Chapter 9: CHAPTER 9

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Mary struggled to carry all of the packages upstairs on her aching feet.
After the second trip everything was in the bedroom and Mary began putting
all of the new clothing away.  She placed the "toys" on the bed with the 6"
heels as Lisa had requested.  When everything was done as ordered she
wanted to sit and rest her feet but she remember what happened the last
time she sat without permission.  Her plugged ass was now just
uncomfortable as she adjusted to the invasion but her nipples were aching
and irritated from the clamps and rubbing on the material of her short top.

   Suddenly she heard Lisa coming up the steps.

   "Take off you skirt and top Mrs.  C.  I'll be in in a minute," called

   Mary removed her top and was shocked to see her nipples so swollen and
red.  She dropped her skirt to the floor and was just bending to pick it up
when Lisa walked in.

   "You have a pretty good ass Mrs.  C.  How does the plug feel?"

   The red faced teacher straightened quickly and answered, "It is
uncomfortable Ms.  Simon."

   When Mary turned Lisa said, "My, my look at those nipples," reaching out
and twisting the clamped right nipple.

   "Ahhhhhhhhh" screamed Mary as pain shot through her abused nipple.

   "Does that hurt Mrs.  C.?" asked Lisa twisting the left nipple.

   "YESSSSSS.....Please Lisa stop".

   Reaching out and violently twisting both nipples, "Lisa is it"

   "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww....Sorry Ms.  Simon...SORRY"

   "That's better," replied Lisa as she released the swollen twisted
nipples.  "Let's see what we have here," said Lisa ignoring the sobs of her
teacher.  "First Mrs.  C.  come over her and bend over so I can inspect
your plug," ordered Lisa as she sat on the bed.

   Mary reluctantly moved to Lisa and turning bent over showing her student
her ass.

   "Reach back and spread your cheeks." demanded Lisa.

   Mary reach back and slowly spread her ass exposing her plugged ass hole
to Lisa.

   Lisa leaned forward and tapped the end of the plug sending shock waves
through the teachers ass.  " I can't wait until we can get this one in
you," said Lisa picking up the largest of the three butt plugs.  "Turn
around and spread your legs Mrs.  C."

   Mary turned and spread her legs before for student.

   Lisa reached out and run her finger up Mary's bare soaked slit.  "MRS.
C. you really like this don't you?"

   The mortified teacher wanted to die of embarrassment.  How could she be
excited by this treatment yet her pussy was soaked.  "What is wrong with
me" she thought.  "No Ms.  Simon I do not enjoy this treatment."

   "Then explain to me why you are dripping like a faucet."

   "I can't explain that Ms.  Simon" whispered Mary.

   "Lick my fingers clean you horny old teacher," demanded Lisa as she
placed her fingers in front of Mary's crimson face.

   Mary extended her tongue and licked her our juices from her student's
fingers.  How low had she sunk.

   Lisa then placed the ankle and wrist cuffs on her teacher And ordered
her to change into the 6" heels.

   Mary's poor feet protested but she forced them painfully into the heels
and buckled the ankle straps.

   "Mrs.  C.  I want you to squat and place the tip of your vibrator into
that dripping hole.  Squat low enough to keep it inside you."

   Mary struggled to squat in the impossibly high heels and finally managed
to balance with the tip of her vibrator nested inside her embarrassingly
wet pussy.

   "Turn it on Mrs.  C."

   Mary turned on the vibrator and immediately felt the pleasure it brings

   "Suck on this Mrs.  C.," said Lisa handing her teacher the long, thick,
black cock she had picked out at the adult store.

   "Now pay attention Mrs.  C.  I'm going to give you an assignment to be
completed immediately.  If you fail you will be punished .  Do you

   "Yes Ms.  Simon" said the sucking teacher around the rubber cock in her

   "You are to give that black cock the best blow job you know how.  You
need to practice for the real thing.  While you are doing that you are to
slid up and down on the vibrating plastic in you hole.  You are not
permitted to orgasm without my permission.  If you do you will be sorry. 
If I don't think you are fucking your self well enough or giving a
respectable blow job you will be punished.  Now get moving."

   As Mary began to work on the hard black rubber cock in her mouth and
gingerly to slide up and down her vibrator she could immediately feel her
orgasm coming.  She was so hot and this was too much stimulation.

   FLASH, FLASH as Lisa snapped picture after picture of the teacher
struggling to keep from the inevitable.  Just as Lisa could see her teacher
reaching the point of orgasm she reached out and released the left nipple

   "Ahhhh' screamed Mary as the pain of the clamp coming off and the blood
returning to the abused nipple coursed through her body.  Her orgasm
delayed again but it began building again quickly.

   She was slobbering all over the rubber cock as she sucked and her legs
were screaming in pain as she bounced up and down the vibrating plastic. 
Her face was red and her body covered in sweat as she worked to reach the
peak yet not wanting to reach it.  She was so confused.

   Just then Lisa released the right nipple and the pain came back

   She didn't care if Lisa took pictures, she didn't care if she would be
punished she had to cum.  The vibrator was bumping the plug in her ass on
the down stroke causing a vibration in both holes.  It was too much.

   "OOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhh.....AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh screamed Lisa as she
crumpled to the floor in the midst of the most intense orgasm she had ever
had in her life.  She was writhing around the floor the pain and
humiliation forgotten.  Everything was center on her exploding pussy as the
vibrator fell to the floor.


   After Mary calmed down and realized what had happen she knew she was
lost forever.  She did get off on this treatment.  She had never felt
anything like that ever before.  She looked up and saw her tormentor and
knew she was in for a long long period of use and abuse.  Her fear was her
husband and particularly her daughter.

   "Mrs.  C.  you didn't behave yourself."

   "Red faced Mary replied ,"Sorry Ms.  Simon"

   "Well lets see.  You made quite a mess on the floor there and you need
to clean that up first."

   Mary started to get up to get a rag.

   "No,no Mrs.  C.  lick it up."

   Mary dropped to her hands and knees and began to lick her juices from
the floor her plugged ass high in the air.  As her tongue ran over the
floor she wondered what else would happen.

   When Mary had licked the floor clean and cleaned the vibrator with her
tongue Lisa ordered her to remove the plug from her ass.  FLASH

   "Now lick it clean," ordered Lisa after Mary had managed to get the plug
out by stretching her tight ring and pulling hard.

   Mary raised the plug to her mouth and gagging, she began to lick it
clean.  She was thankful she didn't throw-up because she was sure Lisa
would make her clean that up too.

   Once everything was cleaned and put away for the night Lisa put the
penis gag in Mary's mouth and taking her by the leash led her down stairs
and out into the back yard.  There Mary was ordered to lie down in the
grass and her ankle cuffs were locked together and her wrists were locked
behind her.  "You will sleep her and think about your failure to follow
orders Mrs.  C.  Tomorrow we will discuss the future." said Lisa as she
tossed a towel on the ground.  "It is a little chill out here.  Use this
for blanket," said Lisa as she turned and walked into the house leaving her
teacher dressed in only garters and heels, bound and gagged in the dark
cold yard.

Submitted: September 06, 2021

© Copyright 2021 LValentine. All rights reserved.


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