Chapter 5: Chapter 5

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 5

 You could see her ass cheeks and the bottom of her cun lips below the bottom of her ass crack. With her feet spread like they were it was easy to see them.

 I saw him staring at her bent over the way she was and said to him, "She's got nice ass doesn't she."

When I looked down I saw that his cock was already hard and could tell that he didn't have any underwear on holding it against his body. With the tent it was making under the front of his shorts he couldn't have been wearing any.

 Em came back and handed him his money. Looking at her tits while putting it in his pocket he said, "You two have created a big problm for me. I'm not sure which shift lever knob I'm going to be holding when I drive away from your house."

 Em looked and said, "What are you talking about? Cars only have one shift lever. Where's the second one?"

 Pointing to his cock he said, "Right here!"

 Em and I both snickered when he said that. Em pouted and said, "It's not fair you know.  You can see all of the good parts on us. You have all of your clothes on and we can't see any of yours or your thing." I said, "Yeah, to be fair you should show it to us.,"

 He caught on pretty quickly. After stripping his shirt off and throwing on the floor he undid his shorts and let them fall down. Stepping out of them Em and I could see how big his cock was with it pointing straight out at us when he said, "There you go. Is this fair enough for you? Can you see everything you wanted to see now?"

 Em and I both gasped when we saw his coch. Without a measuring tape I had to guess how long it was. I guessed it had to be at east eight or nine inches long. Looking at it I said, "Can we touch it? It's bigger than any of the boys cocks in our class at school that we have sucked or fucked this year."

 Without waiting for him to answer we both got down on our knees with our mouths only inches away from his cock's swollen head. I reached up and wrapped my fingers around it loosely at the bottom of it above his balls. Ems hand joined mine on it above mine doing the same thing. Even with both of our hands holding it there was still a little of its shaft and all of its head showing past her fingers.

 When we started squeezing it he stared moving his hips back and forth like we were trying to jerk him off for a fist fuck and make him cum. Looking down he said, "If you want me to make cum I want it to be in one of your mouths or cunts not in your hands."

 Em and I took turns moving our mouths ahead and giving the end of it a couple of little licks before moving them down over its head taking it in our mouths and giving it a little suck.

 Letting go of it we then turned our bodies around in front of him side by side we got don on our knees. Leaning forwrd with the bottom half of our arms on the floor to support us we spread our knees and lifted our asses up.

 He got down on his knees between my legs and holding his cock rubbed the head of it up and down through my cunt's lips to spread them apart and get it wet. He then slowly started pushing his cock all of the way in and out of my vagina.

 I had never felt that full of cock in my life. When he started speeding up and pounding it in as far as it would go I felt myself on the verge of cumming when I felt it start to throb.

 He had amazing self control and kept pounding it in and out holding back and not cumming even when I started to cum on it. My whole body shook when he shoved it in all of the way while I came all over it. He held his whole cock inside of me until I was done. I collapsed forward hitting my head on the floor when he pulled his cock back out of me.

 I watched him move over behind Em between her legs and do the same thing to her with the same results when he fucked her. I was amazed when I saw that hiis cock was still hard when it came out of her.

 I couldn't believe he still hadn't cum yet. Moving around in front of us he told us to sit up with our asses on top of the bottom half of our legs. He told us, "I can't cum in both of your cunts or mouths so you're going to have to share it. Open your mouths."

 Standing there his cock was only inches away from our open mouths. We watched as he started to squeeze and stroke it. His hand moved slowly along it at first. He soon stated speeding up he pounding the hell out of it.

 When we heard him cry out FUUUCK, cum started shooting out of his cock. Blast after blast shot out of his huge cock's head as he moved it back and forth from one of our mouths to the other one feeding it to us. There was more cum that came out of him than I had ever seen come out of any boy's cock that I had ever jerked off. He used the last of it that he squeezed out when he was done to paint our lips when we closed our mouths.

 We stayed down on the floor and watched him get up and get dressed and leave. After he got dressed and left we stood up and started kissing. We could both taste his cum on our lips the whole time that we were kissing.

 The pizza was cold by the time we were ready to eat so we microwaved it and ate it sitting on her parents couch while we watched her porn movie again. When we were done eating Em moved closer to me and we cuddled togther while watching it. My fingers restng on the top of her thigh started sqeezong it when we got to the part hee the two girls started scissoring and pulling their cunts gainst each other.

 "Em, have you ever done anthing like that? With the look on their faces when their eyes squeezed shut when they came it must feel really good."

 "Yes I have and it's one of my favorite things to do with another girl Lisa, Feels really good doesn't reay describe how it feels. It feels a lot like fucking only it's a lot nicer. You don't have a cock stretching your vagina making it hurt if the guy has a really huge one and he takes a long time to cum after you do."

 "With another girl you can both make each other have as many orgasms as you want and still be able to walk without it hurting the next da If you want to try doing it later when w go to bed tonight I'll show you how it's done if you want try doing it with me."

 "Em, I'm really horny right now after watching those two  porn queens doing it and and there isn't anything good on tv tonight. Why wait? It's almost time for bed already, why don't we just do it right now?"

 When I said that Em got a big smile on her face and stood up. Taking my hand she led me into her room. When we got in there I think the idea of us doing it together had turned her on so much she literally pulled me into her bed with her. We arranged her pillows on the bed at either end of it so we each had one when we laid down. We got into the correct position to do it with our legs overlaping and our pussies close to each other.

  Holding my one leg just below my knee she said. "Hold mine and we'r all set to go. Just do what I do to start. The rest will happen on its own without any more instructions after our cunts touch each other."

 I did the same thing she did when she started pulling on my leg so I dd the same to hers. When our pussies met I could feel hers was just as wet as mine was. Following her lead we both started wiggling our asses around moving our lips around on each other. She was right. It felt just as good if not better with them rubbing on each other like they were than having a boy's cock getting pushed into you. I could feel her ass cheeks moving on my leg each time we pulled our cunts together.

 The harder and faster we pulled on our legs pulling our cunts together the better it felt. We were bot so wet from our juices coming out of us I could hear squishing like sounds coming from between our legs the first time we came. It hapened at almost the same time for both of us.

 "Holy fuck Em. I have never felt anything that good when getting fucked by a boy. Our juices coming out off us and mixing together when we came felt so fucking hot I can't believe it. I never felt that good when I came getting fucked by a boy's cock. If it's that good every time I could turn into a lesbian and give up cocks forever. Why do you still like being fucked by boys"

 "Lisa, I cum harder with another girl but could neve give up cocks. Cunts and cocks were created by nature to be used together. I thought I could be satisfied going without getting fucked by a boy's cock and even tried to for a few years after the first time I did what we just did.

 The urge to get fucked with a cock never went away completely and it kept coming back. I know you too well and know that the same thing will happen to you if you try to give cocks up. That's why I am bisexual instead of being a full time lesbian.

 We talked about it for a long time before we went to sleep. The next morning after we ate Em said, We've got to wash my bedsheets before my parents get home. My room, especially my sheets smell like we had an orgy in there while they were way.. They smell of our juices so much my mom is going to put two and two together and figure out what we did while they were gone."

 Before her parents were due to home later sitting on her bed together after cleaning the room and washing her bedsheets cudling still naked she surprised me with something she did. Telling me to shut my eyes and cover them with my hands so I couldn't peek because she had a surprise she wanted to show me. After I did I heard her go to her closet and start searching through it.

 Hard as it was to do I kep my eyes closed and covered wondering what she was doing until a minue or so later she came back and said, "Ok Lisa, you can look now. This is for our next sleepover."

  When I opened my eyes I would have crapped my drawers if I had been wearing any. She broke out laughing when she saw the look my eyes when I saw what she had on between her legs. She was standing only a few feet away in front of me wearing a big life like flesh tone strap on cock complete with a pair of balls hanging down under it. 

 It looked like it had been made from a mold of the pizza boy's huge cock that he had used to fuck us wih the night before. It was was as thick and long as his was pointing straight out at me.

 When she told me it had a vibrator built in with three speed settings I tried to reach out and touch it. I wanted to find out if what they had used to make  it with felt as much like a real cock as it looked like and how it felt with the vibrator turned on. Em pushed my hand away and told me that I would have to wait unil we used it on each other the next time we had a sleepover or played hooky when our parens were at work

 When I was back home in my own hed that night I couldn't heep my fingrs of of o out of my pussy recalling what we had done. That was one sleepover that I will never forget. I cant wait for the next one.

To maybe continued some day in the future



Submitted: October 06, 2021

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You are hard at work making this story real and exciting.
Really sexy "read".

Thu, October 7th, 2021 12:33am


Thanks. I'm glad you liked it

Sun, October 17th, 2021 11:03am


A very Randy sleepover, just the kind of thing that would keep anybody busy!!!

Fri, October 8th, 2021 11:18pm


It sure did for them.
Thanks for the comment

Sun, October 17th, 2021 11:06am


Sure wish I were the pizza guy!

Fri, October 8th, 2021 11:19pm


LOL So do I

Sun, October 17th, 2021 11:07am

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