Chapter 8: CHAPTER 8

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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The sobbing teacher was startled back to reality by the sound of voices
as two ladies entered the restroom.  She looked at the plug in her hand and
thought, 'This will never fit inside me'.  She opened the tube of lubricant
and applied it gingerly to the plug.  Then she reached back and put some
lubricant on her ass hole.  She attempted to slide her finger inside to get
some gel inside.  She wanted to wait until no one was in the restroom to
try and insert the plug but it seemed as one left someone else came in and
she knew she had already been gone much too long.

   Reaching back she placed the tip of the plug on her ass hole and began
to push.  'I knew it was too big' she thought.  She pushed harder and the
tip began to spread the tight ring.  Once it started with constant pressure
it moved into her ass.  The pain was not as much as she had feared but it
felt so uncomfortable.  Suddenly the widest part slipped past the tight
ring and the plug was locked into place.  She stood and the feeling of the
plug in her was very very uncomfortable.  She straightened her skirt ,what
little there was of it, and opened the stall door.  She washed her hands
and fixed her make-up as best she could since she had not been permitted to
bring her purse with her and walked back to the table carrying the tube of
lubricant.  Each step reminded her that her ass was filled with what felt
like a 2 x 4.

   "You were gone a long time.  Have any problems filling that virgin ass
hole Mrs.  C."

   Red faced Mary replied, " I'm sorry it took so long Ms.  Simon."

   "Your salad and bread sticks are here.  I want you to place a bread
stick in your dipping hole and leave it there until I tell you to remove
it." ordered Lisa.

   The horrified teacher picked up a bread stick and carefully reached
under the table to push it into her pussy which was to her further
embarrassment very wet, as it always seemed to be anymore.

   "Be sure it doesn't fall out on the floor Mrs.  C.  Now eat your salad
with your fingers.  Pets don't use silverware."


   "But what Mrs.  C.  Be thankful I'm allowing you to sit and that I
didn't ordered you spaghetti."

   Mary began to pick at her salad.  The waitress brought Lisa meal and
Mary continued to eat her salad with her fingers.

   "Take out your bread stick Mrs.  C.  and put another in its place."

   Mary did as she was ordered.  She tried very hard to be unnoticed.

   "Now eat your bread stick with your salad."

   Mary did what her student had ordered her to do without question, she
was beginning to get used to the taste of her pussy.  and The meal
continued with Mary eating 3 bread sticks and all of her salad.

   Lisa ordered each of them each a chocolate sundae for dessert.  "I got
this for you because you complained about the salad Mrs.  C."

   "I'm sorry Ms.  Simon.  May I please use a spoon for my sundae?"

   "You may not, now hurry and finish I'm anxious to get home."

   The embarrassed teacher dipped her fingers into the sundae and began to
eat her dessert.  Several people noticed and she could see their stares as
she ate the sundae with her fingers.  "Lick your fingers clean Mrs.  C.  we
have to go now."

   Mary licked her fingers clean and paid the bill leaving a nice tip as
Lisa had ordered.  When she waddled out to the car with the plug tightly in
her ass she found Lisa looking through the bags from the adult store.  She
stood by the door and waited for permission to get into the car.

   Lisa found what she was looking for, the nipple clamps, and turned to
her teacher and said "lift your top".

   "Please Ms.  Simon let me get in the car first."

   "Lift it right this second or I will take it off of you for the rest of
the night."

   Turning her back to the restaurant Mary lifted her short top revealing
her breasts to the world with her hard nipples pointing at Lisa.

   Lisa placed the first clamp on Mary's right nipple and slid the catch up
until it was firmly attached to her teacher's nipple.  Mary bit her lip to
keep from crying out and drawing attention to her bare chest.  Then Lisa
did the same to the left breast.  "Pull your top down Mrs.  C.  and get
into the car and put on your collar."

   Mary pulled down her top which did not hide the chain connecting the
clamps and climbed into the car.  Her nipples were throbbing and the
material of her top rubbing then did not allow her to ignore the pain.

   Lisa drove down the road about a mile and pulled into a convenience
store.  "Go in and buy me a pack of gum Mrs.  C."

   Mary didn't know what to do.  Her clamped nipples were clearly visible
through her ultra short top and the chain connecting them would surely draw
attention to them.  She knew she was walking funny from the plug in her
ass. But she also knew it would only be worst to refused.  Slowly she
opened the car door and as gracefully as possible she walked into the
store. There were three boys in the store and the clerk Thankfully there
was no one she recognized.  One of the boys glanced her way and saw her and
immediately called to his buddies."Hey guys check this out."

   All three were now staring at her and the clerk was also looking at her.
One of the boys walked up to her as she was buying the gum and asked, "Do
those hurt?" pointing at the clamps visible through her shirt.  She ignored
him and started back to the car just as Lisa came in.

   "I saw you boys talking to my pet here.  What did you want?"

   "I asked her if those hurt and she ignored me."

   "Why that was rude Mrs.  C.  Apologize to the gentleman."

   "I'm sorry" said Mary with her eyes to the floor.

   "Tell the gentleman, Do they hurt?"

   "Yes they do hurt very much,"replied Mary.

   "Show them what they look like Mrs.  C.  Lift your top for them."

   The horrified teacher turned to the boys and lifted her top so they
could see her breasts.  She wanted to crawl under the floor and disappear.
Never had she been so embarrassed in her entire life.

   "Give a gentle tug on the chain to see how tight they really are,"
suggested Lisa.

   One of the boys reached out and pulled the chain connecting the nipple
clamps.  Mary moaned in pain as her nipples burned.

   "Not too hard boys.  Would want to damage the merchandise.  Maybe you
should kiss them and make them feel better."

   "No.." cried Mary.

   "What did you say."

   Realizing her error Mary answered, "Nothing Ms.  Simon."

   "Good now ask these boys to kiss your nipples to make them feel better."

   The humiliated teacher said, "Please kiss my nipples." as she began to

   Each boy took a turn kissing and sucking and in one case biting her
trapped nipples.  Mary just stood there as her breasts were mauled and
suckled in the public place.  Thankfully no one else came in.

   "Thank the gentleman and lets go Mrs.  C."

   The thoroughly humiliated teacher said, "Thank you" and ran from the
store pulling her top down as she went through the door.

   The remainder of the ride home was uneventful with Mary huddling and
sobbing in the corner.  When they got home Lisa ordered Mary to bring
everything up to the bedroom and put all the clothes and shoes away except
for the 6" heels.  She also ordered her to lay all the toys out on the bed.

Submitted: September 06, 2021

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