Conversations with Martin Part One

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Young Martin strikes up a most unusual friendship with a man who intends to break and destroy him, sexually, emotionally, and mentally.



BY dale10



Note: the following story is fiction fantasy.  The author does not condone or support any of the actions in this fantasy.




The slow methodical destruction of a teenage boy.




The following entries are excerpts from Internet

conversations via messenger that I had with a teenage boy named Martin.

The game is still progressing.


dale10: Martin, I am so very glad that you answered my

message about sharing ideas and attitudes as to being

gay with teenagers. Too many teens have no place to

turn and no one in whom they can confide. The fact that

you have no father and that your mom is gone a lot must

make it terribly hard on you.


First of all, let me say the loneliness and isolation

you say you feel at school is very common among boys

who feel they might be gay. I have many friends in your

city and hope to be able to find others with whom you

can communicate to give you some sense of belonging.

First though, I have to ask a peculiar favor from you. I

have to know that I can trust you as the Internet is

full of spies and guys who fake ids to trap people like

me who only want to help boys and young men find themselves.  


So, if you could be so kind, please send me some photos,

a current photo of you and one of you from a few years

ago, at school say...something natural maybe with other

people, so I know it’s really you. I hate to do this, but

I have to be careful. I know that I can help you sort

out your sexual and social confusion. After all, I have

been there myself. your new friend dale10




Martin: Thank you so much Mister for being so kind and

understanding. Geez, nobody ever talked to me like

that before. I feel better already. Sometimes I felt so

damned alone, you know? I have so many questions, and

so much I need to learn. I am not sure if I am gay or

not. I mean, I always thought I liked girls, but now I

know that I also think about guys, like the jocks at my

school a whole lot, and sometimes it gets me excited.


I think about them fucking the girls in my school, and

that's how I get off. I have never had any kind of sex

with anyone else. Here is a 7th grade pic of me as well

as a current one and a pic of my 8th grade soccer team from

back then. I was a geeky dude even back then as you can see.

I’m the skinny kid with the glasses.

I hope that proves I am real. I trust you and want to

share all with you. Thank you so much sir. Martin.




Dale10: Well, I must say, you are a very handsome young

man Martin. Perhaps a bit geeky yes but you also look bookish

and intelligent and that can be very attractive.

 Someday some lucky girl or boy will have a

fine partner in you, and you can be proud of yourself.

Now Martin, in order to determine if you are gay or

Straight, and if you are normal sexually or have some

physical or chemical or mental imbalance (mind you, I

am not saying you do, but I have find out) I want to

ask you a list of simple questions, some social, some

sexual. This is an important start for our friendship and

my work to try to help you.


If you just answer them next to the questions and send

the questionnaire back to me, that will be fine. Now

don't be shy, you have to trust me if I am going to

help you. And no one else will ever see any of this I

promise you.Your friend





Martin: Here are the answers to your questions Sir,

and I have to admit, I felt really funny answering some

of them, but I did the best I could. Some of them were

very embarrassing, but I guess I have to trust somebody

sometime. Thanks for saying I am good looking, I never

thought I was. I still think I'm kind of geeky looking. I am

having more and more sex thoughts since I started to

write to you, I don't know why.


Questions for Martin:


1. what grade are you in?


 I’m starting my junior year in high school.


2. What are your grades in school like?


3.5 average. I do ok. I hate math, but do really well

in English Lit.


3. What are your hobbies?


Movies, the Internet, music, reading.


4. Sports?


I'm not into sports much. Playing I mean. I like to

watch some baseball and some basketball. Oh yeah. I

love swimming a lot. Sometimes I do go to the health

club to swim.




I was born Lutheran but I don't know if I really

believe in anything.


6. What do you wear when you sleep?


Huh? weird... I wear boxer shorts and a tee shirt.


7. How often do you masturbate?


That depends. I never confessed to doing it at all to

anyone before. But yeah I jerk off. Sometimes once a

day sometimes three times a day. It depends.


8. What do you think about when you masturbate?


Like I said, used to be girls girl pop stars and at my school, but lately, some of the guys at my school fucking some of the girls at my school. I guess I do think about guys. I think about them shoving their big dicks in

The girls and fucking them and the girls sucking on their dicks. Oh this is so hard to admit.  I think about Harry Styles

sometimes, you know the pop star?


9. Have you ever had any kind of sexual experience?


None with anyone else... ever. Oh once when I was very young I

Jerked off with another boy. We talked about girls and jerked off.

I guess I wanted to do it again but he didn’t.  


10. When you are in the gym or locker room or showers

or health club, do you ever look at the penises and

ball bags of the other guys?


Y-yes. Yes I do. That's very hard to admit. But shit...

yes I do. all the time.


11. What is the best part of your body?




12. What is the worst part of your body?


I am a skinny runt and I am afraid my dick is not big enough even though I know it is not small.  


13. How would you like me to help you?


I'd like to figure out who and what I am. I feel so

fucked up sometimes. Can you get my head into a place

where I know what to do and what I want?

Thank you for trying to help,  Martin your friend





dale10: Martin, I was very, very pleased and impressed

with your honest answers. You are a fine young man and

have nothing to worry about. I think you just need to

work on your self-image a bit, and I can help with



From your answers, I would have to say you do sound a bit like

a faggot. I am using the word faggot because gay is

such a clinical or political word. There is nothing

wrong with being a faggot and nothing wrong with the

world knowing it. I know right now you think you would

die if anyone found out, that's why you can confide in

me. But really, it's okay to be a faggot. You just need

to accept and adjust your lifestyle accordingly, so you

can be happy. You do have to realize that in some ways

straight boys and men are better than you. Better than faggots

 But only in some ways. And being a faggot is not exactly the

Same as being gay, but we will come to that.


Look at all the accomplishments faggots have made and

all the things they have given the world. Of course,

sexually, faggots are inferior to real men and must learn

to serve and respect them. It is almost their duty in life,

 and it is the only way they can lead a somewhat normal life.

It would have been better for you if you had come to the realization

 you were a faggot (if you really are,) earlier in life like when

you were ten or eleven years old,  as you could have experimented with your

sexuality and learned how to behave toward jocks and

studs and straight guys. But don't worry. I can help

you. Tell me, I am interested in the pic ofyou in

seventh grade...were you jerking off then already? Let’s

talk about that on the instant messenger shall we as an

initial discussion. At what age did you have your first sexual feelings?





Martin: Hi, I’m on now. Sorry for the delay but I wanted

to wait until my ma left.


dale10: Hi yourself. How great to talk with you live.  Martin,

 I want you to be comfortable with me when we talk, so I'd like you to

undress for me while we talk.


Martin; You want me to sit at the computer naked? Take off my clothes?


dale10: Come on, tell me you have never jerked off to

sex stuff on the computer. You know you have. I thought

you were going to be honest with me. I want us both to

be totally open with each other. I am naked right now,

and I'd like you to be too. It’s perfectly safe, I can't

see you, can I? I never thought you'd be afraid of me.


Martin: It's not that, It’s just that, it feels

funny...okay...I'll strip down to my underwear.


dale10: That's one of the first things I wanted to talk

to you about. I want you to not wear underwear for a

while when you are at home. You need to get

comfortable with your body. That is one of your major hang-ups.

I want you to go around the house bare assed as much as possible.

I want you proud and comfortable with yourself. You are alone,

so there is nothing to fear. Just slip out of those

shorts, come on. I'll bet you any money you get a hard

on. (pause)


Martin: win. On both counts. How do you know

me so well. I am naked and I did spring a boner, I

don't the fuck know why. This is totally weird.


dale10: That a boy. It's good to hear you relax, and

loosen up and talk like a real guy. You always sound so

stiff and formal. It’s good to hear you use fuck words.

So how the fuck are you doing Martin, sitting there all

Naked with your big fat teenage dick all hard?


Martin: Pretty good I guess. dick is really

hard now. It's so hard it hurts. That never happens.

Why is this happening. I don’t get it.


dale10: That's because you are being honest and trusting

me, and you are relaxed...even about your sexuality. Now

tell me about that cute pic of you when you were just a kid.  

 Can you remember ...were you jerking off then



Martin: This is so weird. Why do you want to know about

me when I was just a little boy so much?


dale10: If you have some sexual confusion, that's

probably when it started. I want to help you, so I need

to know your sexual history, even if it is only limited

to masturbation. So tell me... were you beating your

meat back when this picture was taken?


Martin: Yeah...I was. A lot.


dale10: So, for the last five years, the only sex you've

had is fisting your own fuckmeat sometimes three times

a day?


Martin: I guess.


dale10: I hate to say this, but it's time you had some

real sex boy. You are way over due.


Martin; I kissed girls and felt them up on dates and stuff. 


dale10: Yeah but Martin, baby, if you are a faggot, that

doesn't count then does it? Look at all the years you have

wasted when other boys are doing dirty filthy fun sex things.

The boys your age at your school are fucking cunt every weekend

And getting their dicks sucked even in school sometimes. You do nothing.

 Now tell me when you were a kid back then,  where did you jerk off most often, in bed at night, in the bathroom?


Martin: I don't know why, but I am so sexually aroused

talking about this. Jeez my dick is wet. I'm scared, but I also love it.

Anyway, I mostly jerked off in bed, and shot into an old washcloth.


dale10:  I cum rag. I see.That is normal for most boys. Were you bare assed when you did it?


Martin: Most of the time I, oh this is so freaky to

tell you this... I'd pull my underpants down and then

rub my dickhead on the sheet covering me, it felt so

good, tickled, and then I would pump it until I shot.


dale10: That's a very normal way for boys to do it. And

how do you do it now, Martin?


Martin: Now? Oh jeez this is so embarrassing. I strip and lay

 on my bed and sometimes look at internet pics or magazines or

 my school year book, and imagine stuff and jerk off that way.


dale10: Do you look at guys on the internet and in magazines and in your



Martin: I guess.


dale10: I want you to do two things for me immediately

to help yourself. First I want you to start sleeping

bare assed naked. You have to get used to your body

Martin, and not be afraid. Boys your age should sleep naked.

 Secondly, and this will be more difficult for you, I don't

 want you to cum until I tell you to. I know that sounds strange,

but I want to test what kind of sexual balance and

control you have. And also your sexual potency. Can you do that, not cum until I tell you to?


Martin: Jeez, that depends on how long it is. I jerk

off a lot now, like I said. Sometimes three times a day.


dale10: That's what I want to test... your sexual

control and power. It may determine what kind of future

sexual life you will have. So, I want you not to

cum... but I want you to play with yourself a lot. I

want to see how highly sexed we can get you, to see if

you have a normal sexual drive. This is vital to help you.

I want you to get a hard on at least once an hour...every hour all day, but

don't cum. You need to promise me you will stick to this schedule and do this for me. And mostly for you.


Martin: How can I do that in school?


dale10: You can play with yourself while you are

sitting in class, rub yourself through your pants. Get it as hard as

possible. Get it to the point of leaking if you can. BUT DO NOT CUM.

 And don't wear any underpants to school for now. Go commando like

The real studs do. You can do this for me Martin, I know you can.

 Who knows, you might even enjoy it. It will be something different

from just jerking off every day. Try brave. I

want to help you. You need to commit to this if I am to help you.


Martin: But if you want me to sleep bare-assed, rubbing

against the sheets, I'm sure to shoot off at night. I mean, my

balls get really full. I’m not kidding.  


dale10: that's okay Martin. if it happens in your sleep,

its normal, it's healthy. I just don't want you to

bring yourself off. I want you aroused as much as possible

 to test your endurance...but not depleted. A doctor might tell you

to do the same thing if you had a sexual disorder.


Martin: Do I have a sexual disorder?


dale10: That's what we want to find out, Baby. Remember I am here

for you. I am in your corner. Also, anytime

your mom is not home you are to be bare assed. I want you to

get comfortable with your nudity. And while you do your

homework at night in your room, I want you to keep an erection for

three hours every night.


Martin: Come On!!! How can anyone keep a boner for

three hours without shooting?


dale10: Think of it as a challenge or test like on

reality TV shows. Just touch your prick lightly and rub

it gently to keep it hard and pulsing, try to get it wet,

 but don't let yourself cum. There's a term for it Martin, it's called

edging. Some guys do it for sexual pleasure. We are

doing it to see if you are healthy.


Martin: My dick is so hard now I can hardly stand it.

How can I go like this for days at a time? That's



dale10: Do you want my help or not? do you want me to

be your friend?


Martin: Yes sir.


dale10: Then Do It! hard once an hour all day and three

hours at night and no cumming. Be careful, so the other kids

at school don’t see you rubbing yourself.  To give you some

incentive, why don't we say, and you have to be totally

honest with me, that if you cum accidentally, I have to

punish you. How's that?


Martin: I guess.


dale10: That doesn't sound very encouraging.


Martin : Okay, I'll do it. I'll try it. I can't promise

I'll succeed, but I'll try.


dale10 Good boy. And if you cum you tell me and I get to punish you. Mind you, I don’t want to ever punish you, so do us both a favor and keep control.  You'll find it very sexually exciting I know. You will soon get used to being

hard and even wet most of the time. Just like those jock studs you admire.  Tell me by the way, when you jerked off bare assed in bed as a young boy, did you ever play with or touch your asshole?


Martin: Why?


dale10: Did you? Did you ever stick a finger in?


Martin: Yeah.


dale10: That means you were probably a faggot already

back then, and just didn't know it. I'm looking at your pic

as a kid now, and seeing if I can see any signs

of you being a faggot in your face. Sometimes, you can

tell cause a boy looks like a sissy boy, or he has nice full

lips that we call cocksucker lips.  I think you

probably look a little faggoty even in this picture, the way your

mouth is partly open and your lips look so nice and full. Well, I

gotta go, so don't cum until tomorrow or we next talk. And when we

talk next, have a tape measure with you, I want to do

some measurements. Oh, and send me a couple more pics of

yourself Ok?Your good friend.

Submitted: September 04, 2021

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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