Fat bottomed girls rock the world

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two guys and an over curvy BBG.

‘Whether your night ends in wanking or you score lucky very late into the evening at a club you never can tell; thought Owen.

The temptation was a couple more drinks, make it a binge session with Cameron and worry about the hangover tomorrow. This wasn’t shaping as a good ‘one night stand’ evening.

Cameron was thinking along similar lines. The smallish pool of fem-talent was thinning too quickly. A couple of obvious lezzo pairings, the already taken girlfriends in close embraces with their chosen guy and then in the corners; the strange off limits chicks; the ones whose body language states: ’we are having a girls night’ , then add  the fussy girls who eyes take you in and say: ’no not my type’ and then bitch to each other that they need a fuck and there are no guys available here.

‘Well hello girls; the basic equipment and the willingness to operate it are standard; yet you wouldn’t know it; so choosy, ’ thought Owen.

“Hey Cameron …one for you mate…at the far end of the bar getting drinks, right now.”

Cameron took in the young woman; basic BBG, not what he had planned for his eyes or pecker; a couple of hours ago.

“No mate,” he said with chivalry, “I won’t stand in your way…you go for it… you enjoy a nice cuddle.”

The BBG had just, not being politically correct here; a tad too much butt; even for a butt lover like himself thought Owen.

The prospect of it sitting on your face, well, near unthinkable. He scanned the venue again; one last forlorn time before deciding to call it quits.

“Hey check out her… her…girlfriend;” from a very animated Cameron.

Owen ignored him. The prick was trying to get a rise out of him. Well Owen wasn’t getting suckered in. BBG’s hanging out together.

“Seriously mate, her girlfriend is hot, booty hot, peachy butt; Wow; amazing;” Cameron was using language that he rarely used.

Owen turned around and he didn’t even take a second glance at the BBG next to this classy chassis leaning over the bar talking to the bartender. This was petite butt built for touching. Nature constructed for male gazing and male fondling. She defined butt. She could sit on his face anytime; starting immediately, he thought.

She was flirting with the bartender, the tease, safely; he was a known open gay.

She turned to listen to her BBG. Her face was cute too. Just sometimes great butt or a fantastic chest on a girl got combined with a scowling full-on dyke look and the fantasy was over.

The fantasy remained in overdrive. She was adorable. The innocent girl next door look. Shoulder length brunette hair, soft features, doe eyed brownies. Yes; all the clichéd phrases but they were apt; she had sexy eyes; real heart melting; and super cock raising. Her breasts were complimentary like that extra treat; the free bottle of wine at a classy restaurant. For some reason a snatch of the bible came to mind. The only time as a teenager he had read a passage twice as he made to read the good word every evening, cover to cover. It was the Song of Solomons; ‘your breasts are two fawns; the twins of a gazelle.

Her breasts didn’t look like fawns; it was just poetic and lyrical and that was the mood her breasts set his mind in; tranquil anticipation; the thought of nuzzling in between them. Smelling their fleshiness; touching their girly tenderness, licking their nippled firmness. Ah, dream on boy.

Nature was playing unfair here. Two reasonable looking guys; one stunning girl, they both wanted; but who was going to handle the BBG?

They both wanted the jaw dropping catch. They both knew the two girls would be suspicious when one of them engaged the BBG, while the other small talked butt heaven. Suspecting they both wanted the brunette.

“She’s playing safe,” said Cameron, “she knows she won’t be approached out with her BBG.”

“How to get her?” said Owen

“Let’s use reverse psychology, both of us will focus on the BBG; ignore the stunner; but first we toss for who gets the brunette;” summed up by Cameron with: “Remember the adage of my dad; you don’t look at the mantelpiece when poking the fire.”

Cameron won the toss.

Owen though, ‘Oh well, I’ll just shut my eyes and poke.’

BBG Lauren lit up like it was her birthday, Christmas and numerous lost valentine days all rolled into one. Hell, she never got any male attention, let alone two reasonable guys and both completely ignoring stunning Chelsea. They both wanted to buy her a drink. They both brought her a drink.

Chelsea; the brunette stunner was hanging in on the scene but lost for words. This wasn’t how it worked with her and guys. She dominated. She rocked. She ruled: ‘Hello guys; this is moi.'Her hooters as sexual signage.

Of course, it was Lauren who invited both guys back to her place. She was excited. She was actually thinking she would get to a make a choice here.

Cameron and Owen were in the back of the taxi with Lauren between them.

Chelsea was cooling it in the front with the recent immigrant driver.

She tried a conversation with the cabbie but he was distracted by something behind him.

Chelsea checked the side mirror, no tailgating or cop car, an empty road. She put down the sun visor hoping there was a mirror; there was: ’Well you are a desperate tart,’ was all that crossed her mind as she took in what the driver had been watching for a while.

Lauren was double sampling. Getting a bit of smooch left and right and hands were feeling for her love mountains under her top.

By the time Lauren got everyone a drink and put on some music in the apartment; Chelsea was passing the point of stupefied belief. What the fuck was going on? 

She was dancing alone. Lauren was squeezed indecently between two guys. One pushing into her expansive crotch zone and the other her super generous arse.

Chelsea made her choice. She spat the dummy, threw a tanty and left; really pissed off; giving the: ‘Oh, I have an awful headache ‘excuse.

Owen and Cameron were past the point of creating plan B; so were trapped in the plan of BBG Lauren.  Who putting it politely was ravenous for man in any shape or form: she hadn’t had any, since a guy who was too drunk to remember on New Year’s Eve, and well it was early September.

The guys were both under her on the couch. Lucky there were two, one would never have supported this sexual juggernaut. She was stripping their gear off. Rapid and hasty to get their equipment exposed. Her top and bra were off and the guys took in true mammaries as they were jointly face smothered with over ample flesh. Christ their hands found a different way to hold, squeeze and shape breasts every few seconds. Her stiff pink nipples just demanded licking and sucking and boy did she respond to the effort put in. The guys got excited working a breast each while Lauren’s hands worked up a pecker; left and right.

Lauren; thankfully was under them on the lounge next; but still dominating proceedings. Owen’s cock was in her mouth and Cameron’s pecker getting the titty job of its life. Her hands pressing together her huge marshmallow fun-bags both sides of his meat. He was wrapped like a sausage in the spongiest of softest fresh white bread rolls. It was so good he had to be careful his sauce didn’t jizz out just yet.

Owen was pushing deep into Lauren’s receptive mouth. She shaped her lips to the task perfectly and faultlessly giving head. She was a sucking, slurping; and a slurry machine of building delight.  Applying pressure with her lips and occasionally flicking and licking with her tongue.

Cameron had Lauren’s jeans and panties off but was confronted by heavy resting thighs. Luckily, he knew feminine geography because her pussy was buried in their somewhere. Currently hidden by thigh roly-poly flesh and chubby dumpy plumps of skin folds hanging down from her stomach. He burrowed in; and there was plenty of the standard fem-parts to get excited about; a prominent clit and fleshy pink lips and crinkly light partially shaved brownish pubic hair. She was moist and pliant and moaning. A really good combination.

Cameron thought what the fuck, and just started fucking her. He spread legs; well sort of; if you could actually say he did that; and was in. Their separate parts locked like the last piece slotted into a jigsaw puzzle; full on satisfaction. She was actually a warm tight pussy ride. Her enthusiasm certainly added to the pleasure. She was moaning and looked so goddamn happy to be fucked that it made the fuck really enjoyable for Cameron too.

Cameron shot off his load in excited waves deep in her fleshy folds. She had a smile as wide as her arse. Happy BBG.

Then Owen; asked her to dog it; and he took Lauren’s pussy again from behind. He had quickly developed a bit of a secret big butt fetish and it was exposed here. Sure, he was in her slutty slit as a second cock but it was warm and inviting and she was writhing around in pleasure. A guy likes that; it confirms he’s doing the job for the lass and having fun himself.

Cameron was rooted; just relaxing as Owen was really enjoying dogging this BBG.

Cameron was thinking: ‘variety is the spice of life.’ Lauren was unexpected variety alright.

Lauren was having the night of her life. Christ, she was only twenty-two and this sort of double action might not happen in the next twenty-two years. She was going to make a night of it.

It was the flesh in flesh moment; lots of flesh; copious flesh; over abundant flesh; the flesh feast of life and Owen was addicted to BBG. He wasn’t going to tell Cameron straight to his face but as he 'came' over Lauren’s butt flesh, he was secretly planning time with this awesome big bottomed girl; alone.

He was after jizz release male over confident; he could handle Lauren; he could handle, well flesh handles and flesh wobble or so he thought.

Then he hit full male sexual trepidation as she moved to sit on his face…

Submitted: September 09, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Just goes to prove Shakespear was right.lol!!
A rose by any other name.
I loved the "read".

Wed, September 22nd, 2021 8:25am

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