A bully gets it

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Bully gets badly involved with Brenda and Jannice, they decide to help those he bullied before.

Am Andy, I am happy to say that I have been the top of my class for at least 4 years now, each and every one of those shit heads are afraid of me, been working on their respect and fear for a very long time, ha. Now I am starting a new school year and these 2 girls began to mess with my turf, their names are Jannice and Brenda. Remember these 2 bitches used to be friends with another guy last year, a new guy I sometimes got to mess with, but then he disappeared, like he shrinked out of existence. They will be with me this year, well they are kinda good looking so I think I'll get something from them maybe some kisses or some real action. Anyway for the rest of the week  I did my thing, flipped a couple of skirts, beat the crap out of some kids, everything was normal for some time. But one day I don't know what got inside the teacher and she decided we should split into groups of 3 for a special activity. I was about to choose Nancy and Jim as my favorite nerds. Jim is weak but has money so going to his house would be amazing, and Nancy really developed during winter time, for a nerd she was a real 8. an 8 I was going to make use of. Well, just before I asked Jim and Nancy these 2 girls approached me, put a hand on my shoulders and said that they wanted to team with me. The first time I was standing near them I noticed they were taller than me. I am sure last year they were not as tall but this year, damn they grew. Anyway better for me 2 girls I can ride like the 2 dollars how they look like. The teacher abreed and gave us our assignments, and we mostly them agreed to do the assignment on Brenda's house, she said her mother would have to leave and she wanted to take care of her little siblings, i didn't care, if the mother left I was going to take all the advantages of the situation, Jannice looked more friendly like I could bed her right there right now while Brenda didI don't know what to her brothers.


Friday came her mother picked us up, we got on a big mamavan, her sisters and cousins where there also a little kid he was quiet and dressed in the most ridiculous way possible like he was some type of doll, the little girls teased him a lot but he just concentrated on a book he had on his hands. Fucking nerd. Once we arrived at Brenda's house her mother served food and after we ate she left. First thing I noticed is that the little girls took the little boy straight to a room, I heard some struggling like a fight or something and then a lot of laughter.


“Don't worry, they like to take care of him like their baby,” said Brenda. “well is time for us to start working on our project”

“Hey can we like do something else first?” I said. “ We just rate and cmon is too early. I'm sure we can do something else, something more relaxing.” I looked at Janice, she smiled a little.

“Well I guess we can watch TV and then do the thing” Brenda said

“Yeah thats what im talking about”

“Good let's go,” said Brenda. So we walked towards her room on the second floor, before we got there I saw the room where they got the little guy, he was half naked laying over one of the girls lap while one of them said, you been a bad boy baby Aaron you deserve 30 spankings now, then another girl closed the door. I ignored that that wasn't my problem. Brenda's room had a TV, I sat on the bed near Jannice she sat there too. Brenda brought a big soda and served us a glass each. Then apologized because it was kinda hot. I didn't mind but it tasted weird, like sour dont know why. Next I tried to get this thing going with Jannice. I put my hand around her waist, and even squeezed her ass.

“Excuse me?” she said angrily

“Sorry “ I said I began to feel dizzy. I lifted my hand. I don't remember why. I just remember that I lifted it and lost control of it, making it fall on her shirt, opening it and touching her breast, then I fell off the bed and blacked out.


When I woke up I was on the floor on my side shirtless. Brenda was on the door talking to someone.


“Put him the pink one and nothing else, then send him to sleep, if he refuses put him on time out on a corner” said Brenda. Jannice got out of the bathroom, looked at me and said ”hey B he is awake '' Both girls looked at me. Brenda closed the door and said “hey friend, it seems that you blacked out, don't worry we are going to help you” she said while both of them put me on my back. I couldn't move. I felt really groggy and could barely move, my arms and legs felt incredibly heavy.

 “Andy you are really chubby ” Jannice said smiling while poking my belly. Am not an obese fuck but also am not like the slim fuckers from the swiming team.

“And very hairy” Brenda said “ oh well what were we doing? Oh yes” then she and Jannice beggan to remove what I was still wearing. They began with my shoes, next the socks. Then we heard the doorbell, and Jannice said.

“Great, our guests have arrived, guess you can finish with the rest B?”

“Yeah honey I´ll have our little friend here ready for his presentation” said Brenda. Jannice left the room and while Brenda unzipped my pants and removed the she also said

“Oh Andy we didn't tell you we are having some extra guests today, you might remember Nancy and Jim?, we talked some days ago and they said you been very bad to them” she finished taking off my pants I was only in boxers” boxer briefs, black ones. You know what they say about black underwear right? If you use it because you want someone to see it, dont worry ill make sure everyone sees this' ' she said this while removing my underwear. She got up, went to the door and shouted a name. A few seconds later someone was on the other side of the door. I don't know why the bed blocked my view. I could only see Brenda's legs and I heard the voice of one of Brenda's cousins. Brenda told her ”take this and show it to Janice and our guest, after today we will add it to our little collection.” then she grabbed the rest of my clothes and also threw them away. He won't need them today.”

“Yes cousin” I heard the little girl say

“Oh by the way did he gave you any more problems?” asked Brenda

“Yeah but we put him on the corner, right now Jannice is using him to explain the thing” said the little girl

“Ahahahaha great” laughed Brenda.

Brenda then closed the door and walked towards me, grabbed her phone and took a photo of me.

“ I like to keep evidence of these sorts of things” she said, just before gluing her face to her phone. After  few more minutes, Jannice Nancy and jim got inside the room I was till on the floor groggy and naked. I tried to move tried to get up or at least cover my crotch, but it all was useless.


Submitted: September 03, 2021

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