Chapter 11: CHAPTER 11

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Mary climbed into the car wondering what Lisa had planned.  Surely she
didn't plan to make her meet her parents dressed this way.

   "Spread your legs and pull your skirt up Mrs.  C.  " said Lisa as she
climbed into the car.  " I live across town and I want you to play with
yourself until we get there."

   Mary spread her legs and began to gentle slid her finger over her wet
bald pussy.  She was ashamed that she could possibly be excited being
treated like this and being forced to act this way.

   After about a twenty minute drive they arrived at Lisa's home.  It was
in a nice suburban neighborhood.  Her house had a wooden fence all around
with a gate off the driveway.  Lisa parked in the driveway and ordered Mary
to get out of the car and pull her skirt down.

   Mary hesitated getting out and Lisa came around the car and opened the
door pulling her teacher out of the car by her leash.  "Come on Mrs.  C. 
my parents are anxious to meet you."

   Mary didn't know what to do as she was led to the door at the end of her
leash.  How could she face this girls parents like this?  What would she
say?  How would they react?  What would they think of her?  Would they have
her arrested?  A million thoughts went through her mind as Lisa continued
to pull her leash leading her to the door.

   Lisa opened the door and lead the cringing teacher into the house.  "I'm
home," called Lisa.

   Lisa's mother came out of the kitchen.  "Hello Honey".  said her mother
ignoring the scantily clad collared teacher.  "Your dad and brother are
watching the game in the living room.  Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes."

   Lisa pulled the teacher into the living room.  "Hi dad, hi Mike."

   Mary immediately recognized Mike.  She had been his teacher two years
earlier.  She hadn't realized Lisa was his sister.  "Hi Lisa" said her dad.

   "Hi sis," said Mike.  "Hi Mrs.  C.  You look different today."

   Mary blushed deeply and remained silent.

   "You remember my brother don't you Mrs.  C.?  You gave him a D on his
term paper and he was ineligible to play football for two games."

   It came back to here immediately.  Mike had done a terrible job on that
paper and she had been forced to give him a low grade.  He had asked her to
please give him a C and let him do makeup work but she refused.  Even the
coach had asked her to make some allowances but she held fast and he was
not permitted to play for 2 games until he brought the grade up.  She could
see him leering at her and Lisa's father was checking her out closer than
was comfortable.  She knew she was in a really bad situation.

   "So you are not so high and mighty are you now Mrs.  C.?" Mike laughed
reaching out and patting her tightly covered ass.

   "Dinner's ready", called Mrs.  Simon.

   "Let's eat" said Lisa's dad.

   Lisa pulled the frightened teacher by her leash into the kitchen.  There
were four chair set around the table.  Mary was left standing next to Lisa
as the family sat down to dinner.  The family ate dinner and talked as if
Mary were not even there.  She was very uncomfortable just standing there
watch them eat and being ignored.

   After they finished eating Lisa turned to her teacher and explained. 
"You see Mrs.  C.  Mike was the one who actually found the magazine and
when he showed me, we laid out a plan to get revenge.  Mom and dad were in
total agreement with the plan after what you had done to Mike.  Mom and dad
have practiced D/s and S/m for years and have a very open understanding
between them.  They belong to a group here in town that meets monthly.  I
attended my first meeting when I turned 18 and Mike has been attending for
two years when he is home from college."

   "So you see this is a family affair.  You are now the property of all of
us.  You are primarily mine but they can use you in any way they want.  We
will not involve your daughter directly since we do not believe in
involving minors .  However we may use her without her knowledge to assist
in your training."

   Your husband will be involved but we will not unveil his involvement
until later.  He is unaware of what is happening at this time."

   " Take off your sweater Mrs.  C.  and show daddy and Mike your tits."

   The overwhelmed teacher knew she had no choice and lifted the sweater
over her head exposing her hard tipped breasts to the family.  Mike reach
up and grasping the right nipple pulled the teacher down and gave her a
hard opened mouth kiss.  His tongue slide between her lips and her knee
went weak.  She forgot the pain in her nipple and was electrified by the
intensity of the kiss.

   He released her nipple and lips and she stood on wobbling legs.

   "Remove your skirt Mrs.  C.  before you leak all over it."

   Mary lowered her skirt showing her shaved pussy to everyone.

   "Spread your legs," demanded Mike.  "Show us your cunt teach added
Lisa's father.

   Mary spread her legs and reached down and spread her juicy pussy lips
showing them her excitement.

   "You were right Lisa.  She is a natural," said Mrs.  Mason.

   "Turn around and show your plugged ass."

   The deeply shamed teacher did as she was ordered.

   "Enough of this we don't have all day Mike needs some relief before
going back to college.  Mrs.  C.  go over and demonstrate you cock sucking
talents on him.  Bend at the waist and keep your ass up."ordered Lisa
taking charge of her pet.

   Mary turned to Mike and saw his huge swollen cock sticking out of his
pants.  He grabbed her head and forced her mouth down over his cock.  "He
better be happy or you will be very, very sorry Mrs.  C.," said Lisa
patting her teacher bare ass.

   Mary worked her mouth up and down the long thick pole.  She used her
tongue and tried to get this over a quickly as possible.  That's when she
felt hands on her ass, forcing her legs apart.  A finger was sliding into
her dripping pussy.  Ohhh the sensations were too much..the thick cock
running over her tongue and the finger playing in her pussy she was so
close to cumming.

   At that moment she felt a sharp sting to her left breast.  "Don't you
dare cum you slut," hissed Mrs.  Simon.

   Mary felt the finger leave her pussy and be replaced with what she knew
was Mr.  Simon's cock.  It felt huge and was stretching her pussy but had
no problem sliding in with her juices flowing.  She felt another sharp pain
in her right breast.  She tried to concentrate on the cock in her mouth and
ignore the hot rod now slamming into her steaming pussy.  The stinging
pains continued in her breast as Mrs.  Simon smacked each one with a wooden
spatula.  FLASH.  She could see the flashes as her use was recorded.

   Soon she felt the cock in her mouth begin to pulse.  She worked hard
trying to get this former student to cum in her mouth before she had an
orgasm and drew the wrath of her tormentors.  The first shot of cum hit the
back of her throat gagging her and then Mike pulled out and landed squirt
after squirt of hot cum on her face and in her hair.

   Her face remained in Mike's crotch with his deflated cock now back in
her mouth as his father continued to pound her pussy while his mother
smacked her by now sore sensitive breasts.  Her orgasm was so near it hurt
and she was fighting the pleasure to avoid anything worse happening to her.

   After what seemed an eternity she felt the splash of Mr.  Simon's cum
deep in her stretched pussy.  Then he pulled out and covered her ass and
back with hot white cum.

   As Mr.  Simon pulled his cock from her very used pussy the teacher
collapsed to the floor.  Looking down she saw her breasts an angry red and
her nipples were painfully engorged.  Her pussy was crying for release
which was not to be.

   Mr.  Simon took some pictures of the bedraggled teacher covered in cum.
His hobby was photography and he planned to use Lisa's pet for some very
inventive pictures.

   Get up Mrs.  C.  and take my things to the car.  Don't bother to clean
up just put your sweater and skirt on and get moving.  We want to get home
before Amy gets back.

   The cum covered teacher dressed and moved to load her owners things into
her car.  She couldn't look any of them in the eye and silently went about
completing her task.

   "Mike will be going back to college tonight but I will take you over to
visit daddy and mommy next week," said Lisa as she drove her once proud
teacher to her home with cum drying on her face and in her hair.

Submitted: September 06, 2021

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You write sublime sex, LV!

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