Deceit - NEW Version!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Here is my new revitalized version of Deceit - all in one place with lots of pictures. I hope you like it!

Table of Contents

strawberry red

Martin hadn’t driven his 4x4 since the accident. The bedroom was stifling hot. Sian had set the heating too high. He was claustr... Read Chapter

Morfa Dyffryn Beach

  Martin stood without using his arms, stripped off his olive t-shirt and shorts, and tested the sand with his toes. The ... Read Chapter

rush of guilt

  They’d been trying for a baby ever since. He wondered if he was infertile. Overwhelmed by a rush of guilt to the hear... Read Chapter


  Amber Slick zipped her sage jersey jacket and pulled on some thick grey woolly gloves. Her quarry felt the wind bite hi... Read Chapter

jelly belly

  Amber Slick was divorced, bereaved. Once a slim, attractive brunette, she’d let herself go after the terrible hit and... Read Chapter

broken hearts

Minutes later, a smartly dressed, middle-aged, redhead entered the lounge, biting her lip. Other than the inconspicuous woman seat... Read Chapter


  By any modern standard, Helen Carswell-Jones (she insisted upon retaining her maiden name when she was married) was wel... Read Chapter


  I’m floating. Floating on air. Floating above the coarse, green grass. I struggle to move my arms, my legs. My bare, ... Read Chapter


  Angie sat on the loo, her indigo dress hitched as high as her breasts, her beige satin knickers rolled down to her knee... Read Chapter


  There wasn’t a moment to lose if Helen was to save her best friend’s life. Still wet from her sexy swim, she tousle... Read Chapter


  Roleplay. Martin had engaged in roleplay for clients before as part of their erotic fantasies. But this was the first t... Read Chapter


  Getting the shakes. Struggling to control myself. Angry, feel angry. Frustrated. How long do I have to wait… ‘N... Read Chapter

Step Inside, Love

In Loving Memory of Cilla Black
Read Chapter


  He moulded his body round hers, freeing her, releasing all her pent-up inhibitions, her mournful grief. Languishing und... Read Chapter


  His routine was always the same. He met his client in the bar, went to the room, had paid sex with her, kissed her good... Read Chapter

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