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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


My mind, heart, and Chi, softy I come as my loving invades your bed
A sight to behold when blindfolded, wrists are tied, stationed over my head
Honey poured all over me…oh that tongue, snaking up, lapping at the streams running to be free
Bathing in the savoring of my skin before you ease into me at ninety degrees
Oh, yes, my love, now flip me over as I slide down your girth to appease  
Palm my breasts and lick around the nipple as my sugar walls covet your harden need  

Pulling my face downward kissing my soft lips  
Oiling your manhood with the seesawing of my slit  
Oh yes, right there  
Lifting me off you, your tongue swirling through my fine downy hairs
Oh, sweet mercy... head downward licking over a breast  
Head thrown back in a state of Nirvana as you make my cunt even wet  
Yes... oh yes... your tongue is making my pussy melt  
Settling me on your face, my pussy gyrating all over your nostrils, inhaling my taste  
Your fingers invading my asshole, your mouth hungrily coveting my trickling space  
Basking in my abyss …marking your turf  
Oh baby... you’re more than your worth  
Palming my back  
Your tongue ringing side to side, licking my cove like I'm a midnight snack  

Oh… my love oh baby…. here… here… I cum  
Hungrily sapping up my honey butter rum  
My juices running down your chin  
In the throne of making the eleventh sin  
Then again  
Passion and rapture have no beginning or end  
My climax coating inside your mouth, savoring me as it blends  
V-shaping my clit…raising off you  
My silk sheets, my rules  
Holding your throbbing erection, sliding up and down, you thrusting in and out my raining dew
Tell me now is the taste of this, me, more satisfying than table food

Pearly streams and not on a screen
Making me moan while giving you a dose of this reality’s wet dream
Mm... ecstasy you crave off my skin the softest way
Reeling me in your  King’s paradise, given to you as we play
The quicken inhaling, exhaling breaths as you stretch my sugar walls to ram once inside to please
Begging you between moans to let me climax, my trickles coating your strokes as you sink deeper inside me  

Titillations felt to giving me all the elongation of your hard bone
Palms clasped open sesame is my new song
Soft purrs fused with his grunted groans
Surrendering unto you… sinking into my sugary parlay
You know you always tame this creamy passion once we lay
Our bodies suspending, essence blending
For the savoring flavor of me and the feel of you
Soft kisses to your lips trailing down to your dick.... I’m sending  

Submitted: September 14, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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Your tender lips my tongue soft grips; your sacred dew, I swallow anew, beloved clit I suck and flit; My fingers grip & twist your tit!
You rush to cum, I fill your bum; Then screw you hard, you sing like bard! I fly you higher, fan your fire, play your body’s base desire…
When you awaken, cumming, shaken… More I’ll give you, if you’re achin’!!!

Tue, September 14th, 2021 7:19am

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