Chapter 12: CHAPTER 12

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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When they arrived home Mary carried all of Lisa's things into the large
guest room and unpacked for her.  She was a real mess with cum dried on her
face and in her hair.  Her breasts were very sore from the abuse of Lisa's
mother and her pussy was crying for the release she had been denied.

   "Shower and wash your hair Mrs.  C.  you look disgusting.  I will lay
out your outfit to greet your daughter.  And Mrs.  C.  don't you dare play
with yourself."

   A thoroughly dominated teacher moved to the shower.  There wasn't much
time to get ready and Lisa required her to always have her hair and make-up

   After a quick show Mary entered her bed room apprehensive about what
Lisa would require her to where.  She found a respectable but short skirt,
a heavy sweater which would conceal her unfettered breasts and 3" heels. 
There were no stockings or garter belt so she was totally naked under her
clothes.  Her ass was still plugged and she put her collar in her purse
with the dildo and tube of lubricant.  As she was doing her make-up she
realized how hungry she was.  She hadn't had anything to eat all day and
hadn't had a decent meal since last Friday at lunch.  As soon as she was
ready she went down stairs looking for Lisa.

   "Better start dinner Mrs.  C.  Amy will be hungry when she gets home. 
First show me your plug" she demanded.

   Mary lifted her skirt and bent over.

   "Spread your cheeks Mrs.  C."

   The shamed teacher reached back and spread her ass cheeks so her student
could see the plug in her ass.

   "Stay like that and finger your pussy"

   Skirt up, bent at the waist Mary began to finger her pussy.  I seconds
she was dripping.

   "Mrs.  C.  you are such a hot number," mocked Lisa.  "Enough of that now
fix dinner.  Amy and I will had ravioli's and a nice salad.  You will have
some plain lettuce.  Unless of course you want to dip it in front of Amy"

   "Please Ms.  Simon I am so hungry." begged Mary.

   "But you just had a load of high protein cum not more than an 2 hours
ago.  We have to get rid of a few pounds Mrs.  C."

   A red faced Mary had no reply to that and began getting the dinner Lisa
had ordered.

   About 10 minutes later They heard the front door open and a cry, "Mom
I'm home"

   "In the kitchen ", called Mary.

   Amy stopped in her tracks when she came into the kitchen.  "Mom, What
did you do to your hair?"

   "Do you like it?"

   "It's so different.  Why did you get it cut so short?"

   "I just wanted something really different."

   "Why are you dressed up on Sunday night?  Are you going out?"

   "No Honey I just decided to dress up more.  You know with Daddy gone I
tend to let myself go a little."

   "Oh".  Just then Amy noticed Lisa.  "Hi".

   "Amy you know Lisa don't you?"

   "Sure from school".

   "Well she will be living here for a while until she can get things
worked out with her parents." Mary lied to her daughter.

   "Cool.  An older sister.  That will be neat."

   " I think so too," said Lisa.  "Come on I'll help you unpack."

   Lisa and Amy went up stairs and left the nervous teacher cooking a
dinner she was not permitted to eat.  At least the 3" heels didn't hurt her
feet as much as the 6" ones.

   When dinner was ready Mary called the two girls and when they came down
they were chatting like old friends.  Amy and Lisa sat down and Mary served
them a large salad and ravioli.  Then she moved to the counter where she
picked at her lettuce.

   "Aren't you having any Mom?" asked Amy.

   "No, I'm trying to lose a few pounds Honey." Mary lied again to her

   "Get us a couple of Cokes Mrs.  C.", demanded Lisa.

   She got out two Cokes and glasses for the girls.

   "Mom why do we have Coke you always liked Pepsi and wouldn't ever but
Coke for me."

   Now Mary was in a tough spot.  What could she say.

   "I bought the Coke" said Lisa "I didn't know but if you like Coke I'm
sure your mother will buy it from now on.  Won't you Mrs.  C.?"

   "Sure since you both like it and I am dieting I'll get Coke from now
on." Another lie.

   "Aren't you going to sit down Mom?" asked Amy.

   "No honey I have a lot to do and want to keep moving." Lie number four
Her life is becoming one lie after another as she protects her family from
her tormentors.

   The girls finished and went upstairs leaving Mary to clean up.  Usually
Amy cleaned up but Lisa had said for her to come upstairs with her and Mary
was left to clean up as she knew she would be doing from now on.  After
everything was cleaned up Mary went upstairs and asked if the girls needed
anything.  She suddenly became aware of the need to use the bathroom.  But
she was plugged.!!  She tried to catch Lisa's eye but Lisa ignored her.

   "Did you finish checking our papers yet Mrs.  C.?" asked Lisa
innocently. She could see the beginning concern on her teacher and
suspected she knew the reason.  "I'll entertain Amy you go check the

   It was an order Mary knew that.  What was Amy and Lisa talking about? 
In this first test her nerves were on edge.  The stress was tremendous. 
She moved off the her room to check the papers.  She sat on the floor and
spread the papers around her as she went to work trying to ignore the
cramping in her bowels.

   A couple of hours later Amy came in to say good night.  "Why are you on
the floor mom?"

   "I needed room to spread everything out Honey," Mary lied again.

   "Well I'm really tired and have a busy day tomorrow.  Tell daddy I said
hi when he calls," said Amy as she kissed her mother on the cheek.  "Good

   "Good night Honey" said Mary.  Damn she had forgotten all about Bill's
calling on Sunday nights.

   After Amy had gone to bed Lisa came into Mrs.  C.  room.  "We are alone.
Strip Mrs.  C."

   "Please Ms.  Simon may I remove my plug and use the bathroom." begged
the stressed out teacher.  All this lying and deprivation was making her
fall apart.

   "Of course Mrs.  C.  Why did you ask me sooner?  said Lisa with a wickd
smile.  "Be sure to lick the plug clean and remember how you must 'sit'
unless of course you want to go outside."

   "I'll use the bathroom, thank you Ms.  Simon."

   Mary hurried into the bathroom and pulled the plug from her ass and
squatting over the toilet with the seat up she didn't have to strain hard
to empty her bowels.  Then she began the disgusting task of licking the
plug clean.

   "You do not need to put it back in right now Mrs.  C." called Lisa from
the bedroom.  When Mary came back into the bedroom wearing only her heels
Lisa told her to change into her 6" heels.  "they make your legs and ass
look almost respectable.

   Handing Mary her purse Lisa ordered her to get the dildo out.  She was
told to sit on the floor with her knees drawn back so her heels were
against her ass.  Lisa moved up and pushed her teacher knees apart exposing
her bald pussy.  "Put your black friend into your pussy Mrs.  C."

   Mary took the black monster and tried to slip the end into her moist
slit.  It was too big.  " Ms.  Simon it is too big, it doesn't fit."

   "Get it in or I will and your might make too much noise if I have to do
it." snarled Lisa.  "I've been much too easy on you."

   The frightened teacher managed to get the head into her pussy stretching
it further than ever except when Amy was born.  Once the head was in, it
slowly slide deeper and deeper until about 4" were buried it her pussy. 

   "Now slide it in and out and get it deeper."

   Mary pushed and pushed the huge black cock in and out.  It stretched her
to the limit and was so large it rubbed her clit on every stroke sending
shivers through her body.  Another inch disappeared into her hole but at
least 8 " was still showing.

   "Mrs.  C.  by Christmas you will take every inch of that," said Lisa

   'Impossible' thought Mary but she kept her mind on the fire building in
her pussy.

   "Don't cum Mrs.  C.  If you are good maybe I'll let you cum later but
keep that black toy of your moving."

   The phone rang.  Mary looked at Lisa with pleading eyes.

   Keep fucking yourself Mrs.  C.  while you talk to your husband.  Don't
mention me.  If you cum or stop I will wake Amy to talk to her father" said
Lisa with a smile.

   Mary answered the phone.  She did her best to talk in a normal voice as
she slid the dildo in and out with 6" disappearing now.  She was on fire.
Her husband was so preoccupied he didn't even notice her ragged breathing.
She could here the sucking sounds as the black pleasure maker slide in and
out of her blazing pussy.  The conversation lasted about 10 minutes and
Mary could not remember one word that had been said.  As soon as she hung
up she begged Lisa,"Please Ms.  Simon May I cum?"

   "What are you willing to do if I let you cum Mrs.  C.?"

   The frantic teacher hissed "Anything Ms.  Simon.  Anything."

   Lisa lifted her skirt showing Mary her bare ass.  "Kiss my ass Mrs.  C."

   The chagrined teacher leaned forward and placed her lips on her
student's bare ass.

   " Come on Mrs.  C.  if you want to cum you have to do better than that."

   Mary leaned further forward and planted her lips firmly on Lisa's ass.

   "Use your tongue Mrs.  C."

   The overcharged teacher ran her tongue over Lisa smooth ass.  She dipped
her tongue into the crack briefly.

   "Lick the hole Mrs.  C."

   Mary couldn't last much longer.  Her pussy was burning up.  Her ass was
bouncing on the floor as she shoved the black dildo in and out.  There was
a puddle of her juices on the floor and she was getting a full 8" in.  Lisa
noted there was only 6" to go.

   As Mary's tongue licked her students ass Lisa said "Cum Mrs.  C."

   Ahhhhhhhhhhh...  moaned into Lisa's ass as she bucked through the most
intense orgasm ever.  She was cumming and cumming one after the other.  Her
tongue was whipping over Lisa's ass hole as she made an even larger puddle
on the floor.

   Once she came back to earth Lisa said, "Well Mrs.  C.  you are a pretty
good ass licker and look you have 8" of the black cock in that hole of
yours already.

   A mortified teacher realized what had just happened and broke out

   "If cumming is going to make you cry Mrs.  C.  I won't permit you to cum

   Mary fought for control.

   "Now lick your toy clean and then lick up your mess on the floor.  Sleep
right there and keep your black plaything in your mouth all night.  Set you
alarm for 5 and be showered and made up with breakfast for Amy and I ready
by 6:30.  You may wear the robe we saved until I pick out your clothes for

   "Oh have your bag for the gym ready to pack too."

   "Nite Mrs.  C."

   The stunned teacher sat there unmoving for a half hour before beginning
the jobs assigned.

Submitted: September 06, 2021

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