mans' huge finger

saw in and out of his bride's cunt. The other two

hulking brutes were leaning over Amy, drawing her

tender nipples about two inches up off her chest with

their teeth, and then allowing the rubbery teats to

snap back into place. Her udders trembled.


"Your wife is fine pussymeat Kevin. You chose well. You

could be in there fucking her now, if you didn't have

this stupid debt to settle. Now get down on your hands

and knees and crawl around the room for us."


"You're out of your fucking minds...." Kevin couldn't

even comprehend what was happening to him and Amy.


Mr. Latessa shook his head and spoke into the phone.

"Amed, rub your dick over her cunt while your friends

rub their fuckmeat all over her face."


Kevin dropped to his knees. "No, please, stop, I'll

do it, I'll crawl."


"It's too late. You've got to learn to follow orders at

once, before we need to resort to harsher measures. Now

your wife's going to get fat slimy cock all over her face,

just because you weren't fast enough in obeying."


The men on the TV screen stripped in a few

seconds. Kevin gasped. They each had obscene dicks of almost a

foot in length. They were fucking sex freaks. Now they held Amy still on the bed and knelt over here, their fat, smelly, dripping, greasy pricks and

balls draped over her beautiful face."


"I hope you're more co-operative Kevin. I hope they

don't have to fuck her. Now crawl around the room on

your hands and knees. Keep your legs slightly apart so

I can see your nice big balls swing. You shave your balls, eh?  I

Like that.  Arch your back so your ass

is up high. When you crawl, your ass globes should part, so I can see

your asshole."


Kevin, now too humiliated to even think straight, crawled bare-assed around the hotel suite, his back arched so his

ass stuck up, his muscular ass mounds moving with the effort,

his scrotum heavy and swinging. As he crawled, he

chewed his lower lip and cried silently to himself.


"Now crawl to each of my associates here  in the room and kiss the dick

lumps in their trousers."


"I'm not queer!" Kevin protested.


Mr. Latessa shook his head. "You just don't learn, do

you boy?” Into the phone, “Amed, place your fat dickhead into the bitch's

twat. And have one of your men insert his thick, greasy uncut prickhead

into her mouth.


Kevin, the darling of the cable sports networks, crawled

quickly across the room and buried his face in the

crotch of one of the young blond bodyguards. It was warm and wet.

He felt the dick push out through the material of the trousers against his

Face. It made him want to puke.


"Kiss it." the thug whispered, and Kevin kissed. He kissed the pulsing tubular length through the pre-fuck soaked pants material. The cock slime got

on his cheek and lips and nose. After he nuzzled and kissed it for about five minutes, Mr. Latessa ordered him to move on to the next bodyguard.

Kevin crawled around the room  like a trained animal, kissing crotches...six or seven of them, ending up with Mr. Latessa himself. His

face was by now coated with cock leak that had seeped through the trousers.

He looked around dumbly, his tongue hanging from his full young mouth.

Then he heard the sound of zippers! He froze there on his

hands and knees, shivering from the air-conditioning, fear

and the humiliation. This could not really be happening.


"Now Kevin, you are going to suck all of our dicks."

Mr. Latessa removed a cigar from his pocket and his

prick from his pants. ”You are going to do a thorough, enthusiastic

job. You are going to please our dicks from the leaking pissholes to the

root. You are going to lick and suck our balls, and down below them as well.

You are going to scoop up the fuck leak on your tongue and taste and swallow it. Then you are going to suck, deep, down your throat, and take our fucking

baby batter.



"This is my wedding night...." Kevin sobbed, no longer

the studly jock, but more a scared little boy.


"I know, Isn't that kinky?" Latessa laughed and spoke

into the phone. "Amed, slide two inches of dick into

the whore and have your pal shove a couple more inches

into her mouth. The man over her face’s full low hanging, hairy

scrotum swung, as he sawed two inches of dick in and out

of her mouth, over her trembling lips, real easy

like, no force at all. Another man began to finger the bride's asshole. Another continued to twist and tug at her nipples.


“No, please, not her ass. She’s a religious girl. That is so fucking dirty,” Kevin screamed. Oh, he had fucked more than a few female teenage fans up the ass, but this was his wife. This was his bride. This was different. Perhaps at that moment he regretted fucking those high school chicks in the asshole.

Perhaps he regretted fucking them in their cunts and mouths too. Some of them

were so young and he had gotten them high or drunk first. But they had wanted some baseball star cock, so he had obliged.


On this night, in Las Vegas, Kevin sucked dick. For the first time in his life, he tasted prick flesh, he smelled ball sweat, he licked

pre cum. He sucked dick and swallowed sperm. They were

not gentle. They held him by the ears and fed him

prick. They forced eight and nine-inchers down into his

throat until he gagged and choked. He swallowed what seemed like gallons of cum. His stomach rumbled and he wanted to puke.  He wanted to die. He

no longer cared about his career, about his life. He was made to lick and suck and eat their assholes. Their sweaty, hairy, dirty assholes. He was made to stick his tongue deep up into their wet rectums and lick and suck. A straight corn-fed young country stud like Kevin, never recovers from having to men’s assholes and swallow their cum. He was scarred, ruined for life. He didn’t know how he would ever be able to face his wife again.


 If it were not for protecting Amy, he would have battled these monsters, gone down fighting. Instead he licked beneath thick drooping foreskins and cleaned out pissholes. After he had sucked off six guys, and his

throat was coated with spunk, and sperm ran from his

nose, Mr. Latessa told him to hold on for a minute. He

took a whiskey bottle off his end table and rolled it

across the floor to Kevin.


"Here, Kevin, shove this up your ass for us."


Kevin couldn't even talk. His lips were bruised and

swollen, his throat raw, "Oh God! Please no... not



Latessa smiled. "Bust her cherry..." he said into the



Trying to save Amy from being raped, Kevin quickly

positioned his asshole over the lip of the bottle and

pushed. He felt the tip of the bottle trying to push its way

passed his anal ring. He felt his asslips stretched to

accommodate the glass cylinder.


The bottle was so big, and his ass was so tight. He

pushed, the lip of the bottle popped into his rectum,

and he let out a scream at exactly the same moment,

Amed shoved eight inches of dick into the sobbing, now

deflowered bride. Mr. Latessa turned up the sound on

the TV so Kevin could hear his wife scream. Kevin

squatted over the bottle forcing more and more up his

asshole. The bottle got thicker, wider.


"More." Mr. Latessa said, pumping his prick. ”You’re a young, healthy

jock. You can take more!”


Kevin groaned and sat down on the bottle, forcing the

wider part into his stretched-out rectum. He almost

passed out from the pain. Cold sweat dripped from his

abused body. Cum hung in strings from his chin, and ran from his nose.


"Good, now continue crawling and sucking. Amed,

withdraw four inches from her twat, but have Albert

shove a finger or two deep into her asshole.”


Kevin could hardly move, the bottle in his ass blinding

him with pain, but he forced himself to continue his

blowjobs, crawling, licking, slurping, sucking. His hair was thick with

cum. It clotted his eyebrows and sealed one eye shut. His breath came in

small ragged bursts, mixed with sobs.


He sucked Mr. Latessa last. The gangster fucked his

face hard, slamming the baseball player's nose and

mouth into his pubes, sliding his ten inches of cock

down Kevin's gullet. It didn't take long. Mr. Latessa

arched his back and shot right into Kevin's stomach...

thick ropes of cumslop. He moaned, then slumped back into

the chair, letting his dick slip out of the still

sucking mouth, leaving strings of fucksnot going from

his dickhead to the baseball player's lips.


"Clean me up with your mouth." Kevin didn't protest.

After it was over, he curled up on the floor in a fetal position, the

bottle still up his ass. His muscles twitched and jeerked.


"There now that wasn't so bad was it?" Latessa laughed.


"Please tell them to leave my wife alone...." Kevin



"Yeah, you know if one of those big, nasty thugs cums up her

cunt, she's sure to get pregnant. I just can't get

those boys to use rubbers. Are you ready for the second

part of your repentance?"


"The sec... the second part?" Kevin couldn't believe his

ears. It wasn't over? There was more?


"Oh yes, the second part. We want this to be a lesson

you never forget. Ok? So then, bring in the DOGS!"



Submitted: September 24, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Well it looks as if gambling is worse for a young man's health than smoking or!
I liked the dark humor of this story.

Sat, October 2nd, 2021 6:47am

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