Mm..Oh Sweet Yes...

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Oh Yes.. Sweet Yes

Getting hot when turning him on, the honeyed version tastier than those naughty pics
Rubbing over the peaks of my nipples, licking over one, getting hotter watching you standing there licking your lips
Mm… you like what you see  
Wetting my finger, dragging it down my chest, V-shaping my clit for you to please  
Plaming the sides of the chair uplifting my hips, striking a mid-air pose  
Head bend back, pouring  wine all over my body, no matter which direction the stream rolls  
Your zigzagging tongue will be licking it off wherever it goes  

Telling me to lay back in the chair and spread my legs thighs wide  
Self-pleasuring my soft folds, tasting my essence before I let you come inside  
You had enough big boy of the naked view,
Take your clothes off and let me amuse to you
Weakening you with the jucies of this honeyed dew  
Oh… sweet mercy, I see you are so ready for all this
My mouth salivating off the wonderous of that engorged looking dick  
Passion and ecstasy trickles once you ease your arousal deep inside this moisten slit  
On your kness captain and make that wish happen  
Cupping my buttocks, teasing my inner thighs with the strands of your beard  
The tip of your tongue inside my sugar wall you softly spear  
Mm... oh baby... yes … yes right there
Do what you want to me baby  I don’t care
Got me panting, gyrating againt your face  
Gripping my hips losing yourself in my sweeten taste  
Oh sweet mercy… I need to feel your dick inside, breathless off the anticipate  
Hurry baby and make this pussy cum, closing my eyes  
Leaning my head back, moaning in rapture to the skies  
Placing my legs over your shoulders, your finger and tongue interchanging upon the collide  
Seesawing my hips up and down with each tongue motion  
Illicit French speaking behind each tongue thrashing into my silken love potion  
Your tongue twisting side-to-side, licking my clit around and around  
Your drools glistening my hairy mound  
Back arched, pushing your head deeper into my feverish lust  
Locking your face within my thighs... aww… my body trembling upon that overflowing gush  
My climax coating your tongue  
Swallowing my essence, the remnants of my flavor down your chin the stream runs  
Straddling you, making love in a chair until the calling of midnight  
Dick inside me, you know how I like it  
My satin sheets, my preference, my acceptance  
The cushion of my body coveting your drops of sweat  
Loving the way you keep this pussy hot and wet  
Kissing all over my body, tenderly enough to make me melt  
Holding me closer while you thrusting.. groaning right before I make you cum  
Palming the wall, buttocks flapping, milking your girth inside this butter rum  
Oh God... I feel that  
Tongues bonding, saturating this sweet kitty, your fingertips, dancing all over my back  
Making love to me in the shower leading up to dawn’s early hour

Mm.. you look so handsome... I wonder can I share what’s behind that towel.. once again
Already bending me over as you ease it in

Submitted: September 13, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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Starting it all with naughty pics.
Finishing it all with shower sex.
Could your "love" life get any better.

Nice hot theme BE.

Mon, September 13th, 2021 2:44am


Mmm.. well thank you love... for taking the time to breeze all over me.. and then coming with the roaring sensations of that quiet whisper... I am wishing you a fabulous evening on me

Brown Eyes

Mon, September 13th, 2021 4:39pm


You tempt & tease with your promises to please! Any guy, the opportunity would seize, to enjoy this pleasure you offer with ease!!!

Mon, September 13th, 2021 3:23am


Mm.. you don't say Cowboy
My handsome one and only under the covers hard thrusting toy
Oh yes, kiss it tenderly right there
Then zigzag your tongue through my fine downy hairs
Trail the tip up to my lips and kiss me like a soft whisper of air

Thank you for reading.. and the mm.. and ahh.. comment

Brown Eyes

Mon, September 13th, 2021 4:44pm

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