Chapter 3: CHAPTER 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Lisa got out of the car and went into the teacher's house leaving the
humiliated teacher in the car with her blouse open and skirt around her
waist covered in sticky dried chocolate frosty.

   Lisa had warned her not to get any chocolate on her clothes so she
couldn't cover herself.  Lisa was already in the house waiting for her. 
Looking around Mary knew she could make it to the porch without being seen
unless someone happened to be driving down the road.  She quickly opened
the car door and with her bare ass showing and her blouse flapping she ran
to the front door.  LOCKED!!

   Mary began ringing the door bell and pounding on the door.  As a cool
breeze caresses her totally exposed private parts she was become more and
more frantic as she pounded on the door.  "Please Ms.  Simon let me in."

   Lisa stood behind the locked door watching the frantic teacher pound on
the door and beg to be allowed into her own house.  She had another
surprise for the teacher when she finally opened the door after allowing
her to beg for about five minutes.

   Lisa opened the door and quickly flashed a picture of the frantic
teacher.  FLASH "Where are the packages Mrs.  C.?  Go get them and use the
back door." ordered Lisa slamming the door in the shocked teachers face.

   Damn thought Mary as she ran back to the car knowing she had been lucky
no one had driven by so far.  Quickly gathering the packages and her paddle
from school Mary ran to the back gate.  As she fumbled with the latch on
the gate with her arms filled with packages she heard the sound of an
approaching vehicle.  Just as she got the gate open a pickup truck appeared
traveling down the road.  Mary quickly ducked behind the fence hoping no
one had seen her.

   When she reached the back door it was open and she went in finding Lisa
standing in her kitchen.  "Lisa I don't want any pictures."

   SLAP.  "How many times must I tell you to call your superiors by their
proper name.  And I don't care what you want," responded Lisa.  "Now take
everything up to your bedroom and meet me in the bathroom.  Hurry."

   Mary quickly climbed the stair to her bedroom.  She left everything on
the bed and headed to the bathroom.  When she entered the bathroom and
found Lisa sitting near the double sinks.  The shower was running and the
bathroom was warm and comfortable.

   "Take off your clothes Mrs..  C and take a quick shower.  Leave the door

   Mary slipped off her blouse and skirt and stepped out of her shoes.  She
stepped into the warm stinging shower.  Picking up the soap Mary began to
wash the sticky mess from her body.

   "Soap your breast more Mrs.  C." ordered Lisa.

   Mary blushed as her hands moved to her breasts and massaged more soap
into her soft skin.  FLASH

   " Now Mrs.  C.  be sure to get all the mess out of your pussy"

   Mary's hands slid down and soaped her pubic area.  She worked her
fingers into her pussy to be sure she got everything out.  FLASH An
electric shock went through her body as her finger brushed her clit.  What
is wrong with me she thought as she quickly pulled her fingers away.

   With a knowing smile Lisa ordered her teacher to turn off the shower and
step out.  "Sit up here on the counter Mrs.  C."

   Mary climbed up on to the counter wondering what next?

   "Spread your legs as wide as you can Mrs.  C.  "

   Mary was shocked but moved her legs open slightly.

   "Mrs.  C.  I said as wide as you can do you want me to get your paddle?"

   Mary reluctantly spread her legs wide apart.

   "Hold that pose Mrs.  C." FLASH

   Lisa pulled her chair between her teacher wide spread legs.  She reached
for a razor and shaving cream which Mary had not noticed.

   "Please Ms.  Simon don't do this to me." begged the teacher.  "This is

   "Shut up Mrs.  C." said Lisa as she covered her luscious pubs with
shaving cream.

   The touch made her jump.  Mary had never been touched there by another
woman and the touch was so much different than her husband's groping.

   Lisa worked the shaving cream into the thick bush.

   Mary felt her nipple stiffen and a very warm feeling flowed through her
body as Lisa slowly and carefully slid the razor through her womanly hair.
Over and over the razor moved over her pussy.  Lisa was touching and
pulling her teachers pussy as she shaved it entirely bare.  When all the
hair was gone Lisa took a warm washcloth and cleaned away the remaining
shaving cream.

   Lisa stepped back.  "Smile Mrs.  C.  " FLASH "Spread your pussy lips
Mrs. C."

   Mary knew she had no choice as she reach her hands down and spread her
pussy lips open for her demanding student.  FLASH

   "Mrs.  C.  is your pussy dripping?" asked Lisa as she saw the moisture
in her teacher's spread pussy.  Lisa held a mirror for her humiliated
teacher, "Here take a close look Mrs.  C."

   Mary looked at her bare wet pussy and cried with humiliation.  She
looked so strange and her body was betraying her.

   "I expect you to keep it looking like this all the time.  Do you

   "Yes Ms.  Simon", sobbed the teacher.

   "Now sit down here", said Lisa motioning to a chair.

   "Your not going to shave my head are you?  cried the panicked teacher.

   "Of course not Mrs.  C.  just a nice hair cut.  Cutting hair is a hobby
of mine and I think you will look sexier with a shorter style." Lisa picked
up a comb and scissors and Mary"s shoulder length hair began to fall to the
floor.  Mary couldn't see what was happening but a lot of hair was coming

   After about ten minutes of cutting and clipping Lisa ordered Mary to
look in the mirror.  She didn't even recognize herself.  She looked ten
years younger and with the shaved pussy very hot.  She couldn't believe her
eyes.  FLASH

   Lisa handed Mary the collar.  "Put this on Mrs.  C.." This is to be with
you at all times.  If you are alone you are to be wearing it and when you
are not alone it must be in your purse in case I want you to put it on.

   "Yes Ms.  Simon" answered the confused teacher as she buckled the collar
around her neck.  FLASH

   Lisa attached her leash to Mary's collar.  "Give a tour of your home
Mrs. C."

   "Yes Ms.  Simon" answered the collared teacher moving toward the door.

   She was stopped short of the door by the leash.  "On your knees Mrs. 

   Mary dropped to her knees.

   "Now give me the tour."

   The humiliated teacher turned and began crawling though the bedroom door
on the end of a leash held by one of her students.  How she wished she had
never posed for those pictures.

   "Lets start in the basement and work our way back to here Mrs.  C."
ordered Lisa now that she was in total control.

   Mary carefully negotiated her way down two flights of stairs into the
basement.  Crawling down steps was difficult.  Once they got into the
basement the concrete in the area beyond the finished portion was cold and
hard.  Mrs.  C.  was shivering in her naked state.

   Lisa left her kneeling there while she examined the area for possible
use later.  When she finished Lisa ordered her into the finished area. 
Lisa looked around and the ordered her teacher to crawl up the stairs.

   Following her teacher up the steps she admired her swaying breasts and
enjoyed watching her ass as she crawled up the stairs.  "Your ass moves
nicely Mrs.  C."

   Mary wanted to become invisible.  She had never been so embarrassed in
her life.  It just kept getting worse and worse as she followed the orders
of her student who had under her control.

   A quick tour of the first floor with the teacher crawling from room to
room was further humiliation for the teacher.  "Let's see the garage Mrs.

   She crawled into the garage on the end of her leash.  Lisa again left
her in the center of the garage.  She examined the garage in detail as her
teacher was shivering in the center of her cold unheated garage.  Lisa
found the button to open the garage door and push it causing the door to
open.  Lisa tossed the car keys to Mary and ordered, "Crawl out and drive
the car into the garage.

   Mary picked up the keys and crawled out of the safety of her garage into
her driveway and up into her car.  She drove the car into the garage and
crawled out as Lisa left the door open.  "Mrs.  C.  you are shivering. 
Don't you like the cool fall air?"

   "I am very sensitive to cold Ms.  Simon"

   "So I see," said Lisa reaching and pinching Mary's stiff nipple.

   "Let's go upstairs now Mrs.  C."

   The teacher was aware that she would again be displaying her charms as
the she crawled up the stairs before her student.  She wished there was a
way to avoid this but she knew there wasn't.  She crawled up the stairs.

   Mary lead Lisa into the two guest rooms first and the into her daughter
Amy's room.  Lisa spent quite a bit of time looking through Amy's room. 
She checked her draws, closet and her shoe rack while the uncomfortable
teacher knelt quietly by the door.

   "Lets go back to your room Mrs.  C.' I want to look through your clothes

Submitted: September 06, 2021

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