The taking of Supergirl's virginity

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

There are limited ways a superhero can engage in sex without committing crucial errors in safety and security protocols. That is why the galactic council created the Mutagenic breed, so any whim of desire can be fulfilled. Even when it comes to losing ones virginity.

Sex with Supergirl.

So, here I am, falling from 25,00 feet to my ultimate doom.

I had planned to meet a girl today, and everything is going swimmingly.

Her cousin, and only living relative, is away for a couple of days. She isn’t aware of it yet, but I am going to take something away from her she doesn’t need or want anymore.

All I need at the moment, is for her to turn up.

The ground is coming up fairly fast, but on my planet, the gravity is higher, and I’m not falling as fast as I would there.

I am from a long line of a genetically modified, highly advanced, Bio-Mech cross breeds.

Both male and females are designed for heterogenous and homogenous mating of all species, which are deemed sentient and intelligent.

Due to the high influx of alien and mutagenated homo-beings on Terra, it was decided, to base two of each sex here, to accommodate the thriving new inter-species lust factor.

Mm, down to three thousand feet, where is she? Maybe I should yell?


My voice trailed off, as two arms grabbed me from behind, and slowed my descent.

“Any particular reason you don’t have a parachute sir?” the soft female voice was dampened by the rushing air around us.

“Well, that is the funny part of the story.

“Maybe you can tell it to your friends later?”

“Mm, they are the reason I’m out here, but I might call them later to let them know I’m ok though.”

She wrapped one arm around me, squashing me into her side, as her red cape flapped behind us, landing gently on the sand of the beach below.

“There you go, safe and sound, bye.” She spoke like I was a cat being handed back to its owner.

“Well thank you, you have a good day.”

Just as she took off, one foot barely off the ground, she stopped, hovering at waist height. Her back to me gave no indication of her actual emotional state, though I gathered there was a problem.

“Are you alright, is it something I’ve done, or said?”

“No, it’s just hard to have a good day today, that’s all.”

Snap, I have her.

“Why, with all your abilities, there shouldn’t be much you would want for, surely?”

Her cape swayed sideways, as small breezes flipped the hem of her very short skirt, exposing her firm, round, nubile buttocks. The boyleg knickers she wore only emphasized her figure.

“Sometimes, it is easier to speak to a stranger, we may never cross paths again.” I was trying to gain some trust in her, as my whole plan depended on it.

I heard a soft mumble, as her head bobbed a little. It was very hard to see from behind and below.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

Spinning in the air, the cape clinging to her legs, and those knickers still being shown through the flipping skirt, made it difficult to concentrate, but I refused to show I was perving anywhere except in her eyes.

“It’s my birthday, and nobody knows, except Kal, and he’s away for week.”

Slowly descending, both feet planted firmly on the ground, her head bowed forwards, and I felt an amazing pang of responsibility for her situation.

“Well, Happy birthday, and thank you again for saving my life. Can I repay you in some way, maybe?”

“No, thanks anyway. Kal say’s we shouldn’t fraternize with people we don’t know well enough. It helps protect the ones we do know from being targets.”

“Yes, I understand. But maybe, just maybe, if it stay’s just us, I can’t say anything about you to anyone. No-one would believe me.”

“No, Kal is really strict. We couldn’t do anything in front of anyone.”

“So, how old are you for your cousin to make such demands on you?”

“I’m 21 in Kryptonian years, which makes me 42 in Earth years.”

Even I hadn’t thought of the space/time factors for her and her cousin. They aged slower, and she was in her prime, but 42 years old.

“Holy smoke! You are officially old enough to drink and vote, and your controlled by your cousin?”

A wry smile crossed her face, “Yes, who does he think he is? I can celebrate with whomever I choose.”

“Absolutely! Can I take you to dinner, a nice glass of wine, some champagne maybe?”

“No, no alcohol. I cannot afford to drink and fly.”

“Sorry, I forgot who you were for a second, this all seemed so normal. Now you can make other plans with your other friends.”

Her head bowed forward again, “I don’t know many people at all.”

Carefully, I took a step closer, then another, I put my up-turned palm on her chin, lifting her head. Meeting her eyes so close was astounding, she was elegantly beautiful.

“Happy Birthday,”

I moved in closer, still holding her chin. Our faces were millimetres away, as I puckered my mouth, her blue eyes grew large, unsure of what precisely was going on. That last fraction of distance, I closed my eyes and put my lips on hers, all I had planned for fell to this one moment in time.

We were completely alone, I sensed nothing around us, and Kara’s ability to trust me hinged on me kissing her now.

With all her superpowers and strength, she felt warm, and so soft, I thought I was kissing air.

There was no reciprocation for about two seconds, when she must have decided to accept the invitation and pushed her mouth closer, into mine.

When she yielded, I licked inside her mouth, probing for her tongue, my hand moved behind her head and held her as she kissed me in return, like she had no idea how to actually kiss passionately.

My left arm slid around her delicate waist, the sheerness of her costume made it feel as if she wore nothing at all, even underneath.

Her hand cupped my head as she pulled away, “You feel so warm,”

“I am probably still in adrenal overload, from my fall,”

We stood looking into each other’s eyes, she lowered her right hand, placing it on my chest, “You appear to be settling down just fine..?”

“I’m Ra, like the Egyptian bloke.”

I hesitated, was it all for nothing, did she know, or had she worked me out?

“Would you like to have dinner with me, for your birthday?”

“No, I need to go, so much to do, so many people.”

I was losing the opportunity, “Please, I owe you my life, it is the least I can do.”

“We cannot be seen together, how you anticipate that?”

Oh, good, back on track, “I have a cabin, in the hills. This time of year, the snow stops everyone from coming up. Its fully stocked, and I can cook up quite a storm.”

Her entire demeanour changed, like it was meant to be, “Just dinner, then I must get back.”

“Absolutely, you can literally leave whenever you want. But my desserts are the best, you can’t miss that,”

“You’re very convincing Mr. Ra, we will have to wait and see,”

“I can only promise you will enjoy yourself; the rest is up to you.”

Her smile beguiled me; her whole body relaxed as if there was an electric current being turned off.

“So, where to?”

“Oh, yes. I can direct you from the air, but it may get a little chilly.”

“That’s alright, I don’t feel the cold,” just as she finished saying it, the reason for my comment dawned on her that it was me that will be cold.

“I can wrap my cloak around you, we’ll be very snug.”

And, just like that, we were off.

Her right arm held me firmly around my waist, but for some reason, it didn’t hurt. It was like I was magnetized to her body and it took no effort for her.

Not wanting to appear over confidant, I absently wrapped my arm around her waist.

As she is so petite, my hand ended up resting on her lower abdomen, between her belly button and the top of her hips, her pubis.

“Is that alright?” I queried. I had to look un-nerved, as if it was unusual for me to be in this type of situation.

“It’s fine Ra, hang on as tight as you want.”

I pulled a bit tighter, my hand, large against her form, as my palm pressed into her stomach, and my manhood tightened in my pants. Her aura filled me with confidence, as I watched her pheromones, (an attribute of my genetic make-up), permeate the air.

I pointed the directions, and occasionally, Kara would turn to look at me, a sly, knowing smile on her face. Or I was just doing a really good job of deceit.

The white of snow began stretching out before us, grass disappeared under the cold sheet, as the slopes rose up into cliffs and crevasses.

Kara had gripped her cape and pulled it around me, as we both snuggled under the red flapping cloak.

At speed, she had arrived at my hideaway in less than ten minutes. And that included 5 minutes of me trying to tell her where we were headed first.

The thick snow clung to the roof and halfway up the outside log walls, the chimney was barely visible

Even though it was three metres high.

When we landed, Kara walked across the top of the soft snow, instead of us fighting through the powder, like normal.

Gently forcing the front, and only door, open, we stepped into my idea of a mountain top cabin.

Various animal heads protruded from the walls, from a Gazelle to an Antelope. A small fox and a Hangolorian Beast Monster sat side by side on the mantle.

All the furniture was wooden, and all the amenities, including the kitchen and bedroom were in one room, while the amenities were behind a thick sheepskin curtain.

The fireplace faced out across the main area, as a small table and bearskin rug were spread out, with a rocking chair off to the side.

“Give me second and I will light the fire.”

I had turned to look for matches when a sudden bright glow filled the room.

“It’s ok, I’ve got it.”

Kara had used her heat vision to light the logs already in the fireplace, a cheeky grin on her face.


“Oh, Kal never lets me play with my powers, he says with great..”

“power comes even greater responsibility.” I finished.


“I don’t expect you to do anything tonight, it is your birthday after all.”

“Funny, it always seems I do what everybody else wants, it’s hard to know what I want.”

The heat from the fire had heated the roof, and a giant ice pack slid off, blocking the front door.

“May as well make the most of the time we have huh?”

“So, what’s for dinner?”

I scrounged the cupboards and freezer, thinking of my best option to sate her hunger.

“Well,” I walked over to where she stood, near the fire, “I will do a nice couple of steaks, and a Brulee for dessert.”

“Mm, home cooked dinner, from someone else.”

I had a bucket of ‘Norgenvaz’, with which I was going to tempt Kara, when I found myself in front of her at the fire.

“You can take your cape off, if you want, I won’t stand on formal attire.”

She giggled, “It is part of the top, not separate,” she knew I wanted to say ‘I don’t mind’, but in the interest of moral decency, I didn’t.

“Oh, really?” I walked behind her, examining the attachment method, and found nothing to untie or disengage.

“Well, I’m sure you’re used to it.”

I went to walk back, into the kitchen, when she grabbed my arm, spinning me around to face her, and close enough to smell her feint fragrance in her hair.

“I, was wondering if, you would wish me Happy birthday, again?”

This I was not expecting; she had deliberately taken the first move. I allowed her to continue, as it will make my task easier.

“Happy Birth..”

Kara had grabbed my shirt, pulling me in to engage a kiss.

I dropped the ice cream, putting both my arms around her dainty waist, pressing into her, my erect manhood obvious in her stomach.

She started wrenching my shirt over my head, forgetting her strength, as I detached from our kiss, my arms and hands caressing her over her costume.

“Can you trust me?”

Her heart was beating fast, and her breathing was almost laboured, as any woman would in the throes of desire.

“Let me guide you?”

“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me?”

I kissed her in return, reminding her of our state of intimacy.

“Oh yeah, that was it.”

I completely removed my shirt, kissing her still as I placed her hands on my chest, letting her feel my body, as I wanted to feel hers.

“My, you certainly work out,” she felt my pecs and abdomen, stopping at my belt, when I stopped her, running a hand under her blouse, and caressed the naked flesh of her back.

Her entire body shivered, as her back arched at my touch.

Both her hands undoing my belt buckle set in place what people call ‘a program’.

Her fingers completed a connection, which enabled the redundant protocol, to engage dampeners. Effectively, her powers are nullified by fields, set in place, within the cabin.

“OH, Ra, I feel so alive,” the exasperation in her voice was of total liberty, which she may never have felt before.

“You feel so electric Ra, as if we are connected.”

“I feel you as a man feels a woman Kara, intimately, sensually, sexually.”

The last word made her stop abruptly, her eyes wide with wonder and excitement, “YES, Sexually, that is how I feel, how I want you, no, how I need you to make me feel, please?”

“Kara, I want nothing more than to take you, and make love to you right here and now.”

Our passion exploded in the middle of the cabin space, hands were everywhere. It was chaotic but arousing, erotic to think I was here, now, with her.

My belt was undone, as my trousers fell to the floor, I ran my hand from her back to her chest, cupping her breast flesh, and pressed it between my fingers, as I squeezed her nipple, Kara sucked in hard, taking some of my breath.

Our kissing was frantic, as I deviated to her neck, biting softly as I kissed and licked her nape.

She was trying to push down my boxer shorts, but I had other plans before we got to that stage.

With both hands, I lifted her top over her head, and watched as her pert breasts ‘popped’ from beneath into view. Her pale skinned breasts were a contrast to the dark solid nipples sticking out from them.

“Please Ra, take me, don’t tease me anymore, Please!”

The desperation in her voice was the reason I was taking my time. I wanted her to slow down and enjoy the experience, not rush in and regret it later.

“Trust me Kara, it will be fantastic.”

I bent further down, taking her right breast and nipple into my mouth, sucking it in, and toying with it around my tongue.

I started to kneel so I could work on both breasts, and in so doing hooked my fingers into her shorts, which were connected to her skirt as well. Who’d figure?

Slathering her chest with my saliva sent her into meltdown, shaking almost violently with lust, as her pants escaped her upper thighs, and peeled out from between her legs.

A small solid cup dropped to the floor, as Kara gasped at its appearance, embarrassed by it now being exposed.

“Oh my goodness, I forgot about it. Kal makes me wear it, so I don’t show any female bits, you know?”

I picked it up, sniffing at it, smelling her scent, “I think it’s a very good idea, except here and now,”

Kara gasped again as I ran my hand up her inner thigh, her pants now sat across both her ankles.

Pinching her left breast, I licked down her body as my fingers came into contact with her crotch and vulva.

Slowly rubbing the edge of my palm between her labia, Kara rocked her hips on my hand as she held my head to her body, almost afraid to let it go.

Her lubrication coated my hand, and the glistening juice covered her vagina, as I inserted a finger into her. Bit by bit, knuckle by knuckle, the whole finger slid in and out of her, as I grabbed her ass cheek, mauling it as I moved my mouth to the top of her pubis mon.

“I don’t know Ra, I’ve never done, any..” her voice trailed off, as her knees buckled at the contact.

The fine wisps of blonde pubic hair parted, to reveal Kara’s perfect pink labial part. My tongue flicked at her tiny clit, as my bottom lip sucked at her pussy.

Kara became unstable, as her typical powers of flight and strength were disabled, she crumpled to the floor, as I guided her onto the bearskin rug.

Lowering her to the ground, I had to break the cunningless, but resumed as soon as she was lying flat on her back.

With my finger removed from her vagina, I covered her entire pussy with my mouth, biting her clit with my tongue against the roof of my mouth, and intermittently ramming it into her juice laden hole.

With her feet planted on the ground, Kara raised and lowered her butt in time with my licking, her hands still guiding my head, until I finally stuck another finger inside her, followed by a second, and a third.

She tasted sweet and sticky, her lubrication was like water, but the longer I ate her out, the thicker it got, as I creamed her pussy into submission.


Her lower abdomen clenched my fingers and squeezed so hard she pushed them clean out. Her body shook as she rocked her ass on my face, and as I probed her dilated hole with my long, searching tongue, in her first orgasm.

While her breathing was still erratic, I took off my boxer shorts, letting my hard cock free, as it pointed upwards to Kara’s wanting hole.

Kissing my way back up Kara’s belly, licking her beading sweat off the firm skin, she held my head, pulling me further toward her face.

Her bright blue eyes peered back at me, but they had changed, as I saw a definite change in her demeanour.

“I want more Ra, and you know what I want.”

The masterful tone in her voice was enchanting, although I was supposed to be the one in charge here, “All the way Kara,”

She closed her eyes, and pulled me in to kiss me passionately, as she reached down to my crotch, grasping the full length of my shaft in her fingers.

“WOW,” the exclamation was of surprise, “there is so much I never thought about before,” as Kara tugged at my manhood, putting me within penetration distance of her virgin cavity.

Her body arched, as it ached to be entered, my mouth savoured her neck and flesh as she aligned her hole with my hard penis, my face and mouth smeared her juices across her heaving chest as I placed both hands firmly on the floor beside her neck for stability.

I never said a word, as she put the head against her vulva, rubbing in her excess, and coating the tip with her fluids.

Her internal heat radiated through my entire cock, as she tilted her hips to allow my phallus to sit at the entry to her vagina.

“Now Ra, now.”

Kara put her hands on my ass, pulling me into her, every inch felt incredible, as I pulled out a little and pushed gently back in three, then four times, before there was enough of her juices to lessen the friction of my pistoning in her.

Kara writhed on the giant black, artificial, bearskin rug, humping up to meet my thrusts, as I reamed past her point of no return, her hymen, and finally, fully, balls deep into her.

I crushed into her clitoris and pulled out completely, entering her from the start, as her pussy took control of her emotional output.

“UNGF, UNGF, UNGF, OH YES, faster Ra, faster.”

I propped myself up on my hands, watching my long, thick, black cock cream her loins, the white of her body beneath my black form, let me gauge the extent of her arousal, as her vaginal excrement coated my shaft, and built up around the base of my balls. Her hands held my shoulders, giving her leverage to plough herself onto my cock, as I rode her body, our timing increased to the final crescendo.

Kara was frantic, as my balls were about to burst, “I’m almost at the point Kara,”

Cumming in her was going to be her choice, but I could hold off as long as I needed to, another positive of my genetic make-up.

“NO, stay in me Ra, I want to feel everything, please?”

She didn’t have to ask, any male would be happy to hear their lover ask it. “Yes Kara, yes.”

Without any fore-warning, Kara literally flipped us over, and without her powers, and the system dampeners employed, it was no mean feat.

“Just in case you change your mind,” her sultry look was of defiance, “I want to be on top.”

She bounced her ass in a twerking motion, bending fully over me and pressing her titties into my chest.

Her flexibility was astounding, as she arched her back and rocked her hips, while her knees bent forward, taking the little of her weight off me.

I could feel her slick fluids creaming between us, kissing each other, as she increased the tempo in her fervour of desire.

I was pounding upwards as fast as I could, but it didn’t seem enough, when Kara began ramming onto me, she sat upright, putting all her weight onto my hips.

Rocking back and forwards, I watched her clit disappear then reappear, her purple, engorged lips, glistened with our mingled love.

Watching her orgasm was a thing of pure beauty, her entire body glowed a subtle pink hue, as a smile so wide, her white teeth shone from her mouth.

Kara started rubbing her breasts, pinching her nipples, as I felt almost irrelevant, so I grabbed her waist, lifting her up, so I could get better, longer penetration.

Her body started to flex and shake, the tremors made the floor rumble as suddenly, Kara became rigid, her back pulled so taught she bent backwards, and her head flung so taught the muscles and tendons in her neck looked like steel cables. The intensity of her ensuing orgasm was so severe, her vaginal walls pushed out my cock, Kara, falling back as a long strong stream of ejaculate shot from her urethrae.

The wet juice covered everything from me, up the fireplace and ceiling, and as she fell forward back onto me, the rug and the floor, before reaching back between her thighs and gripping my cock guided it quickly into her without missing a beat.

She kept gently, humping my cock, which sent my scrotum into overload, when she looked deep into my eyes again, “Now Ra, Now, fill me with your cum,”

Never take it for granted when a woman lets you cum in her, especially a post virgin.

I released my load deep into her pussy, pulling out only to ram deeper and harder so she could feel every pulse of my dick pushing into her.

She increased her tempo a little more, as she too orgasmed on my shooting cock.

I was spent like never before.

Her breathing slowly ebbed, as the fire dried our sweaty bodies, she lay on top of me for ages.

I was still in her, semi-erect, our mingled cum slowly running out rom deep inside her, over my shaft, as Kara nuzzled into my neck, caressing my chest, even kissing my neck.

“Thank you Ra,” her appreciation was not required, but it always nice to hear, “For what?”

“For being such a gentleman.”

I would never tell anyone or thing about this, even that it took place. Part of my mandatory sanctioning is absolute privacy, and secrecy.

“Thank you, for trusting me,”

Minutes passed like hours before Kara rolled off me, her smooth skin let her slip beside me, as our bodies untangled.

“You really showed some exertive strength before Kara, it kind of un-nerved me being flipped like that,”

She looked up at me with a very mischievous expression on her face, “Well, your dampeners weren’t working.”

How did she know about the dampeners?

“Um, what about them?”

“As we came into land, I noticed the spiral configuration of the coils around your outer housing.”

‘Bloody hell, I thought I did a better job than that’, “Oh, is that all?”

“Just for future reference, the Hangolorian Beast Monster is too deep for the waters to be captured and mounted. Especially as they weigh up to fourteen tonnes.”


“Nice try though, but a bit try hard Ra, if that is your real name?”

I have been caught out, but Kara was far from angry or worried, “Yes, I must always use my real name, although it is rare, I am ever confronted over my appearance, even questioned about the authenticities of my home.”

My species is usually commissioned to apply our talents by a parent or partner, to initiate a consort role of a sexual nature. This was not the case here,

“I seconded my cousin Kal-El’s hidden files, looking for some type of genetic coupling ritual, or a particular sequence required for intimate relations. The systematic approach to your species, for such a delicate interlude, made me consider it for my own personal needs.”

Kara began to rise from the rug, her fully naked form dripped with our fluids, my thick white seed dripped from her onto the floor, her perfect labial folds held the remanence as some more viscal fluids drained down her inner thigh. Kara ran her fingers along her flesh and collected up some on her tips, sucking it off into her mouth, as her eyes closed in a sense of rapture, cleaning her digits as I wished she would my dick. Her deliberation on her fingers caused me to be aroused as she began to dress, obviously, our time was at an end.

Completely naked on the rug, watching her made me hard again, but it was her decision and her fulfilment we had engaged in, but when she looked down at my thick hard phallus, something changed and she bent down, taking my whole penis into her mouth, deep into her throat and sucked, as her head rammed up and down sending me into convulsions, bringing me to orgasm again. Filling her mouth with my man seed and her taking it all then swallowing left me unable to respond at the ferocity and eroticism in the act.

Wiping her lips and licking her fingers again left me in no doubt she knew what she wanted and how to get it in the future.

“Will we ever meet again Ra?”

I too started to get up, to ensure she was satisfied, without directly asking.

“No, afraid not, once is all we debit as standard practice.”

“Debit? Do I have to pay?”

“OH, no, Kara. It is strictly a term. Our services are free, although highly sought after.”

She had pulled her top back on, straightening her cape, as she picked up her pants.

“Sorry about your dampening field generator, it will need replacing.”

I’d forgotten how she was able to decommission the neural field generator.

“I must say, I underestimated the Kryptonian abilities.”

“We learn something new every day, huh Ra?”

“Mm, yes,”

Kara had pulled up her boyleg knickers, and gripped the scanty skirt from the side, ripping it completely off.

“I think I can handle the new look, what do you say Ra?”

She looked gorgeous, a new physical stature, and a new found confidence. She was beautiful. When she came here, she was pretty, but now, sex aside, she was a woman who felt the strength of her own desires, and acted on them in a safe, consensual way.

“Thanks, again,” she leant in and kissed me squarely on the mouth, passionately. Even had tongue.

“You’re we..” before I had finished my sentence, there was a whoosh, and a slamming of the door.

Kara had gone, under her own terms, when she needed to.

I stood alone and naked, ready to make my report, which is purely for records sake and confidential.

I heard a whirring noise from behind me, on the table.

There was a small object spinning incredibly fast in the centre. So fast it had burnt a small dent underneath itself.

Watching it slow, it became evident it was about six inches long, curved and a small tip at one end, and a larger hollowed round end the other.

I recognised it immediately and stopped it with my finger.

“Thank you Kara, I will cherish it forever,”

I held up her vulva cap, a sheen inside the cup reminded me of her sacred womanhood.

Taking it over to the control panel, I opened the holo-gord, and placed my latest trophy inside.


Weeks later, walking through Metropolis, I was stopped by somebody grabbing my shoulder, spinning me around very quickly.

“Hello Ra, how is everything?”

“OH, hello Mr. Kent. I am well. How was your trip?”

“Fruitful, yours?”

“I have been busy, but I must go. Say hello to everyone for me, bye.”

“Bye Ra,”

I could not confirm or deny my dalliance with Kara, for fear of death, which is the penalty for admitting any of my indiscretions, whether it is a known fact or not.

Complete privacy, and secrecy, even if Superman himself asks.


Submitted: September 23, 2021

© Copyright 2022 kalelthemith. All rights reserved.

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Very entertaining stuff there, Kalel! I’d go so far as every man’s fantasy, or at least on the vulva bucket list. Some interesting sci-Fi terminology and concepts to go along with raw mountain cabin hard sex. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to wash this creme brûlée off my cape…

Mon, September 27th, 2021 3:36am


Would you take an offer for somebody to lick your red 'cape' clean.
I know you do!

Mon, September 27th, 2021 12:38am

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