Conversations with Martin Part Three

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Martin's descent continues with some not so gentle prodding. He gets bullies at school.




Martin is slowly brought down through a series of

Internet conversation.




The next conversation:


dale10: well, I thought you were too chicken-shit to

ever get back to me. I thought I'd lost a friend. It

took you long enough.


Martin: I was scared. I almost didn't write back, but I

got real depressed and I wanted to talk to you.


dale10: We have lots to talk about. I can help you

Martin, but you have got to trust me and do what I say.

You have severe sexual problems. I took a close look at

your genital measurements and you have an abnormally

small cock. It may not seem so to you, because many dudes fool

themselves about their own sexual organs. They actually reshape

reality to console themselves, and this can be mentally and

emotionally quite harmful for the boy.  The fact of the matter is,

 you, most likely, could never give a girl sexual pleasure with

your penis. You could satisfy her with your mouth perhaps, but

certainly, not with your dick. Sure, you could probably find some girl

who would like your personality and marry you for that, although

I am not even certain of that, because your sexual hang-ups have affected

 Even that. Even so, any normal girl would never be sexually fulfilled by

That pathetic thimble you have hanging between your legs.

Eventually she would probably have to have some other

guy fuck her, unless she wanted to live her entire life

never having orgasms. I know this is difficult for you to accept

at eighteen. You probably fooled yourself into thinking you had a

whole normal sex life ahead of you.


Martin: My dick doesn't seem that small. I've been

looking at other guys in the locker room and stuff....


dale10: Your dick doesn't seem small cause you look

down at it. If you saw yourself in a mirror next to

another guy in your grade, (and I am talking hard cocked here) you

would see the truth. I saw the measurements. You are

six inches Martin. The average dick length is over

seven. And that's for a boy of fourteen. This might

explain why you have faggot tendencies. You are

insecure with your small equipment, and so you envy dudes who

are hung normally. Your examination of other boys in your gym

class should have made you aware of that. And even if some of

the dudes in your class have small dicks like yours, they are

most likely still much more masculine. I can tell from the pics

you sent me that you are rather faggy and femmy looking.


Martin: I never even thought about it until now. I mean, I know

I am not terribly muscular like some of the guys. But do you think

I look terribly faggy?


dale10: Absolutely. I would use the word “sissy boy.”  Don’t feel

bad, Martin, it’s not your fault. Oh by the way, did you do what I

asked in my short response to the measurements you sent me, and steal

a pair of a boy’s underpants from the locker room?


Martin: Yes, sir. But with checking out dude’s dicks and making a list of

Cock sizes, I almost forgot. I finally was able to steal a pair of underpants

From a kid named Lee while he was showering.


dale10: And they were nice and sweaty like I asked you to make sure they were. And you sealed them in a plastic bag, right? Describe lee for me.

I can look him up in the year book you sent later.


Martin: Well, Lee is this black kid who is a really good athlete. He is not

tall, but he is very strong. He has one of the biggest dicks in the gym class. I do feel inadequate next to him.


dale10: Well here is what I want you to do for me Martin. Get down on the

floor. I assume you are naked for all our chats. I want you to take a picture

Of yourself with Lee’s underpants in your mouth. Kind of like you were a dog

With a toy hanging from your mouth. As soon as we are through talking, send me the pic.


Martin: That is so gross.


dale10: If you ever say that kind of thing again about one of my attempts

to help you, I will disconnect and cut off all contact with you, you

ungrateful little fucker.


Martin: I am sorry, Sir. I really am. It is just that Lee’s underpants really

Stink from sweat and I don’t know what else. He probably jerks off into them.


dale10; Just for that, I want you to suck those underpants clean. You suck them until they are spotless. You could probably use some good male testosterone in your system. It might help your pathetic little dick grow to

Lee’s size. Well, although you are a bit old for this,

there is still time for your penis to grow a bit. The best exercise for that is to do exactly what I recommended, play with it for about five or six hours

every day without cumming. I hope you have not cum since our last conversation.


Martin: No, except maybe in bed at night. The sheet is

stiff with gunk in the morning but I don't know if its

cum or just leaking. I leak an awful lot sir.


dale10: That's good Martin. Are you hard and leaking



Martin: Yes sir, I'm sitting at the computer like you

told me to. The only trouble is I can hardly touch my

dick any more, it feels like it will explode any

second. I am afraid to get dressed.


dale10: About ten minutes before you have to get

dressed, let your prick relax. You'll still feel the

need to cum in your balls, you should be feeling that

all the time now, but try to keep that dick from

shooting.  I want you to increase your hardon masturbation sessions.

I now want you to get your dick hard and leaking once every half hour

While at school, plus the three hours at night.


Martin: Oh God,Sir. This is so difficult. When I get it hard in class,

it doesn’t want to go down, and I have to hold my books in front of me

When I go down the halls cause my dick stays hard, and sometimes, there is

A spot on my pants. You know a sticky spot from the leak.


Dale10:  If you want to conquer this affliction, you have to trust me, Martin. Just ignore the spot on your pants. I am sure most of the kids

won’t see it. And with your small dick, a hardon will just make you look

like one of the jocks when they are flaccid. In fact, you might look

better that way. No holding a book in front of your dick bulge. Remember

you want the guys and girls to see that you are a stud. That you are not



Martin:  I guess. It is just so embarrassing. I mean, I really leak a lot sir.


dale10:  That’s a good sign, Martin. Maybe you are developing some

masculine traits after all. Perhaps you are just a late bloomer.


Martin: Gosh, do you think so, Sir?  That would be so great. I am a nervous wreck lately. And since, I can’t cum, I feel like my dick is always itching and tingling. It drives me nuts sometimes. I feel like if I don’t cum soon,

I will have a nervous breakdown.


dale10 There is another proven way to get your prick

to grow, and make you more masculine, but you are probably too much of a sissy to try it.


Martin: What is that Sir?


dale10: Well, I don't know if I should tell you since

you don't believe me and don't follow my orders...


Martin: I do believe you sir. I know my dick is kinda

small. What is the other way, tell me please.


dale10: Well it's this. To injest the penile fluids to

make you grow. Every time your dick leaks, scoop up the

scum and lick it off your fingers. That will make your

dick grow in no time.


Martin: You gotta be kidding!!!!!


dale10: Were those exclamation points you trying to be

funny or cynical? I told you it was useless to tell

you. And perhaps useless to work with you.


Martin: You are serious?


dale10: I will not kid about a teenage boy’s sexual

problems. Doctors have shown that swallowing your own

penile leakage and even your own urine will help penile

growth, but I wouldn’t ask you to do that. Just get in

the habit when you are alone in the house and naked and

hard...of running your fingers over your piss hole and

then sucking on them, it’s not that gross. Do it every

few minutes without thinking about it. In fac. When you

are getting your dick hard in class every 30 minutes, and

you start to leak, if you cut the pockets of your pants out

as I told you to do, you can just reach in and scoop up the

leak and sick it off your fingers right in class. And that will

also solve the problem of those pecker stains on your pants.  

We should see some penis growth in a few weeks. If you don't believe

me, don't do it.I can't make you do anything. Just

like you never sent me that cock ranking of the guys in

your gym class.


Martin: I did it. I’m still working on it. I almost have it finished.

 I didn't do it at first.I thought about it but didn't know how

to go about it, but I did it in the last couple of

days, some of the guys noticed me looking at their

dicks, and I think they are laughing at me. I told

you I was never too popular to begin with. But I went up to

them naked and talked to them, and I made note of their dick size.

Of course, that is when the dicks are soft. I think some of them are

Making fun of me, so I have to do it carefully.  


dale10: Don't worry what others think of you. You have

to be strong Martin. If you like yourself, they will

like you. Now when can you send me that ranking? And oh

yes, I have a punishment for you for not sending it

sooner. I am sorry but I told you that is how it works.

 I want you to send me a pic of two or three of

the boys in your class in the locker room, bare assed.

You can use your phone, but be careful. You can do

it with them not seeing you, or you can make a kind of

fun game of it. You know, snap them in the shower. Have them

 take one of you, etc. Ask them if you can take pics of them.

You choose how you want to do it, but do it, and do it tomorrow.

 You have pushed your assignments off for too long.


Martin: I was just scared. I did ask Joel Hardy if he

would go to the movies with me, he told me I was a fucking faggot

and to go fuck myself. So there, you see.


dale10: That's a good start Martin, I want you to

follow him around. Find out what kinds of things he's

into and talk about them. And here is your new

assignment for him. Tell him your ma is going away for

the weekend and would he like to sleep over.


Martin: The Hell I will, he'll kill me!


dale10: Goodbye Martin.




(I signed off. But the next day I got pics in the mail

of some of the guys in his gym class, such cuties, and the

pic of him sucking on Lee’s underpants, and also this



"Please don't desert me. I am so lonely and mixed up. You

are like my only friend. I am desperate. I asked Joel Hardy

to sleep over, like you said, and he shoved me down on

the floor of the cafeteria in front of thirty or forty

kids and called me a fucking faggot. He stuck the toe of

his tennis shoe in my mouth. I gagged and coughed. Everybody

roared with laughter. See, what can I do. I am such a fucked-up loser.

Here are the pics your ordered. One is of me, the

second of Mike and Todd and some of the guys in gym class. Mike

teases me a lot, I guess he's okay. He calls me Pussy,

but only in a kidding way, not like some of the others.”



 He also sent the ranking of the dicks of the boys in

his gym class. I'd say our boy Martin was coming along

real well, wouldn't you? Falling apart nicely.

Submitted: September 11, 2021

© Copyright 2022 dale10. All rights reserved.

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