Chapter 2: chapter 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 2

 As we undressed, once we were naked, Emily commented on my bald pussy when I took my panties off. There was a big smile on her face. Licking her lips she said, "Hmmm, trying something new downstairs are we Lisa? It looks really pretty to me like that."

 I giggled and replied, "Yeah. I thought it might feel nicer when I touch myself at night in my bed. I liked how yours looked when you showed me how yours looked the last time you had it waxed. I thought it looked really pretty like that and kind of sexy too so I decided to try it."

 "I love how smooth it feels with no hair on it when I touch myself down there now. Ever since I had it done I can't keep my fingers off of it. I have been wondering what it would feel like to have another girl doing things with me like those two girls in the movie did with each other."

 "Well I like how smooth yours looks Lisa." she said. "With those little tits of yours they make your small body look like you are a 13 or 14 year old virgin ripe for the picking by a boy or even another girl." She reached over and slowly ran her fingertips slowy through my cunt lips and over my pubic mound above them.

 "Wow Lisa, your pussy feels so smooth. They did a really good job on you. Your skin there feels so soft. I bet the boys are really going to like kissing and  licking your cunt with it like that before they fuck you."

 "Come on Lisa, lets get in bed." she said. " I hope you don't mind but lately I have started sleeping naked. You should try it sometime. You, or somebody else with you, can have a lot more fun touching your body once the lights are out and you don't have any sleep clothing on getting in the way of their fingers."

 The look in her eyes the way she looked at me when she said, or somebody else, more or less confirmed the second part of the rumors and she really was bi and she wanted to be my somebody else.

 Mind? My vagina started tingling on the inside of it at the thought of being in her bed naked next to her after she touched me between my legs so I climbed into bed with her without putting my sleep clothes on. Before I could cover myself up she reached over and tweaked my swollen nipples and gave my firm little breasts a short playful squeeze. My nipples had gotten hard from watching the movie and looking at her naked body.

 Em smiled at me and giggled. "Are you a horny right now as I am now Lisa? Your nipples feel like two little bullets." My cunt lips had never got wet as fast as it did then when her fingers first touched me there.

 "Yeah, I guess I am kinda Em. That scene in the movie where the two naked girls our age kissed and licked each others pussies was so hot it got to me. Did it get to you too?"

 "Oh my God yes Lisa. It made my cunt's lips get so wet they felt like I had peed my panties,"

 When she said that I asked her, "Em, have you ever kissed or touched another girl? If you have, how did it feel when you did?"

 "Sure. Haven't you? It made me feel all tingly inside when we did. It feels so different with another girl than it does when you are kissing boys. Their lips are so much softer than boys are and girls are way better kissers." She moved closer to me and put one hand around the back of my neck. Her other hand rested on my hip when she said, "Want to try doing it it with me?"

  Trying not to sound too eager I said, "Ok, I guess we could try it once. I have been dreaming about kissing another girl for the last year wondering what it would feel like. I was always naked when we did it in my dreams. Sometimes it was even with you." Without giving me a chance to change my mind she pulled our bodies together and moved her mouth close to mine.

 I could feel the nipples on her breasts pressing in on mine and her hot breath on my lips when my eyes closed just before her lips touched mine. My whole body felt like it was on fire inside pressed against hers when our lips met.

 The kiss felt so much different than when a boy kisses me with our breasts touching each other. Her lips are plumper than mine and when we kissed it felt amazingly hot when mine sank into them.

 I felt like I never wanted the kiss to end but too soon it did. She pulled her head back and said, "Ooh, I think you liked that little girl. I could feel your heart beating a hundred miles an hour right through your little tit. How did you like it?"

 "Oh my God Em. That was the hottest kiss I have ever had. You were right, girls do kiss better than boys. I love the way you kiss and I loved how your tits felt pressing against mine too. Is it ok if I try touching them?"

 Emily moved back letting our bodies move apart a little. She took hold of my wrist and pressed my hand onto her breast. Her nipple felt so big compared to mine pressing into my palm down on it. Her tits are a full size bigger than mine and not quite as firm as mine are. I felt my fingers sink right into the sides of it when I pushed her onto her back.

 She looked up at me and smiled as I explored both of her breasts with my fingertips. She gasped and I felt her body stiffen when I pressed my finger tip on one of her nipples and moved it around in a small circle on it and her darker areola under it.

 "Holy fuck Lisa, where did you learn to do that so good?" I giggled and said, "In my bed silly girl. I have tits too you know. I love how it feels doing that to mine."

 Emily reached behind my head and pulled our mouths together again. That time her tongue parted my lips and pushed itself into my mouth a little. When she did that I started sucking on it like it was a cock trying to pull more of it in my mouth. She did the same thing to mine when I let hers go.

 When the kiss ended we just laid there on our sides looking into each others eyes with naughty smiles on our faces. She was the first to speak. "Lisa, do you want to try doing some of the other things those two girls were doing with each other in that movie to see what it feels like?"

 I was breathing so hard, almost panting, from our kiss I couldn't speak so I just nodded my head.

 To start we just laid there for a while giving each other short little butterfly kisses and touching each others tits. "Oh Em, your breasts are beautiful. They feel so nice and soft with my fingers pressing into them. I wish mine were as big as yours. I want to try kissing them. I love having mine kissed and getting my nipples sucked. I want to see what a it feels like to be doing that to yours or havibg you suck mine."

 Without saying anything Em reached behind my head and pulled my mouth down onto to the nipple on her right breast. I couldn't believe how much nicer it felt than sucking on the boys little nipples that so many of them wanted me to do quite often during foreplay.

 Her swollen pink nipple in the middle of her darker areola under it was so much bigger than any of boys nipples I had ever sucked. Kissing all over her breast was better too. Her skin felt so much softer there on my lips and there wasn't any chest hairs on it like boys our age have.

 Lifting my head up she started kissing me again when her hand moved onto my ass cheek. Pulling me against her she started grinding her puffy mound against mine. The feeling of her pubic bone pressing in on me sent shivers through my whole body while we kissed.

 Pushing me onto my back without breaking our kiss Em used her knees to spread my legs apart when she moved her body up on top of mine. Her knees pressed in against the insides of mine spreading my legs open like boys do when they are trying to get their cocks into you.

 It felt even better with her naked body on top of me. Her bigger breasts flattened out covering mine completely with them with her nipples touching mine. I loved how it felt with the soft warm skin of her thighs touching mine when she moved in between them.

 When Em started humping her pussy down aginst mine I moved my hands onto her ass cheeks. Digging my fingernails into them I pulled us together tighter and started doing the same thing back to her as what she was doing to me.

 What we were doing felt almost like we were fucking each other. The only thing missing was some cock meat. She was pushing her cunt down on mine and I was pushing mine up on hers. I felt the lips of my pussy getting even wetter as we ground our pussies together against each other.

Submitted: September 10, 2021

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a really good narrative of a man seeing it from a girls'perspective.
As you said "girl on girl" is not complete without a strap-on.
I sometimes wonder how many married women just want their husbands' cock.
Most married women are "all over" their girlfriends. Wink!!.

Fri, September 24th, 2021 2:01am

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