Conversations with Martin Part Four

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

The author's control of Martin becomes more extreme, as the 18 yr old's school life is ruined.



By dale10


(The next conversation in the control, humiliation and destruction of an 18 yr old high school student.)


dale10:Well now that we have skype Martin, at last I can see you.  You are a good looking boy, Martin. And once again, I am sorry I called you a cocksucker the last time we spoke, I was just trying to get you to look honestly at yourself. Is your dick hard like I told you I want it to be when we chat?


Martin:  Yes, sir.


dale10:  Well, tilt the camera so I can see it. I know you are sensitive about it not being very big, but remember we are going to work on that, as well as your self- image .  And martin it is not all that small.  I am sure some of the freshman boys at your school have dicks of your size. Tilt that camera.  Oh, my how cute. Now, Martin, part of your job is while we chat to always  keep your dick hard and leaking, just like at school. Go on, put your feet up on the desk on either side of your monitor, lean back in your chair and pump while we talk. You look really good that way, Martin.


Martin: I feel so embarrassed.


dale10:  You mustn’t. to help you with that, Martin, I have linked with a few of my friends to watch our chat.


Martin: Oh, shit, you mean other people are looking at me now?


dale10:  Don’t move Martin, or I won’t help you anymore. Nothing to worry about. Just a few of my trusted friends, whose opinions I value, and who can help you with your self-esteem.  And don’t worry, they’ve all seen teenage boy dicks before. Why are you trembling, Martin?


Martin: Oh, God, oh my God, this is so embarrassing.  I am so humiliated.


dale10: Certainly not any more humiliated than you must feel walking around school with a heard leaking dick in your pants.


Martin: I need to talk to you about that. Kids are starting to notice. They laugh at me, and some of the guys have started to call me Boner!


dale10:  You see, Martin, that is wonderful.  Boner is a masculine term. I tis much better for them to call you Boner than faggot or sissy or other stuff. That is real progress, Martin.


Martin: But I feel so awful. I am isolated from everyone. I have not friends. Most kids won’t even talk to me. When I went up to those guys in the locker room to talk to them and look at their dicks for their sizes, I am sure many of the guys saw me looking right at their cocks.  What must they think of me? 


dale10:  I think we are making progress, Martin, so what does it matter what they think. You dick is going down, Martin, pump it up. I don’t want to have to tell you that again. I can’t see that well, are your nipples hard, Martin?  Get them hard, will you. Pinch them and twist them a little for me, will you? 


Martin: And something awful happened. That Joel Hardy guy you made me contact, hit me. He actually hit me more than once. He called me a Cunt and he punched me in the stomach and slapped me in the face.


dale10:  Well why would he do that?  What did you do to insult a nice boy like that?


Martin: Well, I told you he was tough, and you told me to ask him to come over for a sleep over. He called me terrible names and hit me right in front of other kids from school. I started to cry and they all laughed at me. I so very confused, Sir, I don’t know what to do.


dale10:  I’m going to help you, Martin. I am going to send you a package in the mail. Make sure you get it and not your parents. You are going to have to watch the mail carefully. One of the things in the package are some bottles of pills. They will help you calm down and relax and not think and worry so hard. There are also some blue pills that will help your sexual energy and control.  You will take two of the red pills in the morning before school and two of the blue ones. Now the red pills may make you feel a bit funny until you get used to them. They may make it a bit difficult to concentrate at school, but don’t worry, your system just needs to adjust.


Martin: My grades are already going to hell. I’m so nervous.


dale10: These will help with that.  Don’t worry about your grades for now, your mental and physical health is more important. The blue pills are very important. I want you to take two in the morning and two right after school. At first, they may color your vision just a bit and make you feel a bit hot and bothered. But you will adjust. In the box, I am also including a dildo, so we can start to work on inner massage therapy. I’ll explain that to you later. It’s not a very big one, only ten inches long, but it will do for a start. Martin, can you adjust the desk lamp and spread your legs wider so I can see your asshole? 


Martin: Oh please sir, not on camera with your friends watching.


dale10: None of that now! Let’s not wreck all of the nice work we have done so far. Now show me your nice teenage asshole. Are you crying, Martin? Don’t be such a faggot sissy boy. Spread your ass cheeks more, so I can study your hole. Now take one finger and just gently poke the hole for me… poke right at the rosebud of your asshole.  Just as I thought Martin, your asshole is very tight and tense. That indicates lots of inner tension and neurosis.  You are so uptight about your sexuality and the fact that you might be a faggot, that your hole has tightened up, even when your finger pokes it. Tell me do you ever have trouble taking a shit, Martin? We don’t have time tonight for a thorough examination, but another night you will have to shit for us and let us see.


Martin: Oh, God, Sir, please, I could never do that. I would die.


dale10: Nonsense, Martin. Have you ever seen photos of a Marine bootcamp? They are forced to sit and shit right next to each other In wooden latrines. These are men, Martin. Real men.  They sit and chat with each other while they shit, they hold their big dicks and piss and drop turds while they chat. Are you really that much of a faggot that you are scared of this? 


Martin: I don’t know, Sir. I just can’t stop crying, and shaking. I get so scared. Maybe I am a messed-up faggot.


dale10: Well, that is what we need to find out. And there is only one way to do it. You can relax your asshole now.  Keep pumping your dick.  Ten or eleven of my associates have texted me that they think you are a faggot and that you need to accept that in order to stabilize your mental and emotional condition.


Martin: Jeez!  Ten or eleven????? How many of your friends are watching this? 


dale10:  Calm, down, boy, you are getting hysterical. Just like a stupid sissy faggot.


Martin: Please don’t call me that. Please.


dale10: I WILL UNTIL YOU PROVE TO ME YOU ARE NOT! Remember, Martin, being gay and being a faggot are two different things. We’ll get into that more deeply once we establish who and what you really are. Now stop shaking and calm down.

These gentlemen watching our discussion are not my friends but more my associates. They all have experience working with boys and young men. They all want to help you, Martin.  Martin, do you have any strong rubber bands there in your room? 


Martin:  Yes, Sir. 


dale10: Good. I notice that when you get worked up and crying, you have trouble keeping your dick hard.  So, I want you to take two rubber bands, and I want you to put them tightly around the base of your dick and balls. Nice and tight. That will help you keep the blood in your dick. I may have you go to school that way too from now on. In the box I will send you there will be what is a called a cockring. That will help a whole lot.


Martin: The rubber bands really hurt, Sir.


dale10:  Yes, if they don’t hurt they are not doing their job. It’s like working out, Martin. As soon as we finish this call, I want you to go into the bathroom where the light is good, and send me a nice photo of your asshole, so my associates and I can study it. Make sure your face and whole body are showing.

Martin:  Oh, please no! I don’t my pictures to go to anyone but you.


dale10: It’s too late, Martin. I had to share the photos with my close colleagues to get their expert medical advice. Remember, these men are all trained in working with boys.


Martin: But Sir, you promised.


dale10: And I have kept my word. These are all professionals in the same field as I am. They want to help you, Martin.


Martin: How many have seen my photos? 


dale10:Not that many, Martin. I only sent them to twenty or thirty, all men I can totally trust, and they only sent them to men they can trust.


Martin: What if they get out over the internet?  My life will be ruined.


dale10: There is almost no chance they will be put up on any sites other than those dealing with your kind of sexual and emotional problems. You simply have to trust me!  Now as soon as we finish here, send me that picture of your asshole. And remember to make sure your face is in the picture too, for medical filing purposes.  Anyway. I studied the dick and ball measurements of the boys in your gym class that you sent me, and I matched them up with the photos of the boys in your year book. And I found a boy who I think can help us with your therapy.


Martin:  Which one? 


Dale10:  You sound terrified. Again, you have to trust me. I have worked with boys for years and years. I am a good judge of character. Anyway Martin, I attained through the mail a book of parents and students at your school with names and addresses etc. I found this boy’s email and text online, and I took the liberty to write to him for you.


Martin:  Oh please say you didn’t!  You couldn’t have. No, please. This is a joke, right?


dale10; It’s no joke, martin. And although you may be appalled now, all of this is for your own good.


Martin: What boy? WHAT BOY? 


dale10:  Easy girl, take it easy.  The boy I chose from the year book is a star athlete and according to the book, one of the most popular boys in the whole school, and from your measurement chart, he seems to have a really big dick as well.  His name is Jeff.




dale10:  Don’t you want to hear what I wrote to him? Here, let me read it to you.  Oh, by the way, keep pumping your dick, please.


“ Dear Jeff: I know you know me from hanging around the halls, and from me coming to your games and stuff like that, but we have never really talked

much or become friends. I know how popular you are, and I am kind of a dweeb.

You may have even heard some of the kids laughing at me recently. I have a kind of sexual control problem, and it causes me some really embarrassing moments.

Dudes like you don’t have that problem cause you have girlfriends to take care of your needs. I am a frustrated lonely creep. And this is why I am writing to you. I don’t expect you to be my friend or anything like that. But I have been looking at your picture in the year book, and I have to confess I think you are the most handsome boy in the school.  I also have to confess that when I look at your picture, I get sexually excited, and I have a bit crush on you.  I don’t know if I am gay or not, but you are very very special to me. So here is why I am writing. Please, don’t tell anyone else, but you’re the only person that can help me. While you dudes go out every weekend and fuck and stuff with your girlfriends, I stay home alone and jerk off. It’s really lonely. So, here is how you can help me.  If you would please, stop off at my house sometime, and let me take some naked pictures of you, I would never share them with anyone. You don’t got to be hard or anything. Just some nice naked pictures. Here’s the deal. If you would do this, I would pay you three hundred dollars. Please, PLEASE do this for me, I beg you.

I would do anything for you, and I mean anything!  Please have pity on me dude, and help me out. So that you know you can trust me with your pics, I am sending you some naked pictures of me. I know you don’t want to see them,( I am not very attractive and not well hung or anything)  but it is to prove that I am trustworthy.  Please, I am trusting you with this intimate secret of mine.  I hope and pray to hear from you soon.Your worshipping fan,Martin”


(There was a long silence at least five minutes as Martin sat there in shock.)


Martin: Say it’s not true.


dale10:  It is true, Martin. I did it for your own good. I sent him the pics you sent me. I wish I h ad had the asshole picture you are going to send me to send along as well.


Martin: He’ll tell everyone in the whole school. I’ll have to run away or kill myself or something.


dale10:  No, Martin, nothing stupid like that. Then it would get into all the newspapers and ruin your family. No, best to keep it quiet and just try to work things out. I have a hunch that Jeff will come through for us.  I am sure he could use three hundred dollars, and he is proud of his body and his dick. I am sure he is not a shy boy.


(more silence)


Martin: Where would I get the money from? 


dale10:  Don’t you have a bank account?


Martin: Not much. About a hundred dollars, that’s all. Oh my God, what a mess.


dale10:  Well you’ll have to sell some of your stuff, like game system, or something.


Martin: You want me to sell my stuff to pay a dude in my school to pose for nude photos?


dale10: if this works out, it will change your entire life. I know it’s drastic, but we are dealing here with your mental and emotional health and your future. Jesus, you are crying hard. There is something oddly beautiful about seeing a teenage boy cry. So now we wait for Jeff’s answer. 


Martin: What if I see him in school on Monday? 


dale10: Just smile and be polite, and let the next move be his.


Martin: Jesus, the rubber bands are killing me and turning my dick blue.


dale10:  Okay, cut them off now. But at least four times a day, including in school, I want you to put rubber bands on your dick and balls for at least fifteen minutes. Are you leaking? Let me see.  Oh my, your dick is blue. Great.  Take that dick leak from your pisshole and lick it up. Remember that’s important to eat from penis growth and the building up of testosterone. The only thing better is cum. Speaking of that, I am sending you in that box, some condoms filled with cum.

We’ll talk more about those after the box arrives.


Martin: Sir, may I please cum?


dale10; All that talk about Jeff Groden turned you on, eh?


Martin: No, it’s nto that, it’s just that when I have to pump to the edge so much…


dale10; Well, tell you what. If you are a real good boy and follow orders, maybe next time we talk, I’ll let you cum. How is that?


Martin:  Not tonight? 


dale10: Not tonight. Now be a good boy, keep working on building up that cum sludge in your balls.  We are working to make you more masculine.


Martin: I am really scared about Jeff, Sir. Joel Hardy was bad enough.


Dale10:  Don’t worry baby, I have got this all under control. Just leave everything in my hands. Remember, I am your friend. And trust me, my associates are your friends too.Now, have a good night’s sleep. Get it real nice and hard and dripping before you sleep.


Martin:  Yes, Sir. 

Submitted: September 20, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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