Megan's Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Abandoned

David had let someone move in as a favor, but he was in for a big surprise.

2531 words. I plan to continue this and would love to hear what you all think should happen next so drop a comment and tell me. Thank you for reading.

David stood on the balcony of his apartment looking out at the skyline of Paris. He was amazed at how life worked sometimes. Six years ago he had rented this apartment because he had fallen in love with the view even though the rent was more than he wanted to pay and the place was really too big for him by himself. The rent was not a problem he made good money at his job and he did not mind all the extra space. It was only a few months ago that he was glad he had the extra space, his ex-wife had contacted him asking a favor. Her son had gotten a scholarship to the top fashion institute in Paris and needed someplace to live while attending classes. He agreed without a second thought.

That was how it had always been in their relationship, he would act without much thought where she was concerned. He meet her when he was in high school, an older woman who made his friends jealous. She had a kid from a previous relationship, but he did not mind, and once he graduated he married her even though his parents did not approve. They were happy as he attended college and got his degree, but then things started to change. He wanted to travel to see some of the world and make something of himself. She was happy where she was and had no real dreams about the future. They ended up divorcing after almost five years but remained friends.

Matt had been his stepson and David loved the boy. Even after they had divorced David did what he could to help Matt and his mom. It had been almost eleven years since he saw the boy when he picked him up from the airport a few hours earlier. He had been nervous and still as a little not knowing what the relationship was to be or what Matt saw him as. He wondered if Matt wanted a father figure or a roommate. He could tell Matt was nervous also as they drove back from the airport and figured they would talk over dinner later.

David was just taking another drag off his cigarette when the sound of heels on the apartment’s hardwood floors caused him to turn around. He was unsure of what to do as he saw a beautiful young woman coming towards him. He looked her over as he wondered who she was and how she had gotten into his apartment. Her black stockings were embroidered with vines and roses running up them. Her black and red dress that fell to mid-thigh fit like a second skin in all the right places. Her face was beautiful but it was her light brown hair, an almost blond color, that caught his attention and answered his questions.

“Matt,” David asked as he tried to push the desire he felt for this beautiful creature down.

“I’m going to go by Megan now, David,” Megan told him blushing slightly. “I hope you are ok with that and well this.” Megan held out her arms and did a little twirl to let David see the complete make-over.

“Aah yeah, I guess. Your mom didn’t tell me about this.” David could not help himself as Megan joined him on the balcony and looked her over more. When he picked Matt up at the airport he did not have breasts but Megan did, small ones that looked nice and firm. Never having been attracted to men David had not looked at Matt’s ass, but Megan had a plump round one. Makeup had helped to make Matt look more feminine and quite beautiful but now that they were so close David could still recognize Matt’s features.

David realized Megan had said something he had missed when he was admiring the girl’s body. “Sorry, what was that?”

Megan smiled and it lit up her face, “My mother doesn’t know, actually you are the first person I’m coming out to. You know how she gets so I wanted some time to feel comfortable before telling her, you know how she can get.”

David knew what Megan was talking about, Kathy could be overdramatic at times. “The longer you wait the worse it will be.”

“I know and I plan to tell her now, but I wanted to be sure you are ok with me staying here as my real self first.”

David nodded, “Yeah it isn’t a problem at all.” But even as the words left his mouth David realized he was lying. There was a problem, he was attracted to Megan and did not know if sharing an apartment with her was a good idea.

Megan moved quickly over to him throwing her arms around him hugging him. David hugged her back as he fought the urge to let his hands slid lower. Megan broke the embrace after only a moment turning away her cheeks aflame.

“You must have questions.”

David had questions, lots of questions but he did not think most of them were the kind of questions a thirty-three-year-old man should ask an eighteen-year-old girl especially if the girl had once been the man’s stepson. He took a puff off his cigarette to give himself time to think as he looked at Megan. Part of him did not care she was really a boy or that he had been married to her mother, it wanted her, but he forced that part of himself down for the most part.

“Are you happy?”

Megan looked confused like she did not understand the question or maybe just did not expect it. She stared at him, her eyes moving over him slowly and David wondered what she was looking for.

“Yes, I’m happy. I’m finally who I was really meant to be.”

“That is all that matters to me, Megan. I may have divorced your mother but I never stopped caring about either of you.”

Megan’s eyes filled with tears as she hugged David again. David felt awkward holding this girl, part f him wanting to do more. Megan’s head rested on his chest and he rubbed her back fighting to keep his hands from drifting too low. When she finally pulled away, the piece of him that did not care about their old relationship or anything but how good she looked was disappointed.

He smiled, “I bet you are hungry.”

Megan nodded slowly, “I am. I can cook something for us.”

“You just got here, lets go out to eat. There is a very nice restaurant just a block away we can go to.”

Megan looked disappointed as she nodded. “Ok, we can go out.”

David reached out and caressed her cheek. “You are going to be living here for the next four years so you will get plenty of chances to cook.”

That brought a smile back to Megan’s face. “I have to fix my makeup.” She turned to leave and glanced back over her shoulder. “Should I bring a coat?”

“No you should be fine,” David told her and watched her walk back to her room before he hurried to the bathroom.

Locking the door he looked in the mirror. The man looking back at him was not bad-looking, clean-shaven with short dark red hair and light blue eyes. He knew that most women would find him attractive but he had to wonder why he found himself lusting after a girl almost half his age.

He quickly reached down and tried to adjust himself. He was not sure how Megan had not seen it or even felt it when she had hugged him but he was sure she would notice if he did not do something about it. Looking in the full-length mirror he could see that bugle in his black dress pants was less noticeable now. He hoped it would do as he smoothed his dark blue dress shirt before leaving the bathroom.

He was waiting in the living room when Megan came out of her room, her makeup fixed. He smiled and took her arm as they left the apartment. They did not speak on the elevator and it took all of David’s willpower not to look over at the beautiful girl on his arm.

As they passed the security desk the guard did not even give them a second glance. He had met Matt earlier but did not react to David now leaving with a girl. David could not help but think the French were so much more relaxed about things than Americans.

As they strolled down the street David noticed Megan slowing down.

“Are you ok?”

“I’ve never gone out dressed up and to be honest I haven’t walked much in heels.”

“It is ok, nobody knows you and we don’t have far to go.”

Megan giggled, “I’ll be fine. I just have to get used to the heels, but they do make my legs and ass look good.”

“Yes, they do.” David blurted out and realizing what he said he blushed. “I mean I wasn’t really looking but I did notice a little.”

Megan giggled louder, “I don’t mind if you look, I might even like you to do more.”

“Megan I was married to your mother, I was your stepfather.”

“I was eight the last time I saw you, David. I’m not suggesting we get married or anything like that. It would just be sex, I’m not exactly a virgin.”

David stopped pulling Megan around to face him. “What?”

“I’ve dated a few girls and one guy my age. We fooled around a bit.”

“Megan I won’t lie I do find you attractive, but I’m not gay or bi. I want you to stay with me as a roommate but that is it, nothing can happen between us.”

As she pulled away and continued down the street David saw her face. Her eyes were tearing, but it was the look she had given him, the one Matt would get when he was refused something he wanted as a child. David knew his lie had hurt her, but he told himself he did it for her own good. If they had a relationship it would ruin the relationship Megan had with her mother and he just could not do that to her.

David caught up with her and walked beside her not saying anything. He glanced over at her, but she did not acknowledge him at first, she just continued looking straight ahead.

“I was joking.”

“You were,” David asked?

“Like you said you were married to my mother, if we slept together it would border on incest and that is just gross.”

“You are right.” David agreed with Megan not wanting to mention how upset she looked when he turned her down.

Over dinner and a bottle of wine, they talked about Megan’s mother. David had heard many of the stories Megan told him before, but he soon realized that Megan’s version was probably closer to the truth. After finishing the meal they order another bottle of wine and David told Megan about what he had done in the last ten years.

They clung to each other for support as they walked back to the apartment building. Once they were on the elevator and David pressed the button for their floor Megan pushed him against the back wall and kissed him. David kissed her back as his arms went around her and his hands slid down to her ass.

Megan finally pulled away and dropped to her knees. She began to undo his pants and David looked down at her.

“I thought we agreed this was wrong.”

Megan looked up into his eyes and smiled, “We will just blame it on the wine.”

David tried to brush Megan’s hands away but his pants soon fell to around his ankles followed quickly by his boxers. He felt Megan’s hand wrap around his penis and her hot breath on the head. Defeated he leaned back and ran his fingers through her hair. He moaned as he felt her lips on the head and slowly working their way down the shaft. David began to buck his hips pushing his cock into Megan’s mouth as she played with his balls.

It was the ding of the elevator as it reached their floor that caused them to quickly stop. Megan quickly helps David pull up his pants and underwear before standing up. David held his pants up with one hand and grabbed Megan’s with the other. They stumbled down the hallway to their apartment where David had to leave go of Megan’s hand to dig his keys out.

David kicked the door shut before letting go of his pants which fell back around his ankles and pulling Megan to him. Their lips meet and he forced his tongue into her mouth as he grabbed her plump ass and squeezed it. She pulled away and dropped to her knees pulling his underwear down. David let out a moan as she engulfed his manhood and began sucking on it. Leaning back against the wall he closed his eyes and enjoyed the attention Megan was showing him.

He realized he was not going to last long, a combination of going without sex for over a month and being turned on for so long today had him on edge. Megan gently squeezed his balls and he felt ready to explode, but she pulled away before he did. He looked down at her and she smiled up at him.

“I want you in me.”

David kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants and underwear before pulling Megan to her feet. He took her hand and lead her to his bedroom. As they entered the room David again pulled Megan to him to kiss her. He walked her backward until they were at the bed and then spun her around to push onto the bed face down. He lifted her dress and stared at her ass cheeks with a red thong running between them. He bite his lip as he pulled it to the side and began rubbing his fingers along her crack.

“Oh God David stop teasing me.”

He laughed and lowered himself down so he could push into her. She was tight and he had to push hard to get the head inside. When it popped into her she gasped. He gave her only a fraction of a second to get used to his size before he pushed into her further. David grabbed Megan’s hips thrusting himself in and out of her as she moaned. It did not take him long to fill her with his cum but he kept thrusting until he went limp and slipped out of her.

David began to unbutton his shirt. “Just give me a few minutes and we can continue.”

Megan started undressing. “Let me get undressed and I can help you get it up again.”

David nodded as he walked over and fell into bed. By the time Megan was down to her panties, David was already snoring. She climbed in bed with him and snuggled up against him before closing her eyes.


Submitted: September 18, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Alex S. Foley. All rights reserved.

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Wow, I wasn't expecting that.
There are a lot of complicating factors here that almost need more time to percolate before we step into sex. I think the idea of this is very unique to say the least, and I like the European flare since Paris is a place I can see this happening quite easily.

Logistically speaking, I don't know how likely it would be for a sex change operation to have occurred in an 18 yr old. I'd think Matt would have required more maturity before the final surgical process was completed because there's a lot to that process, including psychological testing, hormonal therapy, and so forth. I have not researched it, but I know it's very involved.

All that being said, to have a stepson show up after 10 years in a totally different body as a totally different gender has to be stunning and unsettling. It's not the sort of thing you get over in just a few hours.

David and Matt spent 5 yrs as father and stepson. David recognizes Megan as Matt, the subtle features and the familiar personality. Regardless of how hot Megan may be, I'd think both of these people would need time to readjust, so that's my main issue with the piece as it is presented. Things move too quickly for suspension of disbelief. You need to explore the emotional issues, the taboo of incest (though this doesn't officially qualify since David is no longer a stepfather), and the issue of knowing that Megan was once a man...and genetically still is.

In other words, if you're shooting for a quality presentation, you've got to at least emulate time spent to make appropriate personal adjustments to the situation before exploring this level of intimacy. Otherwise, it feels cheap and over the top. You've got to add depth and it's got to precede love in an elevator, even if dude looks like a lady...

Mon, September 20th, 2021 1:10am


I did some research into this and found out that in France it is legal for same-sex blood relatives to have sex, that is part of the reason I choose Paris as the location for the story.

Matt/Megan is a crossdresser at this point, not a trans.

David is feeling confused about the whole situation, his mind is telling him that he shouldn't do anything, but his body is telling him Megan is hot and very fuckable even if it is really a male under the clothes and makeup. David got drunk and it is possible that Megan pushed him to drink until his defenses were lowered knowing he found her attractive. The sex was a combination of lust and alcohol, wouldn't be the first time in history that people ended up fucking simply because they are drunk. If/when I continue this with what happens the next morning there are going to be fallout from their actions the night before.

Mon, September 20th, 2021 2:59am


Oh, I see.
I didn’t know incest was legal in Paris but not very surprised.
Again, I’m not hung up on the ‘legal’ aspects of incest here so much as the emotional ones.

By my reading, I thought Megan was totally transformed. It might be good to clarify.

Drunk sex has no doubt produced some strange bedfellows, just like politics…
I guess my point as a reader is that the sex seems premature from a literary perspective as much as from the character’s perspective when you consider the complexity of what you’re developing.

In other words, as Megan suggested, “I bet you have lots of questions”. I’m keen on exploring these people, particularly Megan, before we end up on our knees in the elevator. I’m not saying we don’t end up there. But I think the sex is more intense if you lead up to it with some character development.

Anyway, that’s just giving you my reaction as a reader

Mon, September 20th, 2021 9:36pm


I'm just getting into writing this kind of thing so I may have pushed the sex into the story early. I am going to continue this story, because I already have more of it in my head, but I may not do any others of this genre. I love reading erotica and porn but I don't find that it is something I find myself getting excited about writing as I do with other genres.

Just so you know I do plan to get into David's questions. I wrote this like I have some stuff in the past that involves action, where I throw the reader into the middle of an action scene in the first chapter to hook them. It may not work for erotica or porn but that is something I'm used to doing and has worked for me with other genres.

Tue, September 21st, 2021 3:12am

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