Chapter 10: CHAPTER 10

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Lisa emerged from the house around 8:30 the next morning to find a cold
shivering Mary huddled under the towel which of course was not large enough
to provide much comfort.  "Good Morning Mrs.  C."

   "Morning Ms.  Simon," mumbled the miserable teacher.  She was cold,
dirty, hungry and needed to use the bathroom.

   Lisa released Mary's ankles and helped her to stand.  Taking the leash
in hand she started to lead her teacher pet to the house.  "Do you need to
use the bathroom before we go in Mrs.  C.?"

   Mary remembered the humiliation of yesterday but she really needed to
go. "Yes Ms.  Simon I need to use the bathroom." "Well hurry up then."

   Mary squatted once again in her yarn in front of her student and
released her bladder.  She didn't know what she would do when she needed to
have a bowel movement.

   Once she finished the humiliating task she was lead into the house and
up to the bathroom.  "Take a shower Mrs.  C.  No playing with yourself and
no using the toilet." Lisa hooked Mary's leash over the shower head and
left the teacher to get cleaned up.

   Mary was exhausted.  She had gotten little sleep the past 2 nights.  Her
muscles ached and her feet were very swollen.  Her nipples and ass hole
were tender.

   Mary let the warm water massage her body, She scrubbed her skin pink and
washed her hair twice.  After several minutes Lisa returned and unhooked
the leash.  She led the dripping teacher into her bedroom.  "Get dried off
and do your hair and make-up the way I like it.  Your clothes for today are
on the bed.  "" What time do you expect Amy home?"

   The mention of her daughters name brought her back to the reality of her
situation.  "She should be home around 5:00.  Ms.  Simon," answered the
naked, dripping teacher.

   "You have 30 minutes to get ready.  Meet me in the kitchen."

   Mary dried quickly and looked on the bed for her clothes.  She found a
red garter belt with red stockings and the 6" heels.  She dressed and then
dried and styled her hair.  The make-up was not to her liking but to Lisa's

   She took a last look in the mirror and saw a 35 year old woman dressed
or rather undressed made up like a teenager.  She felt ridiculous but she
marched down the stairs to the kitchen.  Lisa was sitting at the table
eating eggs with a slice of ham and toast.  She had a cup of steaming
coffee in front of her.

   " Your breakfast is in the bowl on the floor."

   Mary looked down and saw a bowl of dry spoon sized shredded wheat with a
bowl of water next to it.  Mary sank to her knees and began to eat the
shredded wheat.  She was starving.  She picked up the bowl of water and
washed the 10 shredded wheats down.  When she had finished Lisa ordered her
to clean up and meet her in the living room.

   Mary cleaned up and walked into the living room.  "Put this where it
belongs" said Lisa handing Mary the butt plug and the tube of lubricant.

   Mary started for the bathroom.  "No, no, Mrs.  C.  right here."

   Mary stopped and began lubricating the plug.  She realized that the only
way she would get it in was to squat and force it into her ass.  As she did
just that, her student was watching closely.  It was just slightly easier
than the night before but it was still difficult and very uncomfortable. 
Once the plug was in place Mary was ordered to kneel on the floor before
her student.

   "Mrs.  C.  you know how you made us learn all the rules of grammar and
writing.  And when we didn't follow them you corrected us and in some cases
punished us."

   "Yes Ms.  Simon."

   "Well I have prepared a list of rules for you.  It is important that you
follow them to keep our secret and protect your and your family 's
reputation.  If you fail to follow every rule you will be corrected and
punished.  Is that clear?"

   "Yes Ms.  Simon."

   "The rules are not open to discussion.  If you do not understand
something you ask me.  You are not to attempt to interpret them yourself."

   "Yes Ms.  Simon."

   Lisa handed Mary a list of rules.  "Read these out loud to me now to be
sure you understand them.  Rules may be added or changed as I see fit."

   Mary began to read: "Rules for my pet teacher to live by:

   1.  I will remain naked with 6" heels at all time when I am alone at

   home unless directed otherwise by my owner.

   2.  When I am not alone I will wear a skirt and top or dress with garter
belt and

   stockings and 3" heels unless directed otherwise by my owner.

   3.  I will always have my hair done and make-up as my owner likes it.

   4.  I will only eat what my owner permits and I may not use utensils

   unless my daughter is present.

   5.  I am never to sit on a toilet seat.  If I am alone at home I will

   the back yard for my toilet needs.  If I use a bathroom I will

   squat over the bowl with the seat up.

   6.  I will always have my ass lubricated.

   7.  d I will keep my pussy bald at all times.

   8.  I will never wear panties or bra unless directed by my owner.

   9.  I will sleep naked on the floor every night unless directed

   otherwise by my owner.

   10.  I will never refuse an order of my owner.

   11.  I will wear my collar at all time when I am alone and carry it in

   my purse at all other times.

   12.  I will exercise daily and keep myself fit.

   13.  I will never sit on any furniture without the permission of my

   14.  I will never make any decisions without consulting my owner.

   15.  I will have my plug, big black dildo and nipple clamps with me at
all times.

   16.  I will respect all students by calling the Ms.  or Mr.

   17.  I will always display a smiling face.

   18.  I will masturbate every morning, at lunch and as soon as I get home
from work

   BUT I will not have an orgasm without permission.

   19.  I acknowledge that I am obeying these and all other rules and
orders from my

   owner because I want to be a good pet.

   20.  I understand that my life is now controlled by my owner.

   "Very good Mrs.  C.  Any questions?"

   "No Ms.  Simon"

   "I will be moving into the guest room.  We will tell Amy that I am
having problems at home and you agreed to let me stay here with my parents

   "Yes Ms.  Simon."

   "Now go put on the skirt and blouse I laid out for you so we can get my
stuff before Amy gets home."

   Mary went upstairs with her head spinning.  She had no choice other than
to obey her owner.  Why does that thought make my pussy wet.  She put on
the skirt which really was extremely short, barely covering the tops of her
stockings and Amy's sweater which was way to tight.  Her hard nipples were
poking holes in the front of the sweater.  The plug in her as was still

   Mary went down the stairs and when she saw Lisa she begged, "Ms.  Simon
I can't meet your parents dressed this way."

   "Don't worry they won't mind at all.  Put your collar on."

   The confused teacher buckled the collar around her neck and walked to
the car in a daze.

Submitted: September 06, 2021

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