Chapter 2: CHAPTER 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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When Lisa got to the door she turned and told Mary, "Follow two steps
behind and act normal."

   How could she act normal.  Her nipples were rubbing on her blouse with
every step, her pussy was bare under her skirt and much to her dismay,
becoming more moist by the minute.  With the buttons open as Lisa had
ordered she was showing more cleavage than she felt was acceptable.  "Yes
Ms.  Simon," she replied.

   Lisa opened the door and lead the defeated teacher through the halls of
the school into the parking lot.  Mrs.  C.'s car was parked in the middle
of the now almost empty lot.  "Give me the keys," demanded Lisa.

   Lisa climbed behind the wheel and Mary got into the passenger side. 
"Slide your skirt up Mrs.  C."

   Mary slide her skirt up to mid thigh.


   Mary slide her skirt higher so that it barely covered her very moist

   Lisa started the car and began driving toward Mrs.  C.'s house about 20
minutes away.  "We have to make one stop at Walmart on the way home"

   Mary heart sank as she prayed Lisa would not make her go into the store
with her breasts free and pussy bare.

   "Tell me Mrs.  C., what sort of sex toys do you have at home?"

   Mary couldn't believe her student had asked her this.  "I have a
vibrator Ms.  Simon"

   "Anything else?"

   "That's all Ms.  Simon."

   Lisa pulled the car into the Walmart parking lot.  This was a super
Walmart with a grocery store as well as the department store.  "Lets go
Mrs. C.  we have some shopping to do.  Remember two steps behind."

   Mary slide her skirt down her legs and climbed out of the car.  The air
was chilly which added to the hardening of her nipples.  Lisa didn't allow
her to put on her jacket.  She moved quickly to follow the young athletic
student across the lot.

   " Do you have cash or credit cards with you Mrs.  C.?"

   "Yes Lisa, I have both."

   Lisa stopped in her tracks and turned to the teacher.  "What did you
call me?"

   "Li...I'm sorry Ms.  Simon."

   "Open another button."

   "Please Ms.  Simon.  I'm sorry."

   "Do you want it to be two more buttons?"

   "No!" answered Mary as she opened the third button on her blouse.  If
she moved too quickly she knew she would expose her bare breast.  She knew
she would have to move carefully.

   "Get a cart Mrs.  C." ordered Lisa as they entered the store.

   Mary did as ordered and followed Lisa through the store to the pet
department.  "Lets get a collar for my new pet.  Try this one on," said
Lisa handing Mary a white dog collar with rhinestones on it.


   "Mrs.  C.  I do not like to repeat myself.  If you don't want to do what
I tell you, you can go home and I will see that the pictures are
distributed by Monday.  Now try on the collar."

   Looking around Mary quickly placed the collar around her neck.  "It fits
Ms.  Simon."

   "Lets be sure...buckle it."

   Mary buckled the collar around her neck.  It did fit.

   "Now a leash said Lisa.  Reach up and get the red one Mrs.  C."

   Mary reached up to remove the collar before anyone saw her.

   Lisa smacked her hands.  "Leave it on."

   Mary reached up with her stinging hand to get the leash.  She realized
stretching up made her bare breasts pop out of her opened blouse.  Reaching
down with one hand and closing her blouse while reaching up for the leash
got her another smack on the hand.  "Do not touch that blouse Mrs.  C."

   Lisa clipped the leash to the white collar.  "Looks very nice.  Put them
in the basket." said Lisa as she moved off.

   Mary struggled to get the collar off and follow Lisa without anyone
seeing her and without Lisa getting angry because she was too far behind.

   Lisa moved to the hardware department and placed two, 4 foot long 1"
dowel rods into the cart along with a package of eye screws and fifty feet
of clothes line.

   Then to the grocery section where Lisa placed three cucumbers, a bag of
carrots, a container of chili powder and a box of popsicle into the cart.

   Mary was getting more and more nervous as she looked over the contents
of the cart.

   "One more stop" said Lisa as she moved off to the housewares section. 
Here she placed a package of clothes pins in the cart along with four 12"
taper candles and two large chip bag clamps.

   "I'll meet you at the car," said Lisa leaving Mary standing there. 
"Don't be long."

   Mary went to the check out.  While all of the items individually were
innocent, Mary was very embarrassed because she knew they were all to be
used in some way on her.  She was also very aware of the display she was
making with her blouse open as it was.  She paid with a red face,
unbelievably soaked pussy and swollen nipples.

   Mary put the items in the trunk and climbed into the car.  "Skirt." said

   Mary quickly slide her skirt up to barely below her pussy as before.

   "Lets stop for dinner," said Lisa.  "What are you hungry for?"

   "I'm not hungry."

   Slap.  "Ms.  Simon!!!!!!!"

   "Ow.....  Sorry Ms.  Simon."

   "Slide your skirt up further.  You must understand you will lose
something every time you fail to please me.  And of course you know what
happens if you totally refuse to obey." Lisa drove out of the parking lot
as Mary slide her skirt up higher so that her pussy was exposed.  Her face
was beet red.  She felt like a child being punished for being bad.

   Mary rode in silence as Lisa drove toward her house.  She knew she was
lost but she had no other choice.  She began to panic as Lisa pulled into
Wendy's drive through line.

   "Don't touch that skirt Mrs.  C.  What do you want to eat?"

   "Nothing Ms.  Simon."

   The humiliated teacher shrank into her seat as Lisa ordered a chicken
sandwich, fries, and two chocolate frostys.  When they got to the window to
pay Lisa reached her hand to Mrs.  C.  for money.  Mrs.  C.  quickly dug in
her purse and handed Lisa money hoping they didn't recognize her.  Since it
was getting dark the clerk really couldn't see anything but Mary almost
died when she said, "Hi Mrs.  Clark." The clerk knew the car.

   "Hi", responded Mary as she wanted to crawl under the seat.

   Lisa pulled into the lot and parked in a dark corner and began to eat
her sandwich.  "Open your blouse all the way Mrs.  C."

   With slight hesitation the Mary opened her blouse and exposed her bare
breasts.  "While I eat my dinner I want you to entertain me by coating your
breasts with this chocolate frosty.  Be careful not to get any on your
beautiful blouse."

   The humiliated teacher sat in the Wendy's parking lot, Blouse open and
breasts bared with her senior English student and rubbed the ice cold
chocolate frosty all over her breasts.  Mary wanted to please the teen
because she had demonstrated her progressive discipline plan.  The freezing
milkshake caused her nipples to harden to the point of being painful."Put
some on your pussy too."

   The teachers fingers dipped into the frosty and she smeared it all over
her pussy.  "Inside too Mrs.  C."

   Her breath began to come in short gasps as the cold frosty stimulated
her hot pussy.  Her fingers had a mind of their own.  This went on for
fifteen minutes while Lisa calmly ate her dinner and the teacher played
with herself and became hotter and hotter much to her dismay.

   Just as she was approaching her peak thankfully Lisa told her to stop
and lick her fingers clean.  "Don't touch anything" ordered Lisa as she
started the car.

   Mary sat there bare to the waist with her pussy now clearly visible and
everything was sticky.  She was sucking her fingers clean as ordered by her
student.  The taste of pussy and chocolate frosty almost made her throw-up.
She was thankful she was had not orgasmed in front of her student in such a
humiliating way but she had a fire in her pussy that wanted to be

   They turned up into Mary's driveway.  Her house was set back from the
road on a secluded lot.  The back yard was surrounded by a high wooden
fence and there was little traffic on the road.

   Parking in front of the garage Lisa said, " Bring in the stuff and meet
me in the bathroom Mrs.  C.  You're a mess.

Submitted: September 06, 2021

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