Chapter 5: CHAPTER 5

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Lisa went down to the living room and made herself comfortable.  She
turned on the TV and put the book on the table next to the couch.

   Mary made her way to the bathroom and cleaned up all the hair and wiped
down the sink and counter.  She was very frustrated and wanted to finish
what she had started but she was afraid of Lisa.  Lisa had shown no signs
of compassion and Mary did not want to anger her.  Her feet were really
started to hurt in these ridiculous heels but again she had to wear them.

   After cleaning the bathroom she moved to her bedroom which was piled
with her clothes and other personal items.  She didn't have any boxes or
anything so she had to go down the stairs to the kitchen to get garbage

   "How is it coming Mrs.  C.?" yelled Lisa from the living room.  "Don't
be too long I'm getting hungry." Mary hurried back up the stairs and threw
all her things in garbage bags.  There were six bags.  That meant 3 trips
all the way to the basement.  'My poor feet," thought Mary.

   After making the three trips Mary's feet were throbbing in the 5" heels
but she moved on to the kitchen.  'What would Lisa like to eat?' wondered
the horny teacher.  All teenagers love hamburgers and French fries.  so she
made two burgers and a batch of fries.  As she cooked she realized that she
was hungry too.  Mary went to set the table and remembered that Lisa had
said only one plate.  ' Where will I eat?' thought Mary.  When dinner was
prepared and one place set Mary called Lisa to the kitchen.  "Ms.  Simon
dinner is ready."

   As Lisa entered the kitchen she saw her once respected teacher standing
naked next to the table ready to serve her dinner.  It brought a smile to
her face.  "Stand here next to me Mrs.  C.  while I eat.," said Lisa as she
sat down at the table.

   The hungry teacher stood on painful feet next to Lisa as she began to
eat the delicious smelling food.

   "Get me a coke Mrs.  C."

   "I only have Pepsi Ms.  Simon."

   "From now on buy Coke."

   "Yes Ms.  Simon."

   "This is pretty good Mrs.  C.  Would you like a fry?"

   "Yes please Ms.  Simon."

   "Spread your legs."

   A confused Mary cautiously spread her legs.

   Lisa took a French fry and slid it between Mary's legs through her
pussy. Then she moved it to Mary's lips.  "Here Mrs.  C."

   The shocked teacher held her lips closed as she turned red at the
intimate touch of her student and the thought of what she is being asked to

   "Open wide Mrs.  C.  Now."

   Mary opened her mouth and Lisa stuffed the soaked French fry in.  "Now
chew Mrs.  C."

   The horrified teacher tried not to throw up as she chewed the pussy
dipped fry.

   "Here Mrs.  C.  you dip the next one"

   In a daze Mary took the fry from Lisa and slid it through her pussy
(FLASH) and then put it in her mouth.

   "Want some burger Mrs.  C.?"

   "No," whispered the defeated teacher shaking her head violently from
side to side.

   "Here you go " said Lisa handing her teacher a large piece of hamburger.
"Dip it first Mrs.  C."

   Mary did as she was ordered but she was very near to throwing up from
the taste and the humiliation of having to do this disgusting thing.

   "Clean up Mrs.  C.  and meet me in the living room.  Bring a measuring
tape, paper and pencil.  And don't be all day."

   Mary quickly cleaned up and getting a tape, pencil and paper from the
drawer went into the living room.

   "Stand here in front of me," said Lisa as she watch her naked teacher
move across the room.

   Taking the tape she began to take her teacher's measurements .  "Write
down what I tell you Mrs.  C."

   Taking her measurements.  "Chest, 35; Waist, 23; Hips, 33.  Not bad Mrs.
C." Then Lisa said "Spread your legs Mrs.  C." Reaching into the V formed
by her teacher's spread legs Lisa measured Mary's in seam to a point three
inches above Mary's knee.  "Length 9"

   "Mrs.  C.  tomorrow you are to take all of the skirts and dress we put
on the chair upstairs and shorten the to a length of 9".  You are also to
remove the top button on all the blouses and dresses which we saved."

   "Yes Ms.  Simon."

   "Tell me Mrs.  C.  did you like your dinner?"

   " No Ms.  Simon I did not like it."

   "Too bad.  You better learn to like that taste Mrs.  C."

   "Is your husband good in bed Mrs.  C.?"

   "Yes Ms.  Simon."

   Mary was very embarrassed discussing her husband and their sex lives
with a student.

   "Does he fuck you in the ass Mrs.  C.?"

   "Absolutely not.  I have never had anything in my ass."

   Lisa smiled.  "Do you like sex Mrs.  C.?

   The naked teacher standing before her fully dress student couldn't
believe Lisa was asking her these questions.  " Yes Ms.  Simon."

   "Do you suck you husband's cock Mrs.  C.?"

   With a very red face, "Yes," whispered the embarrassed teacher.

   "Do you like it?"

   "Yes Ms.  Simon."

   "Do you swallow his cum?"

   "No that's disgusting.  Please don't ask me these questions."

   "Have you every cheated on your husband?"


   "Before you were married how many men fucked you Mrs.  C.?"

   Standing naked with a shaved pussy now very wet, Mary mentally counted
her sex partners.  "3".

   "Did you suck them too Mrs.  C.?"


   "You like to suck cock Mrs.  C.?"

   "No, but they wanted it and I loved them."

   "But you really like to suck cock don't you Mrs.  C.?"

   "Yes," whisper Mary.

   "Have you ever had sex with more than one person at a time?"


   "Have you had sex with a woman?"

   "No.  I think that is terrible"

   "Have you ever kissed a woman?"


   The questioning went on for over an hour.

   "I'm really tired Mrs.  C.  and we have a big day tomorrow.  You will be
expanding your horizons.  Lets go upstairs."

   When they got into the bedroom Lisa noticed the stuff they had bought at
the store.  "Take the carrots and cucumbers to the fridge and hurry back."
While Mary was off doing that Lisa cut 2 two foot sections of rope and
screwed eye screws into the end of one of the dowel rods and one in the
center.  When Mary came back Lisa ordered her to kneel on the floor.  Then
Lisa had Mary reach between her legs and she tied each wrist to ankle. 
This forced Mary face down into the carpet and put her ass high in the air.
She then attached each ankle to the end of the dowel rod spreading her legs
wide.  "Now Mrs.  C this position serves two purposes.  I don't want you to
be playing with yourself tonight and I am going to use your paddle on your
ass so that you remember to show me the proper respect and obey without

   Lisa picked up the paddle.  SMACK.  "One."

   "Owwww.  Please Ms.  Simon I'm sorry"

   SMACK "Two".

   Her ass was on fire.  Tears popped from her eyes.  "Pleaseeeeeeee"

   SMACK "Three."


   Lisa smiled as her teacher's ass reddened.

   SMACK "Four" SMACK "Five".

   "That's all for tonight Mrs.  C.  Thank me for teaching you respect."

   "Thank you Ms.  Simon." sobbed a broken humiliated teacher with a hot
burning ass.

   Lisa moved to the bed, removed her clothes and climbed in leaving her
teacher tied and sobbing on the floor.

   "Good night Mrs.  C."

Submitted: September 06, 2021

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