Chapter 7: Slave Training

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 7 - Slave Training

“It’s time,” Dom utters out of Ben’s immediate sight. He closes his eyes.

He attempts to obey the command given. Ben only may come at his Mistress’ pleasure, but it grows so taxing to control himself. He wants in escalating desperation to climax. The buildup in his balls burns in producing a tightness in his mid-section.

The passionate ladies who offer a scandalous full rub down with their naked bodies stop their sexy act with a pout. Neither hesitates to draw close to the boss lady who commands the session. Ben wishes to God they free him of the damn rope and spreader bar at his ankles so that he can participate directly. He craves to experience under his hands their lovely bodies, specifically their hard nipples and wet twats. So close the babes linger and so far from his fingers or mouth! The intern remains helplessly hogtied in a standing position exactly the way Dom desires him, the beautiful, wicked witch!

Ben twists as far as the rope will allow so that he can see behind him. There’s a dark wooden chair in a corner. It reminds him of a throne actually with the regal upholstery on it in a blood red. The naked babes kneel at the foot of it and lick the kinky boots of his seductive older boss lady. When tired of the attention, Dom shoos the women away and comes to her feet. She orders the bunny and kitty to stay with a hand gesture, and to his amazement, they do! It’s like these women have converted into two obedient bitches!

Ben hears the click of Dom’s heels. Each echoing step, she jars his heart into overdrive. The pace of it is fast and harsh on his ears compared to her leisurely footsteps. The latter sound pauses for far too long without a word spoken or an action made. The intern trembles in anxiousness. Fright rules him in what new bittersweet torment Dom has in mind for him after the live sex show with the horny pussies and their dual dildo, the wooden paddle to his ass, the cock shocker, and nipple clamps.

“Come, my pets,” Dom coaxes behind him.

Ben glances back in time to see the women crawling on their hands and knees as nude as the day they are born. They still wear the animal masks depicting their critter of choice. The bunny now sports a fluffy white cotton tail in her bum with no visible strap holding it in place. The kitty has a long fuzzy black tail exiting her slender bum with no strap either. He gasps in amazement, knowing that perhaps some plug must hold the extra appendages inside their asses.

“Spread him,” Dom orders, “Let’s have a look, shall we?”

Ben’s eyes widen, knowing he does not hear that right. Soon he withstands four sets of hands on his butt cheeks even as he clenches them. As ordered, they pry each apart. A cool breath tickles along the crack of his ass.

“What the fuck are you doing!” Ben cries in alarm.

He struggles against his bonds. Sweat breaks out across his body in a coldness. The damn rope tightens uncomfortably around his tender flesh. At this point, the rope causing abrasions is the least of his worries compared to the alternative. Nobody plays with his goddamn ass! Ben is no one’s bitch!


“No?” Dom questions in a soft voice that sounds almost kind. It scares the shit out of him. No fucking way Ben trusts that tone!

“Fuck no, Mistress!” he exclaims, not sure why the hell he added that title but knows that it can’t hurt any more than what he endures so far or whatever Dom intends to do to his virgin ass.

“That is not the safe word agreed upon in the contract you sign, Slave.” Dom stands in front of him and tugs at the two chains connecting the nipple clamps.

If Ben thinks his boss cannot hurt him anymore, he sadly underestimates her. He yells unintelligible curses at the shooting pain at his sore nipples. They’re swollen and terribly sensitive. Each tug Ben withstands makes him believe the clamps may rip the bits of flesh off his body. His boss has his undivided attention.

Dom releases the chains, and his mewling stops. It brings tears to his eyes. He also straightens up against the rope to ease its strain on his tender body parts. His breathing calms.

“The safe words are the colors of traffic signals and mean the same thing. Red—stop, too intense; yellow—caution, not sure can take much more and green—go, feels good to continue.”

Dom snatches Ben’s head back by gripping his sweat-dampened hair. Each follicle screams in pain. None of that can counter the degree of his sore nipples or the shocks earlier to his overstimulated cock from the bands surrounding it.

Near his ear, Dom quizzes in a sweetness like honey, “So, Slave, what are the safe words recognized?”

“Red, yellow, and green, Mistress,” Ben whispers in obedience with a tremor coursing through his body.

His dick swells painfully hard with lust. Dom’s sexy voice does it. Her touch in roughness thrills him. He can’t stop himself from wanting any of her offerings and what she has in store for him. Yes! Ben stands helpless, tangled in rope equal parts terrified but excited. No dreams compare to any of what he has withstood. The anticipation kills him of the next challenge as much as his urge to come right now.

The pressure builds in his balls, demanding sweet release. His cock aches for stimuli. A firm stroke or two, and he will spill his seed, surely. Pre-cum seeps from him steadily, but he can allow no more. Dom will frown on that and paddle his ass. He’s been warned only to come if she allows it. The problem is she’s very slow to do that very thing. Ben finds the torment cruel.

No sense does any of this make to him, considering the amount of pain he suffers at the hands of his boss. Why or even how it becomes possible that Ben can be so damn aroused baffles him. He denies nothing. The knowledge of his surrender to Dom’s will reflects in her ice-blue eyes when she stares at him.

From the moment Ben works as an intern under Dom, there stands something about this older woman that stirs his lust and fear. Right now, lust edges over the latter. Any fashion he can have this sexy woman fuels his rising desire. Dom crawls under his skin, enslaving him to do her bidding, willingly making him do things like accepting pain to his most intimate body parts. In return, she rewards him. What a treat that is! It hurts so well, and that thinking staggers him most. Ben has no idea there is such a kinky bastard living inside himself. In the past, pain was something he never considered desirable or pleasurable. Dom helps him turn that corner, pleading for more.

“If what I do becomes too intense, and you cannot bear it anymore, you will say what?” Dom questions him in that same breathy voice that oozes sex kitten like everything she does tonight. The way she walks, the bat of her long lashes, the way she touches him. Damn. Too bad she isn’t always like thisThat is an awesome work environment to kill for. His ulcer will be a thing of the past.

“Red,” he pants, concentrating on what she says and not on how his cock seeks to land him in trouble by firing off his cum.

“That’s very good, Slave.” Dom smiles and releases his hair in increments of pressure while holding his hazel eyes with her ice blue.

Submitted: May 19, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.


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red red red....fucking red..... why did you stop?!?!? I was about to...

Fri, May 19th, 2023 6:09pm


Red is a good color on the tush. But this is all about what the domme wants, now isn't it?

Sat, May 20th, 2023 1:45pm


I'm hoping this takes a more turn for Ben's sake and my own!

Fri, May 19th, 2023 9:31pm


Perhaps. I guess its all up to Ben. He seems to be a fast learner. May be interesting to do some more exploring here.

Sat, May 20th, 2023 1:46pm

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