His Groans.. Her Moans

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


Mm.. you know you inspire more than dreams
You inspire that creamy feeling on the taste of your lips
Your hand centering me between your robust things, sandwiching my breasts
Strong palms under my butt cheeks, urging me closer while you make love to my dark-brownish nipples
A lone finger slipping down my abdomen, fingering me, smearing the moistness on my lips
Pulling my face down as you tenderly kiss me
Mm.. I do see how hard you are, kneeling to my knees

Lifting your stiff arousal, licking under your balls
Loving the feeling while rolling your twin sacs gently in my mouth
Mm.. oh yes... there's that hiss that turns me on
Compressing my breasts, while you tap the width of your dick over my mounds
Standing me up.. straddling you in that rickety wooden chair
Looking down, a sharp intake when I see your palm grasping your erection
Glossed over the dome shape of your virility
Rubbing the tip in the crevice of my inner soft folds

Your hand to my lower back, your eyes catching mine
My palms cuffing the back of the chair
Easing my sugary walls down the harden length of your dick
Bracing my palms to your thighs
A little wiggle, a sultry gyrate, needing to blend the feel of you inside me
Trying at best to make these moments linger

Kegeling my pussy to kiss that solid width
“Yeah, baby, fuck keep doing that,” you whispered
Leaning forward, my cheek nudging against yours, sticking my tongue in your ear
“Mm… let me hear you beg for this pussy baby.”
Slowly moving, knowing my wetness has already coated the elongation of your throbbing erection
Apprehending my wrists, penning them behind my back, thrusting upward
Licking up my cleavage, unloosing one hand, palming a breast, plucking at the nipple peak

Mm.., bracing my ankles around the chair
Slightly lifting, resting my head against your forehead,
Flapping my apple bottom on your groin
You smacking the other cheek taking your dick deeper
Circling the sensations, oh, sweet mercy you make me lose it
You sqeezing my derrière down, seesawing the girth of your manhood deeper all up in me
Kissing your nose, you uplifting your face, my lips landing on your nose
You stick your tongue out
Sucking on the flesh, palming my hips, hammering the enclosure of my wetness
My pussy cocooning

Oh God that feels so good... you let my hands go, dipping your two fingers, between our bodies
Smearing the essence of me to my lips.. kissing me… mmm hum
You palm my thighs, and raise from the chair
My legs wrapping around your back.. rushing me over to the bed
My back gracing the sheets.. you inch back and then stand
Lifting the satin blindfold from off bed, uplifting my torso, concealing my eyes, kissing the top of my head
I hear you clap… oh yes…  and we have not even started
The hotel suite master bedroom opens
Violins began playing… oh this different my love my young mind computed

Knowing this is the moment I surrender my will to you
Gently pushing me backwards to the array of  silk sheet covering, parting my thighs
Fingering the opening, tasting me
Lifting the crystal glass of warm honey
Sluggishly pouring the golden stream from my chin down the length of my curvaceous physique

A soft hand to my thighs... a tongue snaking up my abdomen, to under a breast
Mouthing a nipple, my back arching as two fingers, darts into my pussy... a tongue bonding kiss shared
My legs lifted, and braced against the masculinity of my lover's chest
In a haste, my cunt dividing for the cushion of the pushing
My toes licked over eyes fluttering close
The gentleness of buttocks come to rest on my presence
A quick sniff of an enticing whiff under my nose

My lips tasting the sweetness of a clit
A moan of omission heard as my tongue pampers the inviting decadence of femininity
The sweeten accumulating juices, rolling over lips, dripping to my tongue
Mm... her lust under the pleasure of my mouth like a fountain, my wishes are tapping into
Creaming my face with her scent
Over my nostrils, suffocating me
Inhaling the desires of a woman with the seeping flavor of her animalistic heat

Palming her breasts, sqeezing the soft perfection
My tongue ringing side by side, lifting my head as I instill the tip deeper in her honeypot
Milking her pinkish abyss for my taking
The pasty feeling, heightening my awareness of her
Curtailing to her carnal zones of her appetite, my craving
Her soft purrs echoing in the space of time

V-shaping her clit, uplifting the back of my neck as I nursed her into the domination of her surrender
Needing to taste the flow of her bud as she moaned louder
Her breath intakes becoming in gasps, her pussy moving faster
Palming her ass, pulling her forward to my feast of depravity, she was mine at this moment,
Calling out my name to release her from the bliss of my pleasurable torture
Ruling with every lick to her clit the rhythm of her body movements

Yes.. the moans quickened, the caving of her pussy cresting
Feeling the quivers, the delicious seepage of her womanhood overspilling onto the tip of my tingue
Breaking through the barrier of her g-spot
The soft gush, then the contractual streams of her pussy soaking my mouth

Her jucies, marinating the hunger of my tongue inside her
Squeezing her breasts harder as her rivers became my taste
Savoring her as her flavor freed
The whimpers of her pleasure, I wore it as badge in pleasing her
Leaning down, kissing my lips.. wisp touches of my fingernails consoling her back
The cadence of those violins lessening her panting, still sedated in the reminisce of my passion
Mm... within seconds the blanket of her presence was gone

My lover thrusting deep inside me, holding himself in place
Massaging up and down his abdomen, as he plummeted inside deeper
Kissing over my toes again, raining kisses to my inner ankles
My pussy pulling, milking, depleting him, gratification felt
His pearly flow filling my cove
Kissing to steal each other’s breath
Violinists gone, blindfold lifted
The cool mist of the shower bathing our bodies in the aftermath

Submitted: September 04, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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Micro management is your great literary strength BE.
You left "no stone unturned" in this sexual marathon.

Tue, September 21st, 2021 1:01am


That is what I love to hear when it pertains to passion and thank you for reading, enjoy your evening as well

Brown Eyes

Sun, September 26th, 2021 7:05pm

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