Conversations with Martin Part Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

The author's conrol over eighteen year old Martin becomes more complex. the boy seems to be a natural submissive.

Conversations with Martin Part Twoby dale10


(Note this is a work of  fantasy fiction and the author does not condone any of the behavior in the story.)



This is an account of my online interaction with an 18 yr old high school student.


dale10: Hi, Cocksucker, how's it hanging?


Martin: Why the fuck do you call me that? Now I don’t know if I wanna talk to you. That is a terrible thing to say.


dale10: Oh come buddy, loosen up. I know you haven't

sucked dick. I am just trying to get you to relax a little. But we have established that you probably are a faggot, haven't we? And that means that sooner or later, you will most likely be sucking some cock, so you might as well get used to it. Hey, Martin, it’s not a put down. It's not an insult for

a faggot to be a cocksucker. You should be proud. Fuck, you are so uptight.


Martin; But I haven't done it, and I'm not even sure I'm

gay. Maybe I'm Bi. Maybe I'm just going through a

phase. You make me very nervous. I am insecure enough as it is.


dale10: Well, from our work last time, I'm pretty sure

you are a faggot. I'm just trying to help you. I mean,

when you finally face the truth, guys are probably

going to call you cocksucker all the time, and I'm just

trying to get you used to that kind of thing. Are you

bare assed?


Martin: Yeah, you said I should be around the house. It

felt weird at first, but it actually does feel good.


dale10: There you go. You've got to trust me more. I

wouldn't lead you astray. I've been there, I've worked

with lots of troubled teens. So just relax...put your

naked feet up on the computer table on both sides of

the screen and gently jerk your prick while we talk.


Martin: Oh God, this feels so perverted.


dale10: Hey, fag, why are you only a junior in high school

if you are 18?  Don’t they make fun of you?


Martin: Some of the jocks do. I missed a year cause I was

Sick for a while. I had like a nervous breakdown.  And yeah, you ae right, some of the jocks do call me faggot and cocksucker. I hear them.


dale10: You see how much better it is when you are honest?

I sensed that about you. Im glad you told me you had a breakdown,

That will change how I treat you while I help you. So you are at

Your desk with your feet up and spread, and you are jerking your meat, right?


Martin:  Yes, Sir.  It feels so perverted.  


Dale10:Yeah, but so damned good, hey? So, tell me,

Cocksucker, have you been following my advice in school

and at home... keeping that pecker hard but not cumming?


Martin: Yeah, I don't know how many days I can go like

this. I feel ashamed to tell you this but I was leaking

all over the place in my pants today at school. I was so ashamed

and afraid someone would see.


dale10: But it did feel awesome, didn't it dude? It made

you feel special like you had some secret no one else

was a part of.


Martin: Yeah, I guess.


dale10: Martin, I want you to cut out the bottom of

your pants pocket so you can reach in your pocket and

play with your dick in school right in front of the

other guys and they will never know. I want you to finger that

pecker as much as you can all day in school. Get aroused by the

cool jocks and the cunts too if you must. Try to keep your pecker hard

right in front of them. It will give you a sense of power and

strength. At first it will feel frightening and awkward, but soon

you will feel a sense of sexual power you never felt before.

 I want you to keep a list for us, of which guys make you sexually the hottest, write down their names for me. Which guys make your dick the

hardest. It will be easy to figure out, believe me. And I also want you to start noticing guys in the locker room. I want you to send me a list of the

guys in your gym class who have the biggest dicks and



Martin: That's gross.


dale10: It's important. If you are gay Martin, you have

to accept the fact that your main interest in life will

be cock. If you are not, then you will lose interest

and soon find out. It’s a good safe test. I'm trying to

help here.


Martin: I know you are, but it’s so freaky, me walking

around school with a hard on half the day, and now you

want me to scope the dudes in the locker room. How can

I do that?


dale10: I bet your dick is wet now, just talking about it with me.

And it’s not as difficult as you think. Wander around the locker room after gym class and just talk to the guys. Don't check them in the showers,

cause the water causes some of the guys to shrink. And you don’t want

to see that. Check them by their lockers when they first strip off

their jocks. Or, after they towel off when their dicks

get a chance to fill out a bit, and hang all nice and thick.

Notice how their meat hangs and swings. I want you to look carefully

 At how that teenage fuckmeat hangs and swings. These boys are seniors

and just on the edge of full animal manhood. I want you to try to estimate how big the biggest dicks in your gym class are. I want names

Martin, and tell me something about them. Tell me what you know about

them.  If you can, send me pics of them... even better... not in the locker

room of course. Just average pics you know, hanging

out, in school, feeling up their cuntfriends, you know.  


Martin: Won't they think something is weird if I wander

around the locker room talking to them and looking at

them. I don't talk to the jocks very much. I'm kind of

a loner. I don’t really have anything in common with them.


dale10: So they don't suspect anything, tell you what.

You be bare assed make them comfortable. Walk

around bare assed and talk to them, then they will

learn to accept you. You’ll just be one of the guys.

At first they may not accept you, but give it some time.

You have to do this Martin, to help yourself.


Martin: Most of the guys put towels around their



dale10: But you don't, see, to show the guys you are

normal and comfortable with your masculinity. You are a

real male, just like they are. Let your dick swing free.

Be proud of it. It will make them respect you.

You walk around bare assed naked and comfortably talk to

 them about their girlfriends, or movies or sports or whatever.

 And the jocks have to take the towels off before they dry off and get

dressed, and that's when you check out their fuckmeat.

Come on Martin, don't be a pussy now. You gotta let me

help you. We have to get you over this social shyness.

Look at the guys in health clubs, normal healthy guys

walking around buck ass naked all the time. And you are

being such a pussy. You don't want to get a bad

reputation, do you?


Martin: No. You are right, I am so damned shy. I won't

even use the toilet when another guy is in there.


dale10: You see, that's all sexual hang-up. We have to

get you over that. You want to have a good life, don't

you, not hide away your whole life.


Martin: Yeah, shit now I feel bad. My dick even went



dale10: Well don't feel bad, and get that dick hard. I

want it hard when we talk. I want the head of it wet.

 Now, tomorrow you start scoping out the jocks. I want

 A full report. Tell you what. Not only who has the biggest dicks,

but every guy in your gym class. I want you to rank them. Rank them by dick

size and send me a list. I know this may take a few days.

So, I want to know which boy has the biggest dick down to which one has the

smallest dick.  


Martin: But some guys look small when they are soft and

I don't ever see them hard. How can I tell who is

really big?


dale10: A very good question. Well, you'll be able to

see which jocks are obviously hung like fucking

horses, but as to the others, try to count the

wrinkles in their flaccid dicks. Lots of wrinkles means

and a dick grows quite big when it gets erect. Few wrinkles means

 its pretty small. So, check out which dudes have lots of dick wrinkles.


Martin: You want me to count all the wrinkles of all

the dicks of all the guys in my gym class?


dale10: It's a start Martin. I tis helping us explore your sexuality,

and to make you more self-confident around males.  I also want

 to know which boys have the biggest balls. Check out their fuck sacks

when you are scoping their fuckmeat. Check carefully. I want to know

if one of their nuts hangs lower than the other. I need you to do this

for every boy in your gym class.  I also want you to mail to

my private mailbox, a yearbook from your school. Now

don't worry, I won't share it with a living soul. I

want to see your fellow students Martin so that when you talk to me

about this or that jock, I can have an image in my mind. You start

on this tomorrow Martin, without fail.  I want the dick sizes of three

of four boys every day. By the end of the week I want

the entire gym class ranked, Now, on a slightly different

subject, but connected, which boys in your school

are the most famous girl-fuckers. You know, the studs

everybody knows fuck girls like crazy. There might be some correlation

between which boys have the biggest pricks and which boys are the best

girl fucker.  


Martin: Well, Joel Hardy...he's a mean bastard. He's

fucked more than one girl pregnant. Only, the girls are

afraid of him now cause he's so rough, but he still

always gets them. He's not on any teams or anything and

not a good student. But he's still popular as a party

animal. He gets invited everywhere and everyone always

plays up to him. And rumor has it he fucks a different

girl every few weeks.


dale10: Good, he sounds like a nice boy. We'll start your socializing

 with him. I want you to ask him to go to the movies with you.


Martin: Are you crazy? I can't do that. He'd beat the

shit out of me. He's a big tough straight dude,first of all, and I can't

ask him to go out!


dale10: Just ask him if he'd like to hang out with you

sometime... catch a flick. Keep it casual. I want you to

become better at social interaction. You need to build self confidence.

 Tell him you'll treat him to the movies.


Martin: Jesus, guys don’t do that with other guys. He'll call me a fag.


dale10: Oh come on, you are too uptight about your

homosexuality. Lots of high school dudes go to movies

together, it’s no sexual thing. You have such fucking stupid

hang-ups.  Just try to be friendly. That's your assignment for tomorrow. I consider it done! Now also continue the jerking and leaking and

make sure you don't cum. Three hours a night and once

an hour in school. Send me couple more pics of yourself

tonight. I need something artistic. Tell you what, send me a nice picture of yourself naked in the bathroom. Be on all fours like a dog or something, and  just for fun, open your mouth as wide as you can. It will be fun. Can you do that for me? I want to help you get over your shyness.  


Martin: I guess I can do that. I get really ashamed though.


dale10:  That’s okay. That’s fine. Just do it. Send it as soon as we are off.  Now, I want you to do some measurements for me. I want to see if you are adequately hung. Sometimes, guys become faggot cocksuckers because their dicks or balls are inadequate, and they are afraid to date girls. So, I

want the following measurements. Length of dick soft, length of dick hard. circumference of dick root and helmet. Length of piss hole. Length of balls in a relaxed state. Circumference of each nut. Distance from

rear of nut sack to asshole opening. And I want you to

also weigh your dick and your balls for me, each of them

alone and then the entire package.


Martin: This is too fucking freaky.


dale10: Come on Martin, you're not a little kid. This

is nothing a good doctor wouldn't do. Now I'll sign off

and when you finish email me the results, and the picture, Ok? And

Martin...don't...I repeat, don't shoot off. You are not to cum. And if you

Do fail me and lose a load, you have to tell me and you know you must be

punished. Now I never want to damage our friendship by having to

punish you. So, control that dick. Keep it hard and leaking, but do not

cum. You have a busy day tomorrow. Make me proud of you buddy. And send

that pic, mail me that year book, and start collecting dick data on your new friends at school. Don’t forget to ask Joel to the movies.

Your best friend  dale10  

Submitted: September 08, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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