It's 2030 and class room sex education is now all done in a real deal simulator machine with real beds and sex movies for the final year high school students

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

No introduction really necessary.
The 18 plus set is in for a torrid ride
In the hot to trot simulator.
No contraception necessary.
Cold showers nearby.

The teachers were quietly chuckling.They knew!!!!

They could remember when simulator machines were only used for elite sportspersons to "get psyched up" for onfield stuff.


Sex education simulators had been secretly introduced into the sex education classes for final year young adults in high schools.This was the fourth year of the pilot five year programme agreed upon at it's inception.

Parent and teacher groups had not been consulted by the newly elected school council groups.This was to avoid a protracted brawl in the media.Enough was enough.Just too many sexually naive young adults who found themselves in trouble far too many times.

There were no real cocks and vaginas. The simulator used warm jets of a specially formulated superthick pressurised fluid for the thrusting cock.It used a  specially formulated make believe plasticine for a woman's functioning wet vagina.

Alana was first into the "cockpit" as it was affectionately known. She was 18 years and two months and to be honest had been the campus "bike" for as long as anyone could remember.

The simulator room was quite large and seated up to 50 people as spectators.Alana was a fucking exhibitionist anyway and giggles could be heard from her classmates as she strapped herself into the "sexseat."

The head teacher spoke softly to Alana.She nodded.The lights were dimmed.Alana as previously agreed gently slipped her panties off.She then unbuttoned her cotton short dress.Alana bent forward and aligned her vagina and nippels with the simulator.She put her large pink headphones and 3D glasses on carefully as instructed.

Alana became part of another world."Fuck,Fuck,Fuck" she cried out in extasy."Georgio slip it in harder and harder.I can feel your fucking hard big red knob up inside my hot love cave.Sow me your fucking man seed NOW!!! babe".Mmmmmmm!!! I can feel your wet slippery cum all over my ovaries.Please DON"T pull your man meat out yet.You are making me feel like a real fucking woommmaaannn for the first time in my adult life.Your long wet tongue biting my hard red nipples is eelecttrriciittyy."

In an instant the lights came on and the simulator switched  off.As egreed earlier Alana quickly left the simulator room.There was a stunned silence.


Larry had drawn the short straw earlier and self consciously went and strapped himself in to the "sexseat".He was handed a set of large blue headphones and 3D glasses that he deftly put on as instructed.

Larry shyly unzipped his pants and pulled his fat short thick wrinkly cock out.Larry pushed forward and slightly entered the round hole in the machine.He inserted about two inches of his cock inside and gripped his hairy ballsack in his left hand.

What he did not know was that the "draw" had been rigged by the teachers.Larry was a flasher and four of the young female teachers had seen his fat wrinkly cock in the classroom.

Like Alana the simulator machine was switched on.Larry was transported to another world."Thank you for opening your willing legs Amee.I can feel the sides of your flooding wet vagina on my fat stiff cock.Oh!!! babeeeee!!! you are riding my fucking mean meat machine from underneath.Fucking great rhythm hotter than hot tramp womaannnn!!!!.I can feel your long moist cum drinking tunnel sucking my hot seed out of my greasy cock.My eight inches of fuckstick is exploding love juices at the very end of your fucking sopping wet tunnel Amee.Please keep groping my ballsack with your soft hand hot lady."


The lights came on..........





Submitted: September 14, 2021

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You guys must have an entirely different educational process over there down under. If anything like this showed up in public education over here, the entire population would be lining up for high school diplomas. Come to think of it, this could be an effective means to sneak in a COVID vaccine - I mean, who would even notice! We need to extend this to drivers education, put a box in every Walmart, include an ATM. So many possibilities.

Mon, September 27th, 2021 2:55am


I read a serious center page spread article about 30 years ago in a well known magazine.The writer was a woman who had lectured at universities.When younger she had also obviously gone to a university.

She revealed that the "in crowd" on campus's actually quietly organised "rape nights".

Both the guys and the gals saw the other gender as sex objects.

The poor behaviour of men that led to the "me too" movement would have come from decades of appalling sex education at high schools.
The sixties and seventies were just "fuckfests" by both genders.

To stop this from ever happening again, then I think anyway, future sex education must be explicit and to the point for final year 18 plus students and those with parental permission.

Thanks for replying Megan.

Sun, September 26th, 2021 11:10pm